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Easy Simple Keto Recipes - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner | KetoMom

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Keto Mom here!

Making keto meals super easy, and super simple to help you on your Keto journey

Common questions answered by Keto Mom

How to make Keto Pancakes? How to avoid getting overwhelmed in preparing keto meals?

How to create a simple keto lifestyle?

How was our first year on this keto journey?

What was our first keto meal?

Where can I search new keto recipes?


01:19 How to innovate your keto pancakes

01:56 How do you make these great meals

04:17 Super simple keto lifestyle

04:47 First year of our keto journey

06:25 First time preparing a keto meal

07:39 Don't spend too much hours in the kitchen

07:57 Search new recipes on our pages

10:17 Mom Fuel TRIAL KITS

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having an absolutely amazing day! Now... welcome to the Keto mom page. If you're just tuning in, we're making some keto pancakes. We're making some keto pancakes for dinner, so as you're tuning in, you know a couple things, where are you tuning in from? And what are you making for dinner? I want you to share, and the reason I ask is because, well I'll show you what we're making. But every time you share below, it gives people different ideas of what to make for dinner. So we are keeping it super, super simple. And making some pancakes, eggs and sausage. Yes, if you tuned in and watched our breakfast lunch video earlier today, we had basically the same thing. But guess what? We're keeping it simple, keep it moving. So I actually want to talk to you about dinners and suggest some different ideas of what dinner could look like for your family. And I'm going to show you what we're making. So hold on, this is what I'm making.

Some of you might be like, "We've tried those, they're kind of bland". And I'm going to tell you, they actually can be super great if you doctor them up.

And all you have to do, well I like these ones and the Paleo ones. So let me ask you this, "Who has tried these? do you like them? leave them? what do you think?". And every time we make pancakes, whether they're these ones or Paleo pancakes, you can just make a super simple pancake.

I feel like it's kind of like a crepe if you do with like cream cheese and eggs, super simple, a little bit of almond flour, but I always add extra cinnamon, and I always add extra vanilla.

And that makes them taste super, super simple. So... my kids actually already ate so these are going to be for me and my husband, but that's what we are having. So as you're tuning in, I want to know what you're having for dinner. And the question of the evening is this, "Stephanie, I get this often, How do you always spend like how do you make all these great meals in the kitchen? Are you in the kitchen all day long?". So I want to give you a little perspective. Here's my little pancakes, and one sausage. I made some sausage in the air fryer, I've got some scrambled eggs over here. We love to keep it so simple. And when we first started almost six years ago, you guys... this might be super silly. But when my husband first said, "Hey, I need you to help me on this keto journey". Think about like, my husband did keto like eight years ago, I thought it was crazy. If you just started following, if you just started following... post "New" below. I'd love to know who you are, I'd love to know your goals and what you're striving after. So I can help you on those goals. But almost eight years ago, at the time our girls would have been brand new baby to, actually they were only 18 months apart so, super close four and almost six. And I remember watching my husband do this keto diet, he wanted to lose about 50 pounds. And we joke about it one day he was trying to, just so you guys know like one day,

he came to me and he was like, "Stephanie, did you shrink my pants? And I said, "Oh No no no".

You should probably pay attention to the amount of cupcakes that you're eating. You know, all those birthday parties that you've been going to, you know the summer that's around the corner that you had been preparing for, by eating cupcakes and pizza. So I had to nicely say "Hey babe, this is not my fault. I did not shrink your pants. You just have been making not the best choices on your food". So we laugh about it now, but for real he was like, "This is ridiculous, I have to get under control". And so he made this crazy shift, and back then you know almost eight years ago,

I remember being like "Isn't that bad for you?" Like... "Aren't we supposed to eat margarine? Like do you want me to eat butter?".

So when you first heard of keto or started on this journey, raise your hand if anybody ever think like "You want me to eat butter, and bacon? Like we're supposed to eat turkey bacon, we're supposed to eat low fat. I don't understand?". Have you guys ever bought those crackers that say low fat? Crackers don't have fat in them they're full of gluten. So, I say all of that because we had created a lifestyle in our home that has kept it super, super simple. Not perfect, most of the time we're low keto, I oftentimes eat too much protein. But what we did is, we were able to make it so that you could create a lifestyle in your home that's not overwhelming and stressful.

Now, with all of that said, I know that you have seen some great recipes on my page. We don't eat like that every single day. For the first year of this journey with my husband when he said "I need you to help me. Please stop making loads of garlic bread and all this lasagna and pasta and potatoes" Because we lived on bread, meat and potatoes years ago, anybody else? So we just went on this journey to keep it simple. For the first month, no joke. I remember going to the grocery store, and I was like, "I've got this, we've got this. I'm going to make my husband some keto supper. I'm going to be a great wife". And I walked into the grocery store, I had one kid on my hip, two well three in the cart, or at least one out and two in the cart. And you guys, I had no idea how to cook anything that wasn't in a box or ready to be pre made, no idea. I had never cut open an avocado. I talked about this earlier today with lunch, I have never eaten anything green ever in my life.

And so I remember walking through the store and I was like, "I don't even know how to make vegetables. I've never tried asparagus before. Why do we eat all this green stuff?" Like, I can't eat a carrot, he doesn't want to eat carrots that's a vegetable. Technically, potatoes are vegetables, I can't eat it. And I walked out of the grocery store bawling my eyes out. Because I was so overwhelmed, I didn't know what to do. And so this is what I did. I bought some frozen vegetables. broccoli, cauliflower. I grabbed this right here, I'll show you. I grabbed some hamburger, it wasn't this one. Yeah, I'm looking Sorry. I'm de frosting, de frosting some hamburger.

I grabbed some hamburger, and I made up some hamburger threw in some broccoli and cauliflower added some cheese on top.

And we ate this for months. No joke. For breakfast, we made eggs and bacon. For lunch, we had a lettuce wrap or leftovers from the night before. And we ate hamburger broccoli, cauliflower with some cheese almost for four straight weeks until I could be like grasp, not eating bread and potatoes. And so I want you to know that when you're diving into this lifestyle, you don't have to get overwhelmed, you don't have to get stressed out. Just take away a couple of things that you know you shouldn't be eating, and try to include something different. So for instance, we share a lot of great recipes with you... I don't eat like that every single day. I don't spend hours in the kitchen, like we just got back from California. We just got groceries but we just got down to LA, I wanted to get a workout in and hence my workout face, just ignore that.

And I just said you know what we're having pancakes. Pancakes, sausage and eggs, we had it for breakfast, it's completely fine. Food is fuel. What can I make to fuel our bodies to get done to keep going on our day, because I don't like to spend hours in the kitchen. So what I did in the beginning, is we took simple meals, we ate them, we enjoyed them. And then on a Saturday or Sunday when I had a little bit more spare time, when I wanted to spend more time in the kitchen, I would find a new recipe to try.

So we're going to share a lot of recipes with you on the Keto Mom Facebook page and on the Keto Mom secrets Instagram page. So if you're looking for recipes, look there.

If you want to go to, we have a ton of recipes. And in a general day to day basis, we keep it so simple. Sometimes I'll make a keto lasagna. Oftentimes, I grab some meat and vegetables out of the freezer or make some keto pancakes. We have tacos, burgers, and chicken. So simple and vegetables are challenge 90% of the time, and then when I want to spend more time in the kitchen? That's when I do that. So for those of you who think "Oh my goodness, she's making all these elaborate meals". I am... here and there, here and there right? Or when we're having guests over. Or I'm like, "Hey, we're done having tacos and burgers and pancakes, let's make something that we haven't had in a while". So don't get overwhelmed.

This is meant to be a lifestyle, and just tune in continue to tune in. Ask questions, we're here to help. I want to know, what are you having for dinner? So we're having pancakes,

sausage from the air fryer and scrambled eggs over here that are waiting for me to eat. And I'm super excited. And so again, reach out ask questions. Does this make sense? Like...

How many of you dove in into a keto lifestyle and like got super overwhelmed. They kind of had to backup regroup and then start over?

Who's super strict keto, who's lazy keto, what questions do you have? What are you having for dinner? What are you having for dinner? Because I want to know, so that if somebody is looking at me going, "Stephanie, I want pancakes" like maybe you want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Maybe your kids are older, maybe you've got a lot of time that you enjoy baking and you enjoy cooking. That's why I say share what you're having below. Because Sharing is caring, sharing gives other people ideas. I don't want this Keto Mom community to be just about our family. It's about a community of people. What are you doing what's working for you? Ask questions, we will tune in and answer them. And also people will scroll through and get ideas from you.

So lastly again, I'm sending out all these are being sent out all over the place. If you tuned into my story earlier on the ketomomsecrets Instagram, we have some trial kits that we're sampling. We have some trial kits that we're sending out all over the place. This one you can grab, you get three different flavors to try my mom fuel. And this is, so the story that I told you earlier about going to the grocery store. That is before I had ketones, and then my husband handed me these little packets. I put them in water, and I remember being like,

"Oh my goodness!" First of all, I'm not starving. I'm in ketosis in under an hour, I have the energy to keep up with my kids. And I felt like I had to focus to go "Okay, I'm going to back up. I'm going to figure out what are some good options for breakfast? good options for lunch, good options for dinner".

I actually posted them on my refrigerator years ago, and so when I was like, "Oh, I don't know what to make for dinner". I go look at my little dinner sheet, and I would go tacos, grill some burgers, keto pancakes, keto hot dish, and I would just go "Okay, these are options, what are we getting out?". Make sure I have my freezer stocked full of those foods and on we went. So we love to look at food as fuel, what is going to make us feel good, what is going to fuel our kids for the sports they're in what is going to help us think as we're homeschooling. And so that's what we do. So I hope that was helpful. I'd love to answer any questions that you have.

This is helpful?. Yes. Awesome. Give me some hearts. Give me some thumbs up. Again, ask any questions that you have, share your dinner below. And that's all I've got for you tonight. So I hope you guys have a great evening and we will come back to you again with more recipes. So tune in. Bye!

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