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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 6.1): Don't Wait For A Map of Things | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom Here!

 	"Many of us want a map, but what we get is a compass. We are not given all the detailed outlines of how we should live each day. We are given "A due north", a direction we should move towards. On this journey, one thing becomes very certain. When you move forward on what you know, things become clearer. When you refuse to act on what you know, all that you do not know, paralyzes you" ~Erwin McManus

Points to Ponder:

00:31 Holiday Shopping

01:39 Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

01:48 No Traffic In Your Own Lane

02:16 Fixated On Everybody Else

03:03 Fleeing Your Defining Moments

03:28 The Man Asking For Signs

05:05 The Traffic Light Story

06:55 We Ask For A Map, We're Given A Compass

07:33 What You Don't Know, Paralyzes You

08:29 This Page Isn't Just About Losing Fat

08:56 Messy Action Is Better Than No Action

09:14 I've Learned and I'm Going To Keep Going

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we are diving into the book, "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. If you're brand new, we have been going through books since last spring, and all I do is hop on and give you something to think about today. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Here is the question of the day, "Have you done any holiday shopping?", or "Are you a last-minute person?". I'm almost completely done, and I'm going to do a little Black Friday shopping because I think it's just fun. My husband and I are going to make a whole day of it. But I just thought this morning, while I was looking around the things hidden in my closet, "I wonder who else is shopping and who is waiting?".

Welcome to Day 14 of our Book 8 session

My goal was to be done in November, but we'll see. Alright! I've got a couple of things for you to think about as you're tuning in. If you're reading the book with me, that's awesome. If you're just tuning in every single morning, to take one little nugget with you into your day, to think about, to ponder, and to put into action, then that's awesome as well. So I picked out two quote cards for you today because I liked them both. And it goes right along with what we're going to talk about.

It says "Great people do things before they are ready. They do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you're afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, and taking risks. That's what life is all about". I thought that was great, and then this second one says, "When you're in your lane, there's no traffic"...

I love this one, because oftentimes, especially with social media, you can get so fixated on everybody else's results and journeys. Things like, "Wait, they're doing it this way", "Wait, I'm supposed to be right here"... Here are your goals and dreams. Here's what you want but you're so fixated on everybody else, that you hop into their lane, and you get into the comparison mode. Stop it! Stop it! Focus on what you're going after. Your body is different than everybody else's. You're on your own journey, and nobody else's. Stay in your own lane!

Are you always looking for a sign, before doing something?

Alright, a couple of things to think about for this morning. We're on chapter six, I'm just going to read a couple of things to you, that I thought stood out for me. We're on page one hundred sixty-one (p.161). The book is about moments and seizing the moments in your life.

Something that he said that I loved was, "It's possible that you have been fleeing your defining moments. Rather than seizing them, you've said to God, 'I am not doing anything, risking anything, or going anywhere, until you give me a sign".

He told a story about a man that was asking for a sign, and he wasn't going to do anything until there was a sign. He said "Here you choose to live in safety, comfort, and convenience. Justifying this lifestyle because God hasn't called you to a different life. Isn't your justification for living a low-risk life, the absence of a sign to live differently?"...

Basically, he's saying oftentimes, people say "I'm going to wait for a sign", "I'm going to wait for the universe to tell me", "I'm not going to do anything until I have that", or "Yes, that's what I'm supposed to do". That's not faith, that's not even living. I labeled this video, "Oftentimes people want a map, but they're given a compass", I'll read that to you in a second. But you're not going to have a hundred percent sign and a map that lays out your entire journey. You know, deep down the things that you should do, like somebody you should call, or an action you should take. We use the excuse, like "I know, but I don't really know", "I know I should be doing this, but I'm going to wait for one more sign". The next day comes, "I don't know, I'm going to wait for tomorrow for one more sign"...

You know the things you should take action on. It's stepping out in faith, and then as you do, different things will show up...
God probably said "Move! Do something! I've given you what to do!

Alright! This is actually pretty funny because this happens to me a lot. He said, "Have you ever been stuck behind somebody in traffic? Maybe on that day, in particular, you are in a hurry, running late, or getting to an important engagement. There's just one car in front of you at the light. You're watching the light with intense focus, waiting for it to change from red to green, and it seems to be taking forever but it finally comes to pass. You take your foot off the brake, you're just about to hit the gas. But then you realize the person in front of you is entirely unaware that she has permission to go. Instead of looking forward, she's fixed on her own image in the rearview mirror. Remember what you were thinking? 'Move lady! It doesn't take to be any greener than this. I wonder if that's what God is thinking of you"...

God would probably say, "Move! Do something! I've given you what to do. I've put people in your place. I've given you mentors, and people to follow. I've given you the things that you need for this next step"...

Oftentimes, we feel like, "I want the whole thing", "I want to see the whole map before I decide to take this step"... It's not going to happen that way. You're either going to be a couch sitter or get your butt in your life game. Don't be a spectator! Stop watching everybody else, and get in the game. He said, "You are called not to be a survivor, but to be a conquer"... Here's the last piece I left on page one hundred sixty-four (p.164). He said, "Many of us want a map, but what we get is a compass. We are not given all the detailed outlines of how we should live each day. We are given "A due north", a direction we should move towards. On this journey, one thing becomes very certain. When you move forward on what you know, things become clearer"...

We Ask For A Map, But We're Given A Compass
As you take a step, the next step will show itself. You'll take that step, you're not going to have the whole map, but we are moving forward, due North. He said, "When you refuse to act on what you know, all that you do not know paralyzes you"...

We're going to stop there. Why are you not taking action on the things that you're wanting? Some of you have made vision boards, have you done anything towards it? Some of you want fat loss, that's why you're here. Are you making any changes to go after that? I talked earlier this week, maybe it was yesterday, about how this page isn't just about losing fat. Your mindset is so important, and it's going to really show in every area of your life.

Maybe you're watching this and you feel like you have your diet under control. But you really need to make some changes in your job, your finances, or your relationships. What do you need to do? You're never going to have a map of your whole life. You don't know, but you do know the next step you need to take. You have a compass, and the compass has to move north. You got to keep moving, or you will be paralyzed in fear, and nothing will ever be accomplished. It's up to you it's your choice. Even if you're afraid, just take action.
I've Learned and I'm Going To Keep Going

"Messy action is better than no action", and "The only way you fail is if you quit". If you feel like you've failed, don't look at it as a failure. Just say, "I didn't fail, I learned something and I'm going to keep moving forward"...

That's how you should operate your day, "I've learned and I'm going to keep going", "I didn't quit, which means I didn't fail", and "I'm going to keep going".

So with that, we're going to still move forward in the book. We probably can have this book done by Monday, and then I'm probably going to take some old books out, do some reminders and just give you some different things to think about...

Continue to tune in, if you're just looking for recipes, hop on the page at any point in time or go back all the way to 2015. We've got so many recipes, tips, and tricks for you.

Send me messages, I'm always here to help give you some guidance, some tips, or some help in whatever questions you have. I hope you have an incredible morning and we will talk to you very soon. Bye, everybody!

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