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How To Win In Life (Your Divine Fingerprint by Pastor Keith Craft)

    "Winning at life requires deliberate practice with excellence, that is intentional and focused. When you practice anything long and hard enough, you create an instinctive ability that becomes part of your 1% better". ~Keith Craft  

We're diving into "Your Divine Fingerprint" by Pastor Keith Craft. Every morning, I'd like to give you something to think and talk about for your mindset. It could be a reminder for you to have an attitude of gratitude, or anything to help you on your day.

There are two key factors to success in life, reaching your goals, and figuring out your divine fingerprint.

Number 1, it's the people that you're hanging out with. Your environment, or who are you allowing to speak into your life. Number two, the books that you're reading.

We started this Keto Mom community almost eight years ago, and it wasn't intended to help you with your mindset. This was just simply to help you with recipes as we were diving into our health journey. We wanted to help people think of simple family recipes that would help them on their journey to fat loss. T

A couple of years into it, people kept repeating the cycle of reaching their goals. They create the same goals every single year. Lose the weight, gained the weight. I tried this, and it worked. And then I let emotions take over and I fell back into my old habits. And so I realized that most people haven't read a book since high school or college. Most people weren't working on their self-development. They weren't even realizing the power of their environments and the people around them.

So we started reading books together in the morning working on mindset, and just giving you some understanding that there is more than just recipes that will help you with fat loss.

Are you working on your mindset?

You can always visit and click on recipes, tips on how to get started, Book Club, or check out our trials. There's no shortage of places to find things. It's so important to pay attention to your surroundings, your environment, the people that are speaking to you, and the books that you're reading.

HOW TO WIN IN LIFE (Chapter 9)

Today, we're going to talk about "How to win in life". I hope that you're pursuing your goals, and I would love to encourage you to keep going or give you some insight on how to get you back on track. We're almost done with this book, I won't read all the stories to you but I will give you the highlights.


Pastor Keith Craft, the author of this book, gives us a ton of examples of practicing. We'll also talk about your goals because I really want to know if you're pursuing your goals and your New Year's resolutions, or do we need to restart?

"Disciplined practice is deliberately and diligently practicing to produce consistency in your performance. Those things that you consistently do, create the opportunity for continual harvest. The purpose of practice is to become excellent".

We're going to talk about practicing the goals and the habits that you ultimately want to be able to do without thinking about it. It might be fat loss, financial goals, spirituality, or relationships. You've got to practice these habits of getting up, going to the gym, packing your lunch, sitting down, and communicating with your spouse, or any intentional things that you need to do.

You need to practice until they become a habit to where you don't have to really think about it, and they just naturally happen.

"Winning at life requires deliberate practice with excellence, that is intentional and focused. The fact is that when you practice anything long and hard enough, you create an instinctive ability that becomes part of your 1% better".


There are four things to think about in how to win in life. Today, we're only going to go over one of them.

"Winning in life involves discovering, developing, and deploying your 1% factor".

This entire book is all about "YOU". Your gifts and talents, your 1% factor, your divine fingerprint. If there are things that you had dreamed about years ago that you've written off because you feel like you're too old, it's too late, it's too hard, or it's too uncomfortable. Try to ask yourself...

What Am I not doing that I should be doing?

What are the gifts and talents I'm not using that the world needs?

Do I know that people need me?

What am I not utilizing?

Are these gifts and talents staying stagnant and hidden inside of me?

How do I win in life?

Am I actually living my life to the best of my ability?

Am I actually using my gifts and talents?

Am I adding value to the world?

Am I doing something that just sets my heart on fire to live out my purpose?


"I'm going to ask you a couple of questions because practicing is a crucial component of the discovery and the developing process to elevate your greatness".

Am I willing to practice what I want to win until it becomes intentional?

Are you willing to work on things even though it's hard and uncomfortable? We're going to be traveling down to Florida, and we're going to be going to a different CrossFit gym. This CrossFit gym that we're going to, has athletes that are competing in this crazy CrossFit workout competition. I say all that because these people practice over and over again, even if it's uncomfortable and hard, just to be able to compete at this high level.

And while in Florida, we get to try out their gym. We go to CrossFit as a family just to get some functional fitness. I say I'm a crossfitter but am I willing to practice and do the work that these CrossFit athletes do down in Florida? I don't know if I have their level of commitment. I don't know if I can practice and work hard as they do.

We've been watching the competition this weekend, and they are all incredible. I don't know if that's my goal, but we have four daughters that would love that, which is awesome. So, if they want to achieve something like that someday, they've got to practice, practice, and practice. Even when it's hard, uncomfortable, and not convenient to get to the places that you want to go.

Am I willing to practice what I want to win until it becomes instinctive?

Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve sustained excellence?