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"DREAM IT, PIN IT, LIVE IT" (Chapter 4) "Designing Your Vision Board": | Keto Mom Book Club

Keto Mom here!

"Isn't it interesting, we are taught to frame our past by displaying photos of what we've done in the past. But the opposite is true for your vision board. You are literally framing the future before it happens, and it's supposed to be fun". ~Terri Savelle Foy

Points to Ponder:

01:08 Five to Ten Goals

02:00 Mindset is Important

02:06 Positive or Negative Mindset

05:10 Pictures Lined on my Wall

06:13 We are Taught to Frame our Past

06:41 Framing the Future Before it Happens

07:10 Put the Vision Board Up

08:32 Whatever you want on your Board

08:56 Be Creative

09:15 What is something you want to Achieve

09:38 I want to Write a Book

11:14 Let's Get Strategic and Specific

11:46 Special Occasion Themed Boards

13:14 A Dream Board is Powerful

13:17 Action Steps

14:01 "As I think, so I feel". "As I feel, so I do". "As I do, so I have"

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, it is time to start putting your dreams and goals on a board. We're going to start talking about how are we going to create this vision board, and what is it going to look like... So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your book going? Do you feel like we're moving too fast? Are you writing things down? Are you dreaming? Are you keeping a list of your goals? Do you have them written down? Are you going to start writing them down? A hundred and one!... If you've been following along, at any point in time in this book club, you know that the book has asked you a couple things.

Welcome to day 8 of our Book 6 session

Like write down a hundred and one dreams and goals for your life. Yesterday, and the day before, we talked about writing down goals, five to ten goals. She said in the book, her name is Terri, ten goals that you can achieve in the next twelve to eighteen months.

But I said, what if you wrote down three to five goals that you could achieve by the end of the year? Are you doing that?

I want to know if you're writing them down, because you can't move on to the next step until you do that. We're on chapter four, it says "Designing Your Board". You're not going to specifically design it yet, but you're going to start thinking about it. And I want you to know, if you're brand new, we talk about lots of things on this page.

And I truly believe that Mindset is important. I talk about this every single morning... I won't give you a lecture but when you wake up with a sense of purpose, with a sense of like "I get to", "I can't wait to work out", "I can't wait to be with my spouse", "I can't wait" with a sense of excitement. When you have dreams and visions in front of you, you're going to wake up with a positive mindset. And as you feed that, and you fuel that, you're going to go through life, achieving goals, encouraging others and inspiring others, because it's a mindset. Whereas if you're not feeding your mindset, you're waking up with negativity around you, and you're not doing the things that we talked about every single day, then you're most likely not going to achieve your goals. It's plain and simple. This is the book we're going through, "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. If you're joining us, I would encourage you to take it at your pace, and do the activity.

So she talks about the importance of writing down your goals, and dreaming big. There's going to be a hundred one things of your entire life, and then three to five goals. She says five to ten goals for the next twelve to eighteen months.
Go find the pictures and have them printed

But my encouragement to you is "What are three to five things you can do by the end of the year?" Write specific goals. Now! She's basically going to say "Here's how you're going to design a board"... I want you to start thinking of your goals in pictures. She says you don't think of something that you want in a word. "Most people think in pictures"... So let's say a car, you don't think of the word "Car", but you think of a "Picture of a Car"... You think of what you want what, and what you want to drive.

That would be a picture you would go and find in a magazine or online and then print out the picture. That picture will go on your vision board. Think of all of these words and all of these things that you want to do, places you want to go to, things you want to achieve in pictures and you're going to start finding them.

So yesterday we had some friends pop over last night, and the little girls were looking at all of the pictures I have. I should show you. I'm going to show you something. So in our hallway, this is our hallway. So you walk down the hall. We live in a cabin type house, my husband does not love all the nutty pine, but I love it. I love the way it makes people feel when they come to our house. That's a side note, he'd love to redo it and I said no. Okay, so I want to show you these pictures that are lined on my wall. So in the book she says, "Isn't it interesting how we line our pictures with things from the past?"... So these are pictures of our girls...

You know, we're taught to frame our entire life, from pictures of our past. So I look at these pictures all the time, and this is something that I really want to do a live on Sunday for moms. Like how to get through the stages when they're gone. Anyways, I look at those pictures and I want to go squeeze my little babies when they were that little, but now they're getting older. She says, "Isn't it interesting, we are taught to frame our past by displaying photos of what we've done in the past"... I love to look at the wall, there's pictures all over our home. I love to look at them. I love it. I miss their little faces, I miss them being two and three, I miss it. And I love that I can look at those memories and go back and enjoy them in my head. She said

"But the opposite is true for your vision board. You were literally framing the future before it happens, and it's supposed to be fun".
Let's start Framing our Futures

So what would happens if I had a wall that was future focused. What if you had a wall in your home that you walked by every day, maybe it's in your kitchen or maybe you're going to put this board up where you're gonna see it. You're going to put this board up just like I walked by those pictures, and I just want to squeeze those cheeks.

What if you put the board up somewhere in your home where you could not help but see it. You see the things that you're going after, and you visually see the goals that you want to achieve. You see yourself thirty pounds lighter, or whatever it is, let's start framing our future.

And that's what this chapter is about. We're on chapter four, "Designing a Future board, is one of the most valuable things that you will ever do to see and realize your dreams, right before your eyes"... My encouragement to you is start thinking of those things that you wrote down, and I want you to start thinking of them in pictures. And for the next few days, you're going to go and find the pictures on Google or DuckDuckGo. Go find the pictures, send them to Walgreens. They can print them off in an hour, and I'm going to start creating a board. That's what I want you to do, write your top ten things or three, five to ten things that you can accomplish, either by the end of the year, or in the next year.

However you want to do it, maybe you have one or two things you can accomplish by the end of the year. The other ones are like "I've got one year to do this". And maybe one or two huge things that would be a life goal. Whatever you want on your board, but don't create a board that looks cluttered, and don't print off forty things. We can create boards every year as you go, but just focus on the five to ten things you can do in this next year and then one or two really big Yes! These are life goals. So she says "Be creative. This is going to be fun. Enjoy the process". And she talks about health goals, and things you want for your life, a car, a home, paying off debt. Remember S.M.A.R.T. goals, we talked about S.M.A.R.T. goals yesterday... What is something that you want to achieve? I would love to know. If you are willing to share what is one or two things that you would love to achieve in the next year? Post them below, what is one thing that is on your life dream board. I would love for you to share those goals below, I'd love to read them.

I miss these memoires, but let's start with the future
Like for me, I would love to write a book. I already have the title of the book. It's called "Who is she becoming?". I have we have four daughters or if my husband writes it with me it's going to be "Who are they becoming?'...

So I would love to write a book, and I have a certain business goal that I want to achieve. I want to achieve it by November, I can see it, but it would be a really big stretch. I'm going to get my vision board out, it's not 100% done. And I don't clearly have it displayed, because I was moving things around, it it's super important. So today, I feel like I'm scattered mainly because it doesn't matter, but I've got dogs barking and my husband's in the tractor. If you've been following our tractor story on our FB and IG stories. Our family goal is we have a lake, and on the lake we can fill in some land and eventually create a little pasture to get a horse. That's a goal, that's a dream. I don't know if that will come true in the next year. For sure, in the next maybe two years, but my kids would like to say three months.

So what do you want? Let's get strategic, and let's get specific. We've got S.M.A.R.T. Goals, so you got to get specific. Not "I want to lose weight", bit it should be "I want to lose fifty pounds". Not "I want to get out of debt", but it should be "I want to pay off all of the student loans within the next eighteen months"...

So that's what you're doing today. So the entire chapter four is about just dreaming and what does it look like to create a board? How do we create a board, and printing off pictures. She even says you can create special occasion themed boards. I've never thought about it, but I'll end with this. She says, if your child wants to go to a college, then maybe that child creates a theme board of that college. It's a small little board that has everything about that college. Or maybe you want to build a home, so you can create a dream board, and you put it somewhere in your home. And it's everything about what you want in your home. Or maybe your goal is really paying off debt and saving money, so create a theme board of what you're going to do based around your money, your income and how you're going to save. And the last thing I'll tell you is how important it is.

So in here, she tells a story about a family who wanted to go to Disney World debt free. They want to take their kids to Disney World, so they created a Disney World board, a vacation board,

they put it up on the front of the house, so every person that came in their house saw it. And every time their kids had extra money when they came in the door, they would put the money in a little box by their board. They were going to save up until they could go debt free.

Well what happened was other family members, friends, and other people started coming over. Once they saw the vision board, they started putting in extra change and dollars in the box. And I don't remember how long she said, it wasn't long, maybe it was a year. They were able to go to Disney World debt free. By having all of their family being on board with their vision, and then other people adding to it.

A dream board is powerful. So your action step is if you have not written down your goals, we have two different pages. A piece of paper that has up to a hundred and one things, of big goals and dreams for your life. And then five to ten goals and dreams that you can accomplish in the next year.

Here's the book, "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. Then we're going to start creating a vision board, and as you're writing these things down, I want you to start finding pictures and print them off, so that we can create your board by the end of the book. We're on chapter four. So remember, "As I think, so I feel". "As I feel, so I do". "As I do, so I have"... As I think, what are you thinking about? Positive or Negative? You're going to get what you look for, you're going to get what you think about and you're going to get what you say. As I think so I feel, which creates emotion. As I feel so I do, which is your actions. And as I do so I have, which are the tangible things in your life. So I'm loving the book and I'm excited. I'm excited to share with you my board and some of the things that we are going after. I would love to know what you're dreaming for, like one or two dreams and share them below. Continue to tune into the page, and as always, we share lots of different recipes, tips and tricks with you. I hope you have an incredible day. I hope you have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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