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"DREAM IT, PIN IT, LIVE IT" (Chapter 9.3): Habit 3 "Focus on Top 3 Priorities" | Keto Mom Book Club

Keto Mom here!

"Focus is the key word in this chapter. If you want to come to the end of this year with great results, then you must be highly focused. Focus is the opposite of distraction". ~ Terri Savelle Foy

Points to Ponder:

02:07 Being Adaptable: I.Q., A.Q. & E.Q.

02:48 React or Respond

04:41 Joseph McClendon III

05:51 Recap on the different Habits

06:21 Learning from other people

07:11 Take Action on what you're Learning

09:51 Ability to Say No and Stay Focused

10:37 You have Priorities

12:19 Deciding What Not To Do is as Important as Deciding What To Do

14:09 It's Better to be World Class at a Few Things

15:57 Identify your Top Three Priorities

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, it's a little late depending on what time you follow me, or what time I hop on normally. And it's okay! For those of you who've been following me for a while, my husband and I have created systems over the years . So we get up at a certain time, we do a workout at a certain time, I read at a certain time, and I do all of those things in the morning before my kids wake up. Then there are days that I don't. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from?

I want you to know, there is no perfect anybody and everything that you do is a choice.
Welcome to day 18 of our Book 6 session

So last night, we decided to stay up super late. We have some friends that came in from Oklahoma. We live in Minnesota and we have some friends that are staying with us for a couple days. They are some of our mentors, who are incredible people. They're our spiritual mentors. They are our marriage and parenting mentors. And they're staying with us, so we chose to stay up late. Therefore we all rested, because sleep is a weapon. We chose to sleep in a little bit longer, and now we're all just getting up but the kids are still sleeping. So I want you to know that if your day doesn't go as you normally would have it go. Maybe you got up late, you accidentally hit the snooze, you didn't choose the best breakfast. Whatever the case may be, it does not mean that you just throw everything out the door and go "Well, today is one of those days".

No! I chose to sleep because I know sleep is powerful. And now I chose to push everything back a little bit, but I'm still going to do my things this morning. I still read, I'm drinking my Ketones and I'm doing my live. So it's okay if things don't go the way that you want it to go. It's called being adaptable.

So I don't know if I've talked about this here... but you've got an I.Q. (intelligence quotient), which measures how smart you are, depending on the test. This is not in the book, by the way, I'm just giving you a little extra this morning. And you also have an A.Q. (adaptability quotient) and an E.Q (Emotional quotient). How is your A.Q. throughout your life? A.Q. is your adaptability or how well can you adapt to the situations, challenges and the circumstances that happen, mindset wise. And then you have an E.Q. which is your emotions or how well can you handle your emotions.

I choose to be Adaptable and catch up on my morning
I like to say, either you "React or Respond". Reacting is getting up in the morning, getting frustrated because you hit the snooze, you didn't get up and you didn't get all of your things done. It's being crabby and letting your emotions take over. Or you can say "I have the awareness", "I have a high A.Q.", "I'm adaptable", "I'm going to respond to the situation and I'm going to keep going"...

So as you're going throughout your day, think about like "Oh! This is a great time for me to handle my E.Q. or my emotions", "I'm going to think for a second and I'm going to respond versus react". Or you can say "Oh, this is a great test to my A.Q", "I'm going to be adaptable today", "I'm going to keep a smile on my face", "I'm going to know that I'm not going to throw everything out the window today", "I may have messed up this morning, but I'm going to keep going and make the day great"... So you've got I.Q., E.Q., and A.Q. Some people would also say you have an S.Q., which is your spiritual quotient. There's a lot of different things on that realm you can talk about, but that is just a bonus this morning. E.Q. and A.Q., where do you stand?... I've had lots of training in that subject and I love that conversation. I'll probably will be doing a live on just that topic, and give you more specific details. I think it's great!

So today I am being adaptable I actually slept in and I feel great. I didn't do all of the things yet, but I'm catching up on my morning. So as you're tuning in, how's your morning? For those who are reading the book for mindset morning, we're doing "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. We are creating vision boards and writing out goals. What do you want to go after? What do you want to accomplish at the end of this year or go after in the next twelve to eighteen months?...

Here's the thing that I love! Joseph McClendon III, taught our our business or our company and he said "As I think so I feel, As I feel so I do, and As I do so I have".

It's something to think about as you're going through your day. Like "Oh as I think! So why am I being cranky?", "What are my thoughts telling me?", "Why am I telling myself I can't do this"... Because if I keep the negative thoughts in my mind, "As I think so I feel" then I'm going to feel like garbage. Then "As I feel, so I do". I'm not going to make the best choices. And lastly "As I do, so I have". Results are going to come out of what I do. So it's "As I think so I feel, As I feel so I have, and As I have so I do"... Just be aware of that, and starts right here in your mind. All right! For those of you who follow along on your books, we are on habit number three, page one hundred twenty five(125) on chapter nine.

For the last couple days, we have talked about different things that help create or help give you more focus on going after your goals. Hopefully you have your goals written down, hopefully you're starting to dream and hopefully you've got some pictures printed out.

So she talks about habit number one a couple days ago. We talked about the focus of listening. Yesterday, we talked about the focus of reading and today is habit number three. We're on page one hundred twenty five (125), focusing on three priorities... If you're just tuning in, my hope is you hear one thing and you take action on it. Here's what I'll tell you about learning from other people. You might not have gone through the entire book. Maybe you haven't been following a certain podcast for a long time. Or maybe you start listening to something midlife. So when you listen, watch, learn and you read. Think about as you're listening, what's one thing that you can apply? What's one thing that can make you say "Oh! That was good, I should write that down so I can come back to it later". Oftentimes we take in so much, and you truly have to hear things sixteen times before you can say "Oh yeah! I want that!", "I can do that" or you can maybe take action.

The Key to anything is Taking Action on what you have learned
My challenge to you is anytime that you're reading or listening to somebody or something. Think of one quote, one thing, or one action step, because the key is ultimately to take action on what you're learning.

Maybe you'll say "I didn't go through the book". It's all right! I bet you in this next three pages, there might be something that can make you say "Oh! I can apply that"... Alright! So she's talking about focusing on three things. She said "Focus is the key word in this chapter. If you want to come to the end of this year with great results, then you must be highly focused. Focus is the opposite of distraction"... In the beginning of this book, we started writing down one hundred one things and dreaming big. What do you want in your life your whole life until you are no longer here on this earth? Crazy things, that deep down you might say "That never will happen"...

But what if it could? If money and time weren't an option, what would you love to do, places you want to go and things to achieve? What would it be? So we started out by writing a hundred one things. And now we're going to dive into what are ten to twelve things that you can do. S.M.A.R.T goals that you're going to put on a vision board, that you could give yourself twelve to eighteen months to accomplish. So we talked about creating a vision board and what can you achieve in the next twelve to eighteen months. I challenge everybody to pick three to five things you could accomplish by the end of the year, you've got four months to do it. So she talks about Warren Buffett a lot in these next few pages. She says Warren Buffett has a method to help him achieve his success.

He said "Write out your priorities. Narrow the list down to the top three, and then throw away the rest". And she says "I don't really believe in throwing them away, but set them aside".
Let's write down those goals, and get focused

So let's say you wrote down ten goals or ten priorities. Let's even say you wrote down five to six by the end of the year. I want you to narrow them down to the top three priorities. I want to lose. So she said "When Warren Buffett was asked to boil the keys to his success down to one single principle, this was a shocking statement.

He said for every one hundred great opportunities that was brought to him he said no to ninety nine of them. He attributes his success to his ability to say no, in other words, his ability to stay focused on what he truly wanted"...

And so let's say you really want to lose twenty pounds by the end of the year. Your number one focus should be I'm going to go to the gym, I'm going to work out four to five times a week, I'm going to pack my lunch every day, and I'm going to meal prep every Sunday. If those are your priorities and your fitness area for the end of the month or year. That means if you have your meals planned, you're at lunch and somebody say "Hey! Let's go have a work meeting down the street". Your priority should either be to bring your lunch and stay focused, or you say "No, I'll meet with you when you get back"...

You have priorities, you have focus goals. Say No, because you know that if you walk into that environment, you will eat something you don't want to. You know yourself, you know your triggers. So learn to say "Hey, you know what? I'm going to stay here and work on something. I'll meet with you when you get back". That's how you say NO to something because you're focused.

Saying NO to the birthday party, like "Sorry girlfriend, I just can't make it"... I'll give you an example, we had a baptism at our house and we had our entire church out. There was a hundred people and we had a huge potluck. I sent a message to a friend, and I was like "Hey! We missed you! Why didn't you come?". She was incredible, she said "You know what? I know my triggers. Potlucks don't work for me. I'm really focused on my goals"... She's doing incredible, and she said "That environment just doesn't work for me. So I chose not to come"...

You have to learn to SAY NO, and focus on your PRIORITIES
Some people might say "Well, that's rude! You should be able to have discipline". No! She knew her triggers. She knew it didn't work for her and she was focused. You guys, it's okay to sometimes to say no. It's okay! You're not hurting people's feelings.

You don't have to go to every party, every dinner, or lunch. You don't have to, if it's not working for you at the moment. Until you learn and you have the discipline and you have a handle of your triggers. Until you have a handle of those things in front of you, that right now you can't say no to. So you've got to say no to something else... So at the end of this, he says

"All right! Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do".

If you have more than three priorities, then you don't have any" that was from Jim Collins. So he says "What will you start saying no to, in order to achieve your most important goals this year?". Let's say that it's financial, let's say that your goal is "I want to get out of debt". So she told an incredible story about a very wealthy man, his name is Darren Hardy. He has three priorities, he's a billionaire, he owns three hundred companies. She just told his story because she said somebody wanted him to come and speak. And they offered him like $250,000 for one hour of his time, but he said no. And the company was like "What does he want?". Offer him $500,000, tell him we'll come and pick them up in our jet. They wanted this man to speak at their conference, but he said no. So they got on the phone with the people that are in charge of setting his schedule, and they asked "Why in the world? What will it take to get him to come and speak?".

And the lady said "There's no fee. There's nothing that he will do to come and speak to you because he has three priorities this year. And if they don't line up with those three things that he's focused on, he's not doing it. No amount of money will take him away from these three priorities"...
Narrow your goals down to your TOP 3 Priorities

That's huge! And so you may have heard of the phrase "It's better to be world class at a few things than mediocre at most things". And so you're going to have seasons of life, you're going to have different things that you're focused on. Right now, whatever your season is and where you are focused, you've got to have priorities in that season.

So in order for you to accomplish those goals, you're going to have to say no to some things. You have to be focused and you have to know, write it down and be okay with that. Alright! So what can you focus on that will help you become world class at the dreams that you're most passionate about?...

So we'll end it with this, she gave an example of somebody that wanted to get out of debt. They have seven goals. They wrote down "I want to eliminate credit card debt", "Enjoy a Bahamas vacation", "Pay off the car, say $5,000", "Attain a real estate license", "Attend two Success conferences and read twelve books". So she said "All those are great! Now I want you to narrow it down to the top three priorities. Because in there, there's three things that if you do those, it will help all the other goals". And she said "Attend two Success conferences, because it's going to grow your mindset. Read twelve books, because it's going to grow you. And then obtain a real estate license, because as you do those things, it will help all of the debt and the savings come into pass".

As you set goals, as you learn from others, as you read, as your mindset grows, and as you attain the real estate license, everything else will fall into place. So as you look at your goals, ask yourself "What are the top three that I need to narrow in and focus on, that will help everything else align?". What do you need to identify as your top three priorities that could dramatically impact the rest of your goals? That's what you need to do.
What are your realizations if there are any?

We're writing out goals, we're writing out dreams and we're going to start putting them on a vision board. We're going to circle and go "What are the top three that will truly help the other ones fall into place?"... And so we're ending on page 129. We're going to finish chapter nine tomorrow, we've only got a couple more chapters to go, and then we're creating the boards. If you haven't already started, it's totally fine. If you have started, then keep going.

I hope that you are enjoying this book. Even if you're not doing the book, I hope that there was one thing that I talked about that gave you a realization of "Oh, I could do that today" or "Oh! I never thought about it like that". Maybe there's one thing you need to say no to, but you feel bad... I'll give an example, Financial, Maybe your goal is to get out of debt, and maybe that's on your vision board. Then a NO that you need to say NO to is "I can't do my Target run every month or every week". I know as silly as it sounds, but It's a real thing. Your goal is to save $5,000, but you keep going to Target and spending more money than you want to. And you feel it's so great, but it does not help...

I was just talking to somebody and she wants to lose five to seven pounds. Let's relook at what you're up to. So if you know your going to go into the coffee shop but you can't help and grab that doughnut. Then you can't go into the coffee shop until you reach your goal or have that trigger under control.

You know you really don't want to go out to eat every single week, so you need to back up and say no to some things. You need to make it a priority to plan your meals on Sundays. That's what you need to plan so you don't go out to eat... So I hope it's helpful and I hope you're enjoying the book. Continue to tune in every single morning. If your day did not start out how you wanted it to, it's okay. It doesn't need to dictate the rest of your day. So smile and tell yourself you're amazing. Keep moving forward making the best choices possible in any situation that you're in. I'm always here to help, message me with questions.

I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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