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Eating the same thing everyday | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

In the very beginning, six years ago, I ate the same things. I picked out seven meals that we liked, and we rotated through them. I tried to pick our favorite meals like tacos, spaghetti or lasagna, we grilled and made salads. I picked our favorite meals, and I turned them into a low carb options. That's what we rotated through for a very long time, and the reason that I stuck with the same meals is because it made it so I didn't have to think about it.

Points to Ponder:

00:47 It's all about mindset

01:30 Eating the same foods over and over again

03:15 Do you get bored with food

04:05 I think of food as fuel

05:09 I tried to pick our favorite meals

06:54 Saturday or a Sunday project

07:15 Try something new

09:08 Keto Lasagna

09:32 Don't mess up good for perfect

09:39 Simple swaps

10:05 June Books

10:24 Creating systems

12:14 Systems and habits

Full Episode Transcript

Hi, everybody! Good morning or good afternoon, wherever you're tuning in from. My name is Stephanie, and welcome to the Keto Mom page. Here's the deal, yesterday, if you were looking for your LIVE, I totally got distracted. I lost track of my day got everything done, but did not come on here and do live, so please forgive me. But I hope for those of you who are doing the "Rain or Shine" book, that you are finishing it, half finished it or you're on your way to finishing it. So let me know if you finished your "Rain or Shine" book in the comments, because I'd love to know what you thought about it. For those of you who are brand new, welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. My hope is that every morning I can pop on here, and what we are working on doing, is going through a book. It's all about mindset, and just helping you on your journey to better.

Helping to create systems to give you different tips and tricks and ideas to help you on your health journey.

You might be going "What is a book going to do to help me on my journey?"... We're going to talk about that, but also, I want to dive in really quick this morning and talk about the question that I got asked yesterday. I get this question pretty often, "I'm so bored with eating the foods that I'm eating, what else can I eat?", "That's why I fell off", or "Do I have to eat the same things over and over again?". Do you feel like you're eating the same foods over and over again? That's what we're going to talk about in just a second. So real quick, if you have been tuning in for a while we've been going through "Rain or Shine" book. I'm done with that, we're done with that, go finish the book up. The hope was to get you into the habit, or to create a system of reading. We're gonna dive into June with a with a book called the "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, and a lot of you've ordered it. Go to Amazon, go to a bookstore, grab it, but we're also going to be talking about this book ("Atomic Habits" by James Clear) in June. We'll start June 1st on these books, I'll come on most mornings and we're going to go through those chapters. I'll lay it all out this weekend, so don't worry, but the books are called the "Miracle Morning" and "Atomic Habits". What I love about "Atomic Habits" is it's going to create systems for you to reach your goals. I hope you're going to love it.

So how's your morning going? Happy Friday! It's going to be an incredible weekend, it's a little rainy where I'm at, but it's going to be beautiful all weekend. We have a big birthday party coming up, my youngest daughter, our baby is turning eight. That's so sad, we have no babies, but my baby is turning eight. So we're going to have a big Memorial Day birthday party. Her birthday is on Memorial Day, so we're going to have a big party. Here's the question for you, as you're thinking and as you're listening, I want you to answer this question... "When you started this lifestyle, did you feel like you were eating the same things over and over again?". Do you get bored with food or can you eat the same things over and over again? I am one of those people that can eat the same thing over and over again. It's completely fine, it helped me on my journey and it helped me get focused.

Six years ago, before this low carb lifestyle, I would get a calendar out and I felt like I had to have different meals for my family every day of the month. So I would get out a calendar and I would try to fill it with thirty different meals and it would drive me crazy.

Because I just think to myself, isn't that kind of a part of our society we're we have to have something new all the time. So since I've shifted into low carb Keto, I've really shifted my mindset. I think of food as fuel, and I think of the best things that I have in our home. I don't freak out if we've already eaten this twice this week, and we're going to eat it again. I don't want to ever feel like I'm bored with food. I don't ever want to get frustrated because I've eaten that yesterday.

We ketofied our meal options

But I also hear you when you say "I'm eating the same things over and over again", "I don't want to do this", "This is why I feel like I'm failing" and "I want more variety, how do we get that"... So I'm going to answer that first and then I'll dive into "Atomic Habits" in a second.

The question is this "How do you keep a variety of low carb Keto foods going in your home"...

If you have an incredible answer, if you have things that are working for you, I need you to share below. But in the very beginning, six years ago, I ate the same things. I picked out seven meals that we liked, maybe it was six, and we rotated through them. That's it, we had meat on the grill, and I basically tried to pick our favorite meals like tacos, spaghetti or lasagna, we grilled and made salads. I tried to Ketofy or low carb them. I picked our favorite meals, and I turned them into a low carb options.

That's what we rotated through for a very long time, and the reason that I stuck with the same meals is because it made it so I didn't have to think about it.

Some of you are just starting your journey, and the thought of trying to bake Keto, eat Keto, and do all of these different things. Swap out the flours and the sugar replacements and the can't have that but I can have this, can be daunting. So what I would challenge you to do is, think of five to seven favorite meals, I want you to figure it out and I can help you. You can private message me, on how to make these meals into a low carb option. That's number one, and as you get the hang of things, as you are not overwhelmed, what I would do is once I felt like "Yes, I've got this, I feel great. I understand why I want to eat this and not this, I get to eat this and not this". Once I had this fuel, the energy, the consistency, the understanding and the confidence to eat better. Then usually on the weekends when I knew I had some extra time, I would go find a meal that we wanted to try. I would get all the ingredients and that would be a Saturday or a Sunday project. If we liked it, we would keep it but if we didn't like it, we would eat it but we wouldn't make it again.

So we share tons of recipes on here, if you want to go look at a lot of recipes, go to It's our website, it's a blog, all one word, and we share tons of recipes there. So don't get overwhelmed with the foods that you're eating. Find your favorite meals, low carb Ketofied them, and then I want you to do is when you have a day off or a slower day, try something new. And you can implement it into your menu, so you're not feeling like you're eating the same things, and that you're not bored with food.

But also some of it really is a discipline and a mindset, I don't need thirty different meals. Food is fuel and I'm eating to feel good.

So I hope that's helpful. I really want to know what other people do. What do you do to keep it so that you aren't bored with food? I can eat the same things, so I really want to know, I want you to comment below. I want you to share what your favorite two to three meals are, and what do you normally eat for some keto, low carb favorite meals. Post them below. I love to grill, we have a chicken parmesan hot dish. It's super good and that's on the website, you should be able to go there, and there should be a whole bunch of recipes. I need to know your top two or three favorite meal ideas that you use for dinners. Because then other people can go through and they can go "Oh, I've never tried that". If you like it, I'm going to go to Pinterest or to, and I'm gonna go try that low carb recipe. So it just spurs on other people's ideas. Zucchini noodles, we do those. Has anybody ever been to Costco, and bought those egg things? They look like a crepe, it's called an egg fan or an egg crepe. I use those for lasagna noodles, so I make my normal meat mixture. I use the ratios, it's the lowest carb low sugar marinara sauce, I spice it up. And then I just use some ricotta or one of my kids like cottage cheese and then I just layer it. I take the egg fan or the egg crepe right out of the package, I layer it and make a lasagna. Don't mess up good for perfect, however you make a lasagna, that is the noodle you can use, you don't do anything to it except for layer it in there. It's a super simple swap, so things that you've been able to swap for meals, share below. I think that making the cauliflower crumbles and using that for shepherd's pie instead potatoes is really easy. And so little things like that will help you spur on creating different ideas and different options for your menu so you don't get bored. Hope that helps.

You need to create systems to reach your goals

So next, we are going to be going through "Atomic Habits" and "Miracle Morning" in June. If you want to grab the book and go along with us, awesome. All that means is, as you tune into the page, share your biggest takeaways. Check in here and I will help you with any questions that you have, or you can just tune in and listen, because I'll be reading the book to you and just going over the highlights. Something that he's going to talk about in this book is "Systems"...

Creating systems and how do you get to your goals. "You don't rise to the level of your goals, but you fall to the level of your systems", meaning if you don't have systems in place, your goals are a great wish, but you're not going to get there if you don't have the systems to fill in the gap.

So this is what he says about systems, "One of the most satisfying feelings is making progress". I'm reading "Atomic Habits" on page 204, I'm just going over the highlights. He says "A habit tracker is super important". So a system or a habit tracker, which allows you to put an X on every single day, or maybe you can use My Fitness Pal to track your food.

If you're drinking Ketones with me, if you're one of my customers, you have the opportunity to use a free app and it's called Pruvit everyday. In this app, I get to track my day. These are systems that I track, and I click on it, and I fill it out, and when I'm done, it celebrates for me.

So every day I'll track drinking my Ketones, I track how much water I drink. Everyday, I just share in my little app, I ate two or three meals, I ate low carb, I did great. It asks me about my movement, I worked out today, I did P90x, I did it for 30 minutes, I worked on my arms and my shoulders, and that's why I look like this. Often, if you come on here, and you're brand new, you're like "This girl needs to get ready". I usually just got done working out, and I'm a stay at home mom, I live in sweats, it's just who I am. Somedays I do my hair, but not very often.

Anyways, in the tracker, it tracks how much water I drink, my movements, my mindset and it asks me what I'm thankful for.

And so those are systems and habits that I do consistently, every single day, to help me grow and reach my goals.

That's what this book is about, he talks about, I want you to start tracking your habits, whether you have a calendar, and everyday you get to give yourself a little x when you eat better, drink your water, and when you work out. Whatever you're going to work on, whatever this system is that you're going to start creating in June, you need to have a system tracker. So it might just be a piece of paper that you put a little star on, like in kindergarten. You got stars when you showed up, maybe in your phone or you're going to track it in your calendar. If you're drinking Ketones with me, you can go download the app, it's called Pruvit everyday. You can track things and it's to get you into a habit of your systems to reach your goals. That's what this what "Atomic Habits" is about and its going to be incredible. So I want you to start thinking about how you're going to keep track of your systems, because it's going to help you visibly to see that you're winning. To celebrate the small wins, and to see progress.

People need to see progress, even if you're not seeing the fat loss right away. But just by seeing your systems every single day, and you went for a walk, ate low carb or keto today, moved your body and read a book that got your mindset right.

I hope it's making sense, because the book is incredible. If you're asking me about my Mom fuel or Ketones, I actually just shared an incredible story today in my stories on Facebook. Just click on the stories on my profile, and you can watch them, or go to Instagram and click on stories and watch them.

Check out my stories in Instagram or Facebook

I send out trial kits every single day, so send me a message, or actually just post three in the comments if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel or trial kits. Go look at my stories from this morning, and I did a super awesome Facebook Live with one of my friends.

My new friend's name is Amanda, she is loving Ketones. I shared her story, a little snippet of it, so go watch my stories on ketomomsecrets in Instagram or Facebook, or just post three.

That's what I want to talk about, I want to keep it short and sweet. I hope you're having an incredible day. This book is going to be awesome and it's going to help you. Always plug into the page, we will share different recipes with you, different tips and tricks for you to take action on and implement into your life. The key is taking action. So I hope that was helpful, again, share your favorite recipes or your favorite meal ideas below to give other people ideas.

And that's all I've got for you. I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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