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Steaks secrets, Keto and Low Carb Conversations - Our Journey to the Keto Lifestyle | Keto Mom

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Hi, Keto Mom here!

This is kind of just a check in How are your goals going? What did you make for dinner? My husband eats mainly meat.

So our journey has been fun, we've learned a ton. We're not doctors, and we're not experts, but we just love sharing with you.

Common questions answered by Keto Mom

Why do we drink ketones? How can we afford to drink ketones? What products can I try to get started? What's a low carb meal? What is a high fat meal? What are better options? How do I fix a stall?

02:01 My FIRST PACK of Ketones

02:21 Starting Keto Mom Facebook page

05:38 Steve's gadgets (Cinder grill, Auto Wilde grill)

07:39 How to make a perfect steak

10:59 How can you afford to drink ketones

12:55 More about my mom fuel and products you can try

16:54 Strict Keto vs Low carb (making better choices)

23:06 Why I drink ketones

24:25 How to fix a stall (the Ketogenic Bible)

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! how are you doing? I'm popping on real quick to do a check in to see first of all, how was your day? How are your goals going? Yes, I still have lights up. But the winter is not done so we're still keeping the lights. Got Christmas lights still, but they're not really Christmas lights. They're more like ambiance lights. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? We are getting packed and ready to go on an adventure tomorrow. Where will we go? You'll have to see. But I need to show you something. So really, this is kind of just say check in How are your goals going? What did you make for dinner? I'm going to show you something. What are your goals? What do you mean? What are their goals? Yeah, what are you? How are your goals? Like what are your goals?

So for dinner, tonight we were going to... we didn't get groceries because we're going to be gone for almost a week. I don't know, four or five days. And we were just cleaning out the fridge, and my husband's like, "Hey, I've got a Tri-tip I'll make" and I was like, "Perfect!". Well, the Tri-tip took, how long did it take to make this amazing thing? Two hours. So he's eating by himself because I made the kids other food.

Two hours, (so I missed dinner) I should show you guys our, If you've been following me for a while, (you want to try it?) I'm going to tell you something, you want... Well, I'm really not hungry (Oh), but I'm going to try it in a second. I'm gonna tell you guys something. First of all, where are you tuning in from? How long have you been on the KetoMom page? So we started this page in 2015 when our family started this journey, and I started it because we thought... Well, first of all, you want to hear something crazy. Steve was on the keto diet, about what? eight years ago, probably eight years ago. I did not join him, for a while for like two years after he started. And I started with drinking ketones, I'm not going to talk about that right now. But what's crazy is I had my first packet of ketones, went to bed that night because I felt incredible didn't need a nap that day.

I had a dream that I was supposed to start a page and call it KetoMom.

No joke! right babe? (I remember) I woke up and I said, "Hey, if we're gonna do this keto journey, I had a dream I started a Facebook page. It's supposed to be called Keto Mom". I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but if we're going to eat better surely there's other families out there that are going to want to do the same thing. Right? right? Is that a lie? (No, that's exactly what happened), exactly what happened. I said "What are you going to you talk about?" you were like "I have no idea!"... "What are you going to talk about?" I was like... "We are going to share our story on our journey", "I don't know, I guess we'll just talk about what we're doing". So we started the page, and it started with one person, my mom and my sister and you know... any friends that wanted to follow me and support us. If anybody wanted to get healthier with us, we would say

"Hop on the page and try to eat some meat and vegetable, that's what we're doing. We're drinking ketones join us".

So our journey has been fun, we've learned a ton. We're not doctors, and we're not experts, but we just love sharing with you. So we've come a long way in the last six years, and thank you for hopping on. Thank you for sharing, thank you for... hopefully this is an accountability for you. But I thought it would be fun to show you... if you've followed us at any point in time, you would know my husband, Steve (uh oh)

loves contraptions. You could say like, not even contraptions like gadgets. I mean, not even just kitchen gadgets, but like if there's a gadget sold on like, the home shopping network we'll probably buy it. (No, that's not...) Yes! Any type of workout equipment, if it's going to make your steak better, if it's going to make your food better, if it's going to make your muscles better, whatever? he's going to buy it. Biohacking, red lights, I should show you guys something that we have in our closet, It's called a spaceship (another day, another day) I'm going to show you what we have, to make this steak because he just made the most incredible steak. So as you're tuning in, you want me to try it? (Mm hmm, I'll give you) What did you make for dinner? This was a two hour steak that is now done. Hey! you think I should try it? Let me try it (Let's see if I can put it in your mouth). Do you guys like Try-tip? Try-tip is my favorite, and it's so good. That's so gross. Come on. How is it? It's so good. Oh, so good. I can't tell if you're telling the truth or not.

It tastes like from a restaurant... Yeah! Steve's. Steve's restaurant.! you guys want to see? Okay.

First of all, I've gotten a lot of questions about our icemaker. So something else you should know about me is I'm not a great decorator. So we have this little space in this house that we bought, and it's like an extra kitchen, right? So like, there used to be a sink, and I was like, "I'm gonna make a cute little coffee place". Which is true, so it was supposed to be... it was supposed to be only coffee, only. Okay, and so it had a little coffee maker and coffee cups and we're almost out of our cream and coffee and I had this, I have a cute little sign. And then Steve turned it into a coffee steak place. So he bought this thing called the "Alder" What's this thing called? Auto Wilde grill, it's from Germany. And it cooks your steak, like at 1500 degrees, right? So hot, and it cooks it really well. But that wasn't good enough, so the other day something else showed up at our house probably off of the home shopping network. Where'd it come from? Which infomercial, came from it I'm sure... does anybody else buy like any kitchen gadget? That's my husband. So he bought this thing. What is this? It's a Cinder grill. It's a Cinder grill, it connects to your phone. Then you should come and tell them, yeah! come and tell them why you buy this. So my coffee area, which I don't drink coffee by the way, turned into a cute coffee... Oh! and we have a new icemaker that does not fit by our fridge, so it's got to sit here until we make space over in our kitchen because there's no... we're making space.

And I will tell you hey, I do have a lot of people that asked about this icemaker. I think it came from Amazon and there's lots of fingerprints on it because we use it all day every day. But it's kind of, somebody said hospital ice, we call it Sonic ice or hospital ice but it's incredible. So I need to show this grill. So hold on a second, let's do a little like let me flip the camera around. Okay! Okay, so first of all, see I was working on this space but it has turned into an everything space. Does anybody have a cute space in their house and then just gets changed? So where did you get the icemaker?... someday this is going to be in the kitchen kitchen. Online where? Amazon? Amazon, you fill it up with water you don't have to connect it to a hose and this is what it's called. Profile icemaker, just Google hospital ice maker. Okay. What what… I'm gonna tell you about that in just a second, my cookie maker.

Okay, we've got the Auto Wilde grill. Tell us what tell us how you make your steak. Our Wilde grill is from Germany, Who loves steak by the way? ( I do). Okay, so the biggest problem I have with this is that it's awesome. Okay, I wasn't able to cook the inside the way that my wife liked steak. I don't like the steak to moo, I loved it, you like it mooing.

But she needed something else that could be inside of the steak, to her liking, (Yeah!) Without burning the outside

(Okay, okay) so that's where the cinder grill came in. So this is so cool. So look at, you pick your food, so like we just did a try-tip, (Uh oh). We can't see your thing, you have to turn your light down. Oh, this is like the first time you've ever told me to turn it... (all the way, there you go). Wow! So the grill connects to his phone, look at that. So you pick what kind of meat you have, (look yeah) so we did a Try-tip, and then we did medium well. And then it tells you the temperature, and then basically follow me (I'll follow you) Okay, you put the meat right there and you close the lid, and then it starts cooking, and it tells you how long it's going to take. So, that's what's so great about this is it cooks the inside unbelievably well but I feel like it doesn't cook the outside the greatest. So that'd be my review on this, I know you can then take it off and then you can turn it up to 400 degrees to sear it. But it's just not the greatest, but it cooks it unbelievably well on the inside.

So then you take it out of there and you put it in the Auto Wilde grill and all it takes is a minute on each side, 1500 degrees, BAM! the outside is perfect the inside is perfect.

My husband eats mainly meat. So okay real quick, I think this is from Amazon. I don't know where this is from, this is not an infomercial cause I don't have any links to anything just so you know, but I do get a lot of questions. Amazon... look for an ice maker, Germany that came to us a year ago. Where'd you get this thing? Cinder grill. This is what I make are keto cookies, sometimes not keto cookies, but mainly keto cookies in because I always loved this as I was growing up. I used to work at a snack shop when I was young and I loved having a cookie grill and my husband just surprised me with one. So those really yummy cookies that we made, those really yummy cookies that we made... I think we call them cream cheese cookies, they were delicious, we made them in that. So that's our house, part of it and all the things that we have here.

So really, I just thought it was funny, and I really just wanted to check in to see how you all are doing.

But I do, somebody did ask a question. So if you have some questions... I'm gonna go into the light because it's kind of dark in here. If you have some questions, ask below and I can answer them real quick. But the question that somebody asked me was "How can you afford to drink ketones?", and I was not going to drink about or talk about ketones but I'm going to tell you this real quick. For those of you who have been following my journey, since we're chatting, and I'm just kind of feeling chatty.

I've got two kids in Volleyball, one girl was practicing dance, and the other is just watching a movie that I made them turned down because I'm talking to you. So here's...

forgive my face. And if you watched my live this morning, guess what? I have not showered yet.

We have been productive and we are leaving on a trip so I had to pack. Okay! So for those of you if you've got Keto questions, ask them below and we'll stand for like 10 more minutes.

Somebody said, "How can people afford to drink ketones?".

I would say this Tell me, I always like to know, like, what are your goals? What do you eat and drink throughout your entire day? And the reason I asked that is because most people are spending money somewhere. So for example, I've got friends that go through Starbucks coffee every single day, or Caribou right every day. Five to seven dollars on a coffee. My brother jokes and he's like, "Oh, I'm constantly at a drive thru". He called me other day he was like "Stephanie...

He's a guy, so forgive me, he's like "I'm getting fat, please help me". He's 25 "I'm like Dakota, stop drinking so much Red Bull Mountain Dew". Right? So

I like to tell him I'm like most people are spending their money somewhere. What do you spend your money on? manicures, pedicures? All of the things clearly I need to spend some, I don't. That is a lie. Thank you, babe. But I say that because how important is your health to you.

And I drink ketones because my husband asked me to a long time ago, cause he said if these work they're going to change thousands of people's lives. Now. If you don't know I'm talking about I'm just going to show you. It's a packet, you put it in water, you drink it, it puts you in ketosis in under an hour. So it's a helper, it helps you with energy, focus, fat loss, better mood, better sleep appetite control.


I say for me, I don't need a nap and I haven't needed a nap in almost six years. As a mom who homeschools four daughters, I feel incredible. And whether it's five dollars a day at a coffee store, or five dollars a day on something that's going to be a clean fuel that fuels my body. I'm willing to go "What am I drinking that I could cut out, or guess what, I'm not going to spend as much money on Oreos and frozen pizzas and drive thru". So if you want to know more about my mom fuel, and you want to trial kit, if you're like "I don't know if I'm gonna like the flavors", just post trial below, and we're gonna send you a link so that you can either, I mean, there's different ways you can trial it. If you want one of these, there's only a couple of these left. I usually grab, like we have seasonal flavors, there's so many things I could tell you.

Our number one product is our Keto Nat. Puts you in ketosis, it gives you all of those benefits, and then from there you're going to work on your food.

So if I'm working with you and you messaged me, and you're trialing ketones, I'm going to go "What are your goals?" "How are you feeling?" "What are you eating?" Currently, right now, let's tweak some of those things. Do you want to work on intermittent fasting? How much water Are you drinking? What are your... dogs, can you go grab, go grab your dogs please. And we're going to have a conversation back and forth. I'm going to say, "Hey, try this, let's swap out this. Are you drinking enough water? Oh, you have cramps? Guess what? leg cramps are a slight headache, you might need some electrolytes". So there's so many things that we're going to work on together. So whether you want a trial kit that has, we only have a couple more blues. If you've never tried them, not a big deal, we have a super cool little kit that allows you to try three flavors. Super low price, and you're going to get this and you and I are going to focus on your energy, your focus and your appetite control and your food and your sleep and your stress. So it's all one, right?. So for those of you who are like "I don't know if I can afford that". There's different ways that you can try it, there's different ways to save money. We have a smart ship program. We have every fourth month when you get your smart ship, you get a free box with your smart ship. If you as a customer, share it with a couple people, you can earn free ketones. So if you want to know and utilize a tool, that's the tool.

Some people go, an objection I'll get is

"You don't have to drink ketones". I know, I know! you are right. Do you want to know why? Because your body makes ketones".

I feel like it's so dark in here I don't know why, is that better? So I am very well aware your body can make ketones and you can drink them. Not all ketones are created equal, right? And so you can't just buy... there's not I'll just give you this. I've got some great tools, if you want to see the videos, let me know and I'm going to send you but you have to private message me. Message me and go "Here are my goals, show me the videos, let's talk about trial". So post trial below, and we're gonna chat, okay? Because it is important, so if you don't think that you need a tool, that's fine. Right?

If you don't need something to help you with your energy, I did. I needed a nap every single day, or my mom brain, I needed some serious help with my brain fog. I just needed something to help me not eat the sleeve of Oreos, or frozen pizza every single day, like I needed a tool.

Some of you drink pots of coffee, or energy drinks, or you're shoving caffeine down your throats to little caffeine pills, whatever it is. Most people need a tool because the food these days, guess what isn't as nutritious. There's cookies every place you look even at the dentist office. And so there's some serious self control needed. So it's just a helper. So whether you do it, all food based, I'm here to help you if you need recipes and ideas. Let me know if you want to know more about ketones. Awesome! I'll help you either way, but they're incredible. So I was watching these guys were chatting. I don't think I saw any more questions. But if you have questions, hold on I'm going to check real quick.

okay, here's a good question.

Somebody said, my posts don't have healthy keto food. That's my favorite question. So the only reason I say that is because, raise your hand if you are strict keto. Like if you are, meaning 80% fat 15% protein and 5% carbs. Like, raise your hand if you are strict, strict, strict keto under 20 carbs a day you know your body's making ketones. Is there anybody on here that knows that they're that for longer than a year. Let's say even longer than a year? Here's the common question that I get. So, even the person that asked this, how long has it been?

Because the average person that I talked to, and I've talked to hundreds of you every single day, they go

"Oh, I tried the keto diet for this amount of time. Oh, I tried the keto diet, got to the vacation, got to the wedding, I got to whatever my goal was, and then I stopped because it was too hard".

Right? How many else? Anybody say that? Anybody has said that?. Because here's the problem, when somebody says, "You're not doing the keto diet right, you aren't eating this". Like, and as soon as people start pointing fingers and you tell somebody they're doing it wrong, and you degrade the way that somebody else is eating even if it's a better, healthier way, guess what? You just bursted somebody's bubble. So the fact that you look at somebody else's recipes and say, "they're not healthy enough?". What I'm going to tell somebody is this, you're making me all sweaty, so I want you to hear this very loud and clear. The average person is not going to stick to a keto diet for their entire lifetime.

But if you can work on making better choices from day one, and then you can stick with it and we're on day six, then guess what? you're going to win.

But if you think that you're going to stick to a strict keto diet, which was meant for medical reasons for six years, I'd love for you to share that you did it for six years. I've never met anybody that has, half the time they lose the weight and the year they gain it all back. So yes, I love adding avocados to my meals. I don't take pictures of all my meals, I eat too much protein, therefore I drink ketones because I like to workout and I like meat. So I do eat too much protein. Yeah! My husband is mainly carnivore, he goes back and forth. Here's the reason I don't encourage a lot of people to dive in and eat that 80% fat, because and this is something super important. If you are low carb now I asked if anybody who is strict keto, not very many people raise their hands. Who considers themselves low carb, or lazy keto, or I'm doing the best that I can I'm making better choices. Who is that? Is that you? Because if you're doing that, that's awesome.

Let's say you had the choice of going to McDonald's quick, because you're in a hurry, or you knew you had a low carb wrap in the cupboard with some natural peanut butter, or maybe some egg salad, which would be the better choice?.

Clearly a low carb wrap with some peanut butter would be a better choice. Now somebody who is considered strict keto and is pointing their finger at somebody and saying that's not a keto option. Yes, it is. It is a keto option because it's a better choice and somebody can stick to that for the rest of their life versus going through a drive thru at McDonald's. I didn't even come on here to like, get sweaty and get fired up. But when people point their fingers at people and say like, "you're not strict keto" I just think it's ridiculous. Because a low carb wrap, to me is a low carb, keto option. If you are strict keto for medical reasons, that's awesome! You have to be, right?

But again, we're talking about long term. And so everybody's on a different journey, there's no one size fits all. The way I'm going to eat, it's not going to work with your body, and vice versa.

My husband and our bodies are completely different how we process food, completely different. He always jokes and says he can eat the same amount of food as I can, or I can eat the same amount of food as he can, I'll lose five pounds, he gains five pounds. Like it's just the way that everybody's bodies is, so like when somebody says I'm going to do keto, yours is going to look different. Some people have to be, eat a lot more greens and more veggies. Some people can eat more protein, some people can't. Some people can't eat those low carb wraps, because they're not gluten free. But guess what I can, because they don't affect my body. So it's just different for everybody, right? And so here's the kicker, I think fats are great. If you were doing a low carb diet, you cannot eat 80% fat, you can't. Why? Because your body needs to burn fat. So what happens if you go, if you're constantly eating fat bombs and an entire avocado and all of this cheese. What happens if you eat all the keto fat that you want, because you're going, "it's keto I can eat it". I can eat all the bacon and all the butter (grab your dogs please). I can eat all the bacon and all the butter and all the avocados. And you know what, and it's fine I'm keto. But you're only strict keto, if you are tracking every single macro that you're eating.

If you are not tracking your food, and you are not tracking if you're in ketosis, then you're low carb. Then you are lazy keto, or dirty keto, or whatever you want to call it, and that is fine. But that means you probably are going, "Oh, I'm going to count my carbs in my head". Hey, can you grab your dogs, please.

I'm gonna count my carbs in my head, I'm going to kind of you know, low carb is considered like 60 or 50 carbs and under, that's awesome. I'm going to keep it, "I'm going to take the buns off the burgers and the croutons off the salad and I'm going to grab a lettuce wrap". And I'm going to put, you know, "I'm going to order the salad with the dressing on the side. And I'm going to eat that low carb wrap instead of going to McDonald's". Right? If you're doing all of those things, you're not going to be a strict keto diet.

And you cannot think to yourself, I can eat all the fat that I want, because your carbs are not low enough to eat the 80% fat.

You're going to get to that place where most people go "Stephanie, help! I've reached a plateau. I'm at a stall, what's going on?" And I'm like "Are you under 20 carbs a day?", cause if you aren't you cannot eat whatever you want in the fat category, even the good fats. Does this make sense? Like I hope this makes sense. Please let me know.

Hence, why I drink ketones. I don't think my body's always making ketones. I eat too much protein. Protein kicks you out of ketosis, but I feel incredible! I drink ketones. So I'm not trying to preach out of anger, more of like, sometimes it gets frustrating because I get messages so often of people going, "you know somebody told me I wasn't doing it right?" or you know, they just get so degraded because so many people want to be healthier. And so many people need to lose a lot of weight, Lots, It's not just like five or ten pounds, it's like fifty, sixty, seventy pounds.

I get messages going "I need to lose 100 pounds". When somebody needs to lose 100 pounds, and you say you can't have that low carb wrap? You might as well just say "hey, go to McDonald's".

Like, you have to meet people where they're at. So and not every community fits everybody, right? So like, find what works for you. Right? If it's a very super strict, rigid keto, and you want all of the macros written out for you, and you want to make sure that pictures are beautiful like... that's not my page. I'm so sorry. Like I will give you the best advice that I can I didn't go to school for this.

We've trialed and for example how to fix the stall, so Debbie says how to fix the stall?. Well, I always say are you eating when you're not hungry? How much water Are you drinking? And what is the stall mean to you? So if you've ever read the ketogenic Bible, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jacob, who actually formulated our ketones wrote an incredible book called The keto Bible. And I'm pretty sure... this question is asked a while ago, here's the book. This is a great resource if you're looking for a great resource. Sorry, it's backwards I forgot to flip the camera.

And he said a true stall isn't a stall unless it's been six weeks.

So has it been six weeks? Remember? Are you based on a scale?

If you're basing everything that you lose on a scale, you need to pay attention to inches lost, how are your clothes fitting? Are they loose? Can you get up and run more? Can you lift heavier weights? Can you get on the floor and play with your kids. Like there's so many different ways to measure success, right? If you are, just think about this for a second, if you've reached a stall. Do not eat if you're not hungry, don't eat to fill your macros, right? And those two things, and then drink plenty of water, make sure you look at how much sleep and how much stress is in your life. Sleep plays a factor on your fat loss. Stress plays a factor let's just be real. I mean, in the world that we're in right now, there's a lot of stress between homeschooling kids and people working from home and all of the snacks in the cupboard. Like there's a lot of discipline that needs to happen working out at home, all of those things, right?

Getting your mindset right, reading, not going down a negative path every time somebody says, "Oh, you're doing it wrong".

So and then if you feel like all of that's right, then if Debbie, you're a lady I would say "How much dairy are you eating?" Because oftentimes, the snacks and the meals all include heavy creams and lots of cheese and sour cream and cream cheese and fat bombs and I ate two avocados today and ate a low carb wrap. Like you didn't track your food, so all of a sudden, you've got this really high fat and you're doing good on your carbs, but like not low enough. Does that make sense? So I hope this was helpful.

I really just intended to come on here and show you my steak.

So I hope that was helpful. Please, please, please reach out if you have specific questions. And I will try to help and sometimes we'll say, "Man, you know what? I don't know... you're gonna have to go ask a doctor". Try this and this and this, these are the things that I know. Or go grab yourself a book like this has some really great recipes, but also from a doctor's point of view some really great medical questions. So, and it explains ketones and ketosis, and he talks about drinking ketones in here. Pretty crazy, huh? So anyways, I appreciate you all let me know if there's anything I can help with continue to tune in. I think you all are amazing. Just post trial below if you want to know more about the ketones and we can chat otherwise private message me. So if I didn't see your question, send me a message and I'd love to chat with you.

So that's it. I hope you guys have a great night and we'll talk to you soon.

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