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It starts between your ears - The power of Thinking | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

As I listened, learned, watched and talked to a lot of you, we have realized that the power of reading in anything in your life, financial, relationships, physical or spiritual, is the power of what's between your ears, "Your mind". It starts with the power of thinking, it starts with "What are you thinking? Because the things that you think, becomes the word that you become, your thoughts become your words, become your actions". And so if you are not thinking of positive things about yourself, about your environment, about your kids, the words that are going to come out of your mouth are probably going to be negative versus positive. Your actions are not going to align with your goals, and therefore you're going to create a spiral of unhealthy decisions.

Points to Ponder:

01:38 Start a Book Club

02:07 Erwin McManus

03:01 What's between your ears

03:23 Power of Thinking

04:08 Take control of your thoughts

06:41 Keto Tip of the Day

07:37 Your action step of the day

08:10 Post it Note

09:01 Rain or Shine by Scott Alexander

10:36 Take Ownership

11:03 Book club inclusions

11:52 My expectations

13:45 Books to read

14:18 Systems in place

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning, how is everybody doing? Welcome to the Keto Mom page, clearly we're making breakfast. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, we are making eggs and we've got sausage in the air fryer. How was your morning going, where are you tuning in from? I labeled this, "It starts between your ears". So I was listening to a really incredible podcast that talks about the power of ownership, and it goes along the lines of just a lot of things I've been talking about. My husband needs some food, he's about to fall over. He's been working on the tractor, if you've been following our stories, we have been traveling. We have been traveling, now we are back and we are getting back into a routine.

Good morning, how is your day going?

So the question of the day... Number one, are you intermittent fasting this morning, are you eating breakfast, or did you already eat? Most of you are probably at work, we are starting our morning quite late which is fine because we homeschool and we can do that. So did you intermittent fast this morning or did you eat some breakfast? That is the question, also, how are you doing? It is almost the end of the month, the time is going so fast.