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How to Break a 60 Hour Keto Reboot | Keto Mom

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Congratulations to those of you who finished the 60 hour Keto Reboot.

Hi Keto Mom here!

Welcome to the keto mom page. I'm going to walk you through, what does it look like to break a reboot? You're going to grab your Keto Pro, you're going to rip it open and you're going to shake it up. And that's how you're breaking your reboot.

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody. How are you doing? Guess what the reboot is done. So for those of you who did the 60 hour keto reboot, congratulations, you did it 60 hours. That's awesome. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? My name is Stephanie. Welcome to the keto mom page. I'm going to walk you through, what does it look like to break a reboot? What does it look like to break a reboot? What is a reboot for those of you who are just tuning in? There are thousands of us, our community that went through 60 hours of, I want to say not eating, but they were drinking ketones, drinking a broth for their lunch and dinner, taking some pills, drinking their electrolytes, drinking a lot of water to reset their metabolism and just to reset their body really, to rest and reset. So congratulations to those of you who did 60 hours of the reboot.

And so you want to turn that off. So we've got a vacuum cleaner. That's going to start. So ignore the sound, but yes it is. Okay. So this is what we were going to break our reboot with. For those of you who are just getting up and you're just ending it, you've got one more pack in your box and the box looks like this. So if you want to know more about the reboot for next month, post "reboot" below, and you can join us for next month, you're going to grab your Keto Pro. You're going to rip it open and you're going to shake it up. And that's how you're breaking your reboot. And we're going to talk about what to eat after that. Like, should you eat this morning? What should your meals look like? This is actually a brand new flavor of the Keto-os Pro.

Keto-OS Pro just launched today. It's called cookie butter. I actually think it tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie. Some people say cinnamon toast crunch who loves cinnamon toast crunch from their past when you were a kid. So for those of you who did the reboot, have you had your Keto Pro yet? And what does this do? So this is great for after the reboot. It has MCT and protein. So like we just did a light workout this morning and every single time we work out, we drink the keto protein after our workout. And so it's pretty incredible. I'm going to taste it for you, but again, I've tried it once before. I think it tastes like a snickerdoodle or cinnamon toast crunch. And so this is what the Keto Pro does. I'm going to show you, this is what the sheet looks like. And some benefits of drinking, our Keto Pro optimizing muscle work here, and recovery, trigger muscle growth supports appetite control, which is the MCTs. Listen, the summer, you're going to be blown away, by my strong muscles, because that is my goal is some seriously strong muscles for this next season, increases strength and endurance promotes healthy cell function. So our Keto Pro pretty incredible tastes delicious. Let's try it. And how has your morning going? Where are you tuning in from? How was your morning?

Cinnamon toast crunch? For sure. I said more. Snickerdoodle doesn't matter. It's incredible. If you need a protein that falls in line with the low carb keto option are, this is amazing. So you can actually grab this flavor today and only today. And what we do is we like to try new flavors to see how people like them. If there's a large demand for it, they'll bring it back forever. So go to If you are not a current customer and check it out for, if you are a current customer login and grab it, it tastes like cinnamon toast crunch, which I'm pretty sure was my husband's favorite cereal when he was young. So for those of you who have your pro, you might have the orange or the chocolate. This is what you're doing to break your reboots. For those of you who just need a keto protein, I drink it every time I work out after I work out, or the question does often get asked, can I use this as a meal replacement?

And I would probably say it's more of like a light snack. So maybe after lunch or before dinner, or actually my husband likes to drink it after dinner, because it helps him with like that little evening sweet tooth. And so there's lots of ways to use it, to go to and you can grab this new flavor. And what is the rest of my day look like? So make sure you're always drinking plenty of water, whether you're just starting this lifestyle or you've been doing it for a little while. Water is super important. The more low card you go, you're going to need electrolytes because when your body's in ketosis, it's flushing out your sodium and magnesium potassium. So grab some Himalayan salt, grab an electrolyte, put it in your water, drink it throughout your day. Now for meals, we're just going to keep it simple; buns off the burgers, crutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap for lunch.

We'll probably have just something super simple, whether it's an air fryer steak or a burger or some salmon and a salad for dinner, don't overthink it, right? Some of you get done with this reboot or if you're just starting and you get so in your head about a perfect meal, get rid of the pasta and the potatoes, eat some more protein and vegetables. Grab a salad, super simple through having a salad dressing on the side, no crutons, and don't eat to stuff yourself. So most of the time people go, Oh, I'm really not full. I think I'm still hungry. Eat a meal!

Drink some water rest and see how you feel.
You don't have to eat if you're not hungry.

So like today, if you are breaking your reboot and you're done, you don't have to go eat every two hours. That was, you know, people were taught that years and years ago, every two hours, you have to eat to reset your metabolism. You don't, your body's going to tell you when you're hungry. So always have a water bottle with you eat when you're hungry. Super, super simple. Continue to tune into the page because we're going to share some different recipes coming up this week with you that we have not shared yet before. So new recipes coming, always messaged me with your questions and your goals. I'm always here to help you and let me know if you're going to grab this new flavor. So it's pretty incredible.

Who's excited to try. Which flavor do you like of the Keto Pro? So share below, like, do you like the dark chocolate? We have an orange, we have a birthday cake that you might be seeing sometime soon again. So the flavors are always incredible, but this cinnamon toast crunch one. Let me tell you it is amazing! So let me know what keto questions you have below. I'll come back on here in the next couple of days and do a big Q and A on keto questions. So ask any questions, continue to tune into the page and just share what you're most excited about. So I hope you guys have an incredible day. Go grab your Keto Pro again, congratulations to all of those who accomplish the reboot. Let me know what your next goals are and I'd love to help. So that's it. I hope you guys have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon. Bye everybody. It's amazing.

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