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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 3.2): A Definite Purpose | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom Here!

    "The number one rule in getting something that you hope for or have faith in, is having a definite purpose". ~Joseph McClendon III

Points to Ponder:

01:52 Number One Rule (accdg. to Joseph McClendon III): "Looking"

04:07 First-Dimensional Faith versus Second-Dimensional Faith

04:49 Faith Is Important

05:28 A Definite Purpose

07:24 Kill The Monster Right Away

08:00 A Story About Driving

08:44 Hitting The Pole

09:00 What Are You Focused On?

11:12 Figure Out What You Want To Go After

11:32 Percentages Of Success

12:09 Do You Have A Defined Purpose?


14:13 Reevaluate Your Mornings

15:28 It All Requires Action

15:47 Write Down What You Want

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, I got caught up in a reading so I'm a bit late this morning. I am feeling good today. How are you feeling, and how are you doing? We are continuing to go through this book "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. I have another thought for you from the notes that I took this weekend during an event that I was attending. And so where are you tuning in from, and how was your morning? What are you thankful for? I'd love to know, and I'd love for you to share. Alright! A couple of things, we're still going through this book "Chasing Daylight".

Welcome to Day 9 of our Book 8 session

If you're brand new, the morning live videos are meant for your mindset. It is to help you have a heart of thankfulness, and a heart of gratitude, or maybe to shift something inside you, to make you feel, "I can do this". To help you have faith in yourself, see the good in others, have a higher level of E.Q. and A.Q., or you adaptability and control over your emotions, and to learn how to respond versus reacting.

The mornings are here for you to help you understand that your mindset is important.

Now, if you want anything else with the keto diet or a low-carb lifestyle, just tune into the page. There are recipes, tips, tricks, and all of those things scattered throughout the Keto Mom page. I have been on this page since 2015, so there's no shortage of recipes, keto tips, old videos, and how to do this lifestyle. I have all of that, and you can always message me with your questions...

Going back, we're still going through this book "Chasing Daylight". I'm going to share, and talk to you a little bit about the number one rule, which is talking about "Looking". That's the number one rule in getting something that you want. I guess it's probably not the number one rule, but in our virtual event, Joseph McClendon III said, "I believe this is one of the number one rules if there are multiple number ones in getting what you want"...

I'm going to talk about that in a second, but for now, I want to go over something in the book. We stopped somewhere on page eighty-eight (p.88). And here's what I want you to know about this book, it's incredible. If you don't have the book, I would highly recommend getting it or going through it. Erwin McManus is very much a storyteller, and you are going to get a lot of stories from the Bible, and it's all faith-based. Some of you might be asking, "What does this have to do with your keto journey?". Well, a lot of it does. A lot of it has to do with faith in yourself, "Do you believe that you can do this?"... Anyways, if you're reading the book, awesome! Continue to read on!...

First-Dimensional Faith versus Second-Dimensional Faith

He talked about the point of faith, and I seriously had something that I highlighted, but there's no way I was that far in it. Okay, I'll just come back to this, because it's kind of frustrating me. Anyways, he talks about faith and he tells a lot of stories from the Bible, about going through life and not doing it by yourself and having faith.

There's a first-dimensional faith, which is looking at a situation and being uncomfortable with it, knowing you can do it. And then there's a second-dimensional faith, where you feel like, "There's no way", or "That's impossible".

But impossible things happen all the time, and that is the basics of this chapter that we're going through. I'm so perturbed that I must have skipped a ridiculous amount of pages and went on... We're almost to chapter four, and just finishing chapter three which is all story-based. Clearly, I am off my game and not sure what I was reading, but I did have something to share with you...

Finishing chapter three, faith is super important because he said "Faith is the substance of things hoped for"... It is going after things that you haven't seen yet.

Like in your mind you can see it, but physically, you can't see it yet. So I wanted to correlate the book, I don't even know where I was reading. But when I was reading whatever I highlighted, it talked about faith in the power of faith, but also being certain of what you hope for... And then I was realizing last weekend he said, "The number one rule in getting something that you hope for or have faith in, is having a definite purpose". You have to know what you want... If you're just living life, which is great by the way, but you don't have a specific definite purpose, your goals are just scattered, they're just thoughts but not written down, not defined, and you let life take you out or let the world control you.

Have a Defined Purpose and Know what you want.
If you don't have a definitive purpose, and you don't really know what you want, how in the world are you going to get it? How are you even going to have enough faith to go after what you want?...

What I mean by that is, say for example "I want to lose weight". Is that a definite purpose? How much weight do you want to lose? By when, and what are you going to do to reach it? Faith isn't a wish. You can hope for things but you need to have faith. You need to have a definite purpose, and take action. You can't just wish for fat loss. You can't just wish to look like somebody else or feel a certain way. But you can work at it, you can have faith and go after it. You need to have a definite purpose...

So when we were listening to the lecture last weekend, he said "The number one rule is you need to look, what do you want? And you need to have a definite purpose".

And also we talked about this yesterday in the afternoon, he said as soon as the monster, or the bad habits, the negative thoughts, or negativity comes up saying, "I can't do that", "There's no way that'll be me". Or maybe even a bad habit, like you naturally grabbing something to eat but you really didn't want to do that. He said you need to kill the monster right away before it takes control of your entire day. Remember, I've said this before, "One wrong choice that doesn't line up with your goals, doesn't wreck your entire day". It doesn't mean that you just give up and do whatever you want for the rest of the day. One wrong thought does not determine the rest of your day. What he meant by that is you capture the negative thoughts or actions that day and you kill that monster right away. Have faith that you can do it, but first, you've got to know what you're going after...

You Focus on not hitting the Pole, You hit it anyway

He told an incredible story about driving, and actually, this happened to me last night. Okay! First of all, Joseph McClendon III told the story about driving, and he said oftentimes when you see those skid marks that rear off the road, and it looks like they go into a field, or sometimes into a pole.

When somebody is going out of control, what happens is they get so focused on where they're going.

And then you'll hear people that work for the ambulance, the EMTs, or first responders asking what happened. The people who crashed would say "I don't know what happened". And the responders would ask, "Why did you lose control of your car?". Most people would say, "I don't know, but the last thing that I remember seeing was the pole"...

And he joked about it, he said because when these people were swerving out of control, they're so focused on not hitting the pole, but they hit the pole anyway because that's what they're looking at. He told a story about his mom losing control of the car, and he was in the passenger seat. She was screaming, and they were heading towards the pole because that's what she was looking at. And he said, "I've never done this before, but in an instant, I had to punch my mom's arms and grab the wheel"... Because how in the world can somebody miss the twenty feet of open space, and hit the three-foot pole? How can they do this? And that's because they're so focused on it when they're swerving out of control. He said because the ones that hit the pole, which many people have when they swerve out of control they don't see the gap of the twenty feet. They can go right into it and not hit anything, except when they see the pole.

Whatever you're Focused on, that is where you're going.
And so he asked, "What are you focused on?" Good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative because that's where you're going.

So last night, we were driving home, it was late. We live a mile out of town and it's pitch black. I'm laughing because this happened to me last night, I didn't hit the pole, but there are no lights anywhere. So I was constantly hoping that there's no deer, and I was driving slower. For some reason, I always look for the little green street sign that reflects, so that I can see the road where I need to make a turn, to get to our house on the dirt road. Whatever reason, I was fixated on the green sign that was like the next street in front of me, I was talking, the girls were talking, and I was kind of focused on making sure there was no deer. For whatever reason, my eyes were also fixated on the next green sign.

I was just heading that way, when my daughter said, "Wait, aren't you going to turn that way?". And I was like, "Yeah, I've never missed our street". She's then said, "Why did you do that?". And in that second, I realized "Oh, because I was focused on the next green sign"... That's where I was going, that was my definite purpose, to the point that I didn't even realize I had missed the first sign.

I don't know if this makes sense, but I would like to encourage you today to make sure, that if you have nothing you're going after, figure out what you want to go after. What are your goals, and what are you hoping for?

He said when you're going after something, like a goal, a dream, a vision, or when you have a vision board, how will you do something or not do something? How will these percentages play a huge factor in whether you'll go after it, or not? Whether you will hit that weight loss goal, or you won't?... So he said sixty percent (60%?) of it is Psychology. Twenty percent (20%) of it, is your energy, your electricity, what you're putting out into it, or your action. Twenty percent (20%) is your magnetism, your "IT" factor, or your desire. Do you really want it?

Try to Re-evaluate Your Mornings
I would encourage you today to evaluate your life. What do you want, and do you have a defined purpose. Not just say fat loss, but like I want to lose this amount of weight in this timeframe, and I'm willing to do this and give these things up. That's a definite purpose because you know where you're going.

You need to have that pole to focus on because everything else will come in and it'll be easier. If you don't have that definite purpose, you're going to let other people sway you, other people's circumstances will come in, the world will come in and take control of your life... And you're going to sit back, and ask, "How did I get here?", "I didn't really have a goal", or "I didn't have faith that I could do it"...

So if sixty percent (60%) of going after your goals and achieving them, has to do with Psychology, then it's your mindset. Do you believe that you can do it? Do you have a definite purpose?... Part of reading books and learning from others is building yourself up, like "I need to be thankful this morning", "I really should be reading a book to get my mindset right"... Don't be one of those people that turn on, I shouldn't say reality TV, I'm not saying that reality TV is bad. But how often do we do things out of habit? Like turn on the news in the morning, or turn on a TV show. We don't even sit for two seconds and be thankful for the day. What am I going after today? Where is my focus? What are some of my goals this morning?...

We just naturally let the "TELE-VISION", if you've never heard that word, it means the television is telling you your vision. "TELE-VISION", and it's not there to help you, it's there to distract you.
Work on your Mindset, and I am here to help.

It's not going to give you your definite purpose, it's probably going to cause more comparison, laziness, and bad habits. I'm not saying that television is bad, I'm just saying you should reevaluate what you do in the mornings. Focus on your mindset, because sixty percent (60%) is Psychology, of whether you will or will not go after your goals...

That's it! I feel like I was on a little rant, and I'm really frustrated that I don't have that one thing I wanted to share with you that was highlighted, but it's okay. Continue to go through and finish chapter three. We'll start chapter four next, which is talking about "Faith". Are you going to go after the things that you want? Whether it is biblically based, or the notes that weren't biblically based, they all line up very similar. You can say, somebody who didn't want to have a biblical viewpoint would say, "I just get lucky", or "I'm going to work really hard".

If you want to look at it from a "Faith" point of view, you've got to have faith that you can do it. If you don't want to look at it that way, "Science" would say you still have to take action, and that you still have to have a definite purpose, and know where you're going. I prefer faith, but it all requires action. So however you want to look at it, I'm here to help. I will make sure that I have my highlights way better, that way I don't have to go look through my book to figure out what happened. I hope you guys have an incredible day, I'm always here to help. My encouragement to you would be, "What do you want?". Write it down, get specific, and share it with somebody. You can share it with me, or you can share it below. I'd love to know what it is.

Also, don't let other people's opinions, viewpoints, the television, or other things, be a distraction for you to go after those goals. So have a great day, and we'll talk to you soon.

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