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Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Introducing our newest innovation in ketone technology, KETO//KICK! These on-the-go bottles are the solution when you need that extra KICK, fast. Available in two flavors, Strawberry Kiwi and Lemon Drop, both are part of our Neuro Boost collection.

What is KETO//KICK?

KETO//KICK is geared for neuro energy; "Neuro Blend" Benefits: enhanced focus, mental clarity, instant energy.
These ready-to-drink shots pack enough ketones to put you into ketosis, ample caffeine to energize you on the spot, and better-for-you ingredients to give your brain a BOOST of cognitive function, focus, and clarity. No mixing is needed, simply twist the cap and shoot it back!

Let's talk to our good friend DUSTIN SCHAFFER

STEPHANIE: I want you to talk about the KETO//KICK. So we have the KETO KICK, and then we also have a brand new KETO KICK Neuro Chill. A lot of people have been asking about this, so can you explain how somebody would use them?

DUSTIN: So we have the KETO//KICK Neuro Chill, and these are huge. They're becoming one of my favorite support products. I love this KETO CHILL, this is basically on your way to the gym.

The way it's formulated is it absorbs right in your mouth. As you put it in your mouth, immediately it starts to absorb ketones in your brain. It's formulated to utilize things that help improve performance in a natural way.

It's not a stimulating performance, but it's a way to amplify performance. You're going to see a heightened cognition, heightened strength, heightened conditioning.

DUSTIN: I'll share a story about my mom. I normally do a mile loop around her house and she walks it in 20 minutes and 20 seconds. She took one shot of the KETO KICK and she was able to do it in 18 minutes and 20 seconds. She took two minutes off her mile walk. My mom is 72 years old, and that's huge for her.

She took the KETO KICK about five minutes before she went on the walk, it was that fast.

DUSTIN: And then we have the newest one, the KETO CHILL. I actually stumbled on this new product by accident. I accidentally had a Keto ampule before I went to bed because it opened up and I didn't want it to go to waste.

I slept better and I had these amazing dreams. So I called Brian up and told him that he had to try this. And I was also actually with Dr. Lowery, he didn't have one, so I gave him one. And the next day he said that he dreamt so much better.

This product was formulated for a way to help your brain really relax at night, to kind of turn it down.

So maybe you work out late at night and you need to turn it off before you get done. Drink this later in the evening, after your workout. Or have this after dinner because it's going to dampen your appetite and prevent cravings.

But more importantly, it's going to help turn your system down so that you can get into a deeper rest. So if you really want to take the edge off and get into a nice deep sleep or just turn down after a long hard day, then this is an amazing product for you.


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