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Keto Kreme Honey Bear

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Our newest addition to the Keto//Kream Family! Super love this new flavor!!! It's fruity, caramel-like taste, rich flavor that is sweet and robust will surely satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings!

What is Keto//Kreme?

KETO//KREME® [FFT] Functional Fat Technology is specifically formulated to boost the body’s natural ability to convert fat into energy quickly giving you a mental and physical boost. Adding KETO//KREME® [FFT] to your daily routine is a simple way to promote a Keto lifestyle and up your ketone game.

What are the benefits of Keto//Kreme?

Instant MCT Brain Boost

Whether first thing in the morning or during that afternoon slump, get increased focus with this MCT and coconut fat one-two punch.

Strengthens Hair and Nails

Whether you want to ditch the acrylics or just want to up your combover game, you can stimulate faster and stronger growth of hair and nails with each cup.

Improved Cellular Function

Renew your body at the cellular level with macro minerals you may be lacking. Cells are the building blocks of our bodies. Treat them well.

Helps maintain healthy joint mobility

The KETO//KREME® [FFT] N8 Bioavailability BlendTM helps maintain healthy joint mobility and discomfort for increased mobility. Müv more. Do more. Be more.

Advanced DNA Repair

Keep your body in optimum condition as C-Med 100® assist the body to repair damaged DNA cellular structures.

Digestive and Gut Health

You’ll know it in your gut as you restore and balance digestive health naturally with antimicrobial nutrients and caprylic fatty acids.

Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

Drinking collagen is one thing, but this special formula triggers your own body’s creation of collagen.

How to Drink your Keto//Kreme?

Dissolve 1 packet in a cup of your favorite hot/cold beverage, stir vigorously, and enjoy.

Novel use = 1 daily serving

Optimal performance = Consume fasted with coffee

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