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Holiday Tips - A Quick check in | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

So just have a plan to get back on track, whether you enjoy and go all in or you do an either or option you have a little bit here and a little bit there. Whatever you decide to do, mentally tell yourself on the twenty seventh I'm going to get back on track or on the twenty eighth I'm going to drink a ton of water and eat super simple.

Points to Ponder

00:40 Setting goals and systems

01:03 Quick Lunch

01:19 Learning CPR

01:48 Holidays

02:29 Options during the holidays

02:46 An "EITHER - OR" option

03:08 Tips to avoid getting off track

03:32 Your body craves sugar

03:46 Mindset matters

04:00 Reach out for questions

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great day, happy Friday! So I was gonna hop on real quick, just for a couple things. First of all, Happy Friday, where are you tuning in from, I am sitting in a building in my coat because I'm freezing.

Set your goals and habits

We still don't have any snow, but I am cold. So I want to come on and just say where are you at, how are you doing?

And over the last couple days I've been talking about getting into figuring out what your goals are, creating systems and habits.

So I'm curious, this is kind of like a check in because there's a lot of people that watch that video, If you watched it did you set yourself some goals starting this month but really diving into the next year?

And did you think of the systems that you had to put in place to reach those goals, so the action steps.

So where are you tuning in from, have you created a goal list and systems to go behind that going into this next year, and then what are you having for lunch? So we made a really fast lunch, just some quick Taco meat on top of some Quest chips. Does anybody like those Quest chips, I love them they are a little bit more expensive, but they're a better option.

You can still enjoy food with your family