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RAIN or SHINE (Day 2): Always Look for a Reason to Celebrate | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom here!

"Always look for a reason to celebrate". Do you celebrate enough? Let's just talk about the Keto lifestyle right now. Do you celebrate your little wins every day? Yes, my husband does. "Yes! I did so good today", "Yes, I drink my water", "Yes, I filled in my circles on my watch", "Yes! I walked 10,000 steps". Pat yourself on the back, Congratulate yourself, that's great. The more you congratulate yourself, you're gonna love that feeling and you're gonna keep going. Celebrate the little wins...

Points to Ponder:

01:49 Alarm clock

02:28 Say something positive

03:20 Worrying about things

04:06 Going Backwards

05:05 Decisions

05:47 The only way you fail, is if you quit

06:08 Celebrate your little wins

07:01 You get to do things

08:54 Enthusiasm and Perspective

10:06 Change your Mindset

11:51 Help people find a passion to read

Full Episode Transcript

Hi everybody! Happy

Saturday, my name is Stephanie and Welcome to the Keto Mom page. I am hiding in the closet, because my kids are making breakfast and it's loud. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? It took me three times to get this video started, it kept kicking me off the internet. So I am going to be going over chapters four, five and six in the book, if you are following along. If you don't have the book, it's okay. If you have the book, I want to know sometime throughout today, what you thought of and your biggest takeaway of chapters four, five and six. Now, if you're tuning in, and you're going "This book thing has nothing to do with my Keto diet"... Yes, it does, I promise. I promise because, if this (mind) is right, you choose better foods here (mouth). You're going to feel better, so don't think that this isn't for you. Now, if you have the book, awesome, let me know what do you think of the first three chapters, and how is your Saturday going? I'm gonna actually keep this pretty short and sweet.

Welcome to the 2nd day book session

We have a really busy day, we've got a conference going on. I'm super excited, it's going to be a great, great day. Does anybody have any big Mother's Day plans? We're going to church, I think we're going to have a picnic or hang out with some friends. I took my mom to get her nails done yesterday or two days ago. I don't know if you're friends with me on my personal page, but I joked and I was like "This is terrible, I went to get my feet done and I haven't done it in over two years. I swear he kept my feet up so bad, it was my alarm clock to talk to you".

So which by the way, here's something side note, and this is actually for a lifestyle that you're working towards. I use my alarm clock on my phone for almost everything. Drinking water, reminding myself to do LIVES, to Ketones, to getting up to work out. I tell people, if you're trying to create a habit or if you're working on creating healthy habits, use your phone and alarm clocks to remind you.

So if you want to start drinking more water, set an alarm clock every forty five minutes that dings just like mine did, that says "Go drink your water, go drink your water". You might be so surprised at how much it helps you on your journey. Whatever it is, go move your body, go say something positive to yourself. Maybe right before lunch, dinner or around your snack times that you find yourself snacking. Ask yourself this in an alarm clock "Are you hungry"... That's my number one question. 

So the book we're going through is "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander. So super easy read, if you have the book and you read chapters one, two and three, what was your biggest takeaways, what did you learn? I'm going to go over chapters four, five, and six. He tells a story, the author is Scott Alexander... My favorite part of chapter four is, "Don't worry about the stuff that you can't do, follow your heart". And he gave a story about how he was terrible at algebra, and he worried about it so much. But he was really good at English, and he just says, "We waste so much time in life, worrying about the things that maybe we're not the greatest at.

The only way you fail is if you quit

So go do the things that you're good at". This isn't about just the Keto diet, this is about just good, simple concepts and things to put in place in your life. And so he says, "Live your life in such a way that when your neighbors gossip, it's about you". That's us, I realized our neighbors said something and I was like "How do you liked me?". What he said wasn't rude, it was just talking about us and we always are great to our neighbors. We only have two in the country and they're not super close.

Okay, so I liked chapter five, he talks about going backwards. How many of you have felt like you have gone backwards or you've slipped up, like I'm going to quit because it didn't work. Or two steps forward, one step back, anybody ever feel like that? I love this, he says "Every good game involves some form of going backwards, whether it's a "lose a turn", "go back three spaces" or "go to jail". The element of having to go backwards adds to the excitement of the game". He talks about your life being an adventure, it's not fun going backwards but if you do it with the mindset that you're not going to quit... I love to say the only way you fail is if you quit. If you go backwards, and your mindset is... I hit the snooze button, I didn't go work out, I didn't make the best choice, I grabbed the donut. Whatever it is, in that moment you've got the decision to quit or get up and keep going. And so he just talks about the game...

"Why do so many people become so discouraged when they take temporary steps backwards?". Anybody take a step backwards this week, it's totally fine. "The only way you fail is if you quit". He said, "Maybe they are taking Life too seriously. We've all played with people who whine from the beginning and want to quit, when they lose the roll of the dice just to go first. He then just talks about life, and he just says... "Play the game, do the best you can. If you fall, get back up. The only way you fail, is if you quit". 

I loved it, also love this part, "Always look for a reason to celebrate". Do you celebrate enough? Let's just talk about the Keto lifestyle right now. Do you celebrate your little wins every day? Yes, my husband does. "Yes! I did so good today", "Yes, I drink my water", "Yes, I filled in my circles on my watch", "Yes! I walked 10,000 steps". Pat yourself on the back, Congratulate yourself, that's great. The more you congratulate yourself, you're gonna love that feeling and you're gonna keep going. Celebrate the little wins... "Yes! I said no to the cookie, "Yes! I didn't hit my alarm clock and I got up. So this is the book that we're reading, it's a very simple read. My kids... Two of them have read this, it's a really good book for teenagers to read, to get them starting and reading good books. The chapters are two pages long, but really good, solid, get to the point content. We're doing three chapters a day, for those of you who had said "Stephanie, do we have to read on the weekends?"... No, you get to read on the weekends. We're going through three chapters a day all through May and you get to do it. It's not Do I have to... "Do you have to eat healthy on the weekends?" No, you get to. It's a mindset... I get to choose better foods, I get to wake up and go workout, I get to speak positively instead of negatively. Your words have power.

You have to be excited for this journey

Have you guys ever heard of the book "Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill", incredible book. I didn't read it for years, our CEO would say read this book and I was like "No thanks, I don't like the title". That's bad for me to prejudge "Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He wrote another incredible book and it's called... something about the devil. Anyways, two books by Napoleon Hill, outwitting the devil. And that book actually wasn't allowed to be published until he and his wife both passed away, because his wife did not want people to judge her for that book.

It's incredible, but "Think and Grow Rich" will help you in your entire life. Did you know that most books, especially books that are going to motivate you, inspire you, or about self development, are actually based off of "Think and Grow Rich". It's an incredible book, he wrote it around his thirties, I don't know, but it's super great. So he talks about nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without enthusiasm. It's not about growing rich, it's about perspective, it is about enthusiasm. Are you doing this lifestyle to feel better, and you're excited for life in the future? Or you're like I can't eat that cookie, I have to work out, I just want to go on that vacation, I'm getting to the wedding, you probably won't reach your goals.

Sometimes people don't like me saying that, but it's real. If you are not excited to go on this journey, if you're not going to have the ownership and take the action, if you are not going to say I'm on this adventure, it's not going to be perfect, but I'm going to do the best that I can. If you're if your mindset is "I have to, I don't want to"... Then don't do it, because you're going to be the person that comes to me next year and says, "I tried for a year, I slipped up and I'm in the same place I was a year ago". Mindset... and how do you change your mindset? You read and listen to great people. 

Take bold risks

So lastly... "Develop audacity, the willingness to take bold risks". He just talks about intense desire. What do you want? You need to write it down, "When you write you invite". That's not my saying, it's Joseph McClendon III, oftentimes we keep it up here (mind) but I'm really working on journaling and writing things down. 

So I can go back and remember what he said, "When you write, you invite". It's different when you have a physical book, I love listening to podcast, but I've gotten back to having the physical book. And I love to listen, it's a different way of learning. I love to physically have a book because it's in my face, I like to underline and highlight and write things in the notes area. Because when you write you invite, it just hits your brain differently and you remember. There's different ways that people learn, whether it's audible, or visual. I like to write things down. So we are going through this book ("Rain or Shine"), we're going to be going through it all of May. You don't have to have the book, you can hop on and I'll give you the highlights. If you have the book, if you're going through it, are you enjoying it so far. And I'm always here to help. So you can take anything that you're reading, because it's self development book, and put it in any area of your life, relationships, finances, parenting, marriage, health and fitness management.

So my goal is to help people to find a passion to read as they're working on their health goals. Because if you don't have a great mindset, you're probably not going to reach or get to where you want to go. If you actually get there, you did it in a negative way and you're going to probably going to come back around and gain all the way back. I heard it, I've heard it over and over again.
Mindset determines actions

Your environment is important... From the things that you watch and listen to and read, they're important. What you put in your mind is important, because it ultimately decides every single thing, every choice that you make. And so continue to tune into the page, I appreciate you hopping on. I'm excited to go back and read all the things that you've learned so far. If you're reading the book, or if you just listened, was there anything that stuck out to you that you liked, that we read?

And then I look forward to having a great Saturday. I'm gonna go hang out with my kids, I've got a conference. It's gonna be great. Happy Mother's Day early, I'll come back on tomorrow after church and say Happy Mother's Day again.

But you all are amazing. Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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