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RAIN or SHINE (Day 11): What Are You Thankful For | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom here!

A thankful heart will change your perspective and help you have a great day. I'm thankful for you, I'm thankful for this community and I'm thankful that my children are working on their school. We have four daughters, if you don't know, we started this journey and this page almost six years ago, and we are super thankful and grateful.

Points to Ponder:

00:37 A thankful heart

01:04 Our goals

01:33 "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander

01:45 "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod next month

02:37 Can you work out when you reboot

03:08 "Fuel, Compression and Spark"

03:44 Is the engine getting fuel

04:32 Having goals which will fuel you

05:26 "Compression"

05:55 Put into Action

06:05 Flooding of the engine

07:32 We are going to die

08:01 "Timing is everything"

09:10 Patience is the key

10:19 What is your question

11:11 Reboot or fasting

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie, and we are going through the "Rain or Shine" book. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I actually love the three chapters for today... So how are you doing, how are you feeling? It is gorgeous, I shouldn't say gorgeous, but it's nice out. Gorgeous to me would be like eighty degrees, it's probably about sixty outside. Still super thankful, who woke up thankful? I would love to know. First of all, where are you tuning in from? Second of all, what are you thankful for?

A thankful heart will change your perspective and help you have a great day. I'm thankful for you, I'm thankful for this community and I'm thankful that my children are working on their school. We have four daughters, if you don't know, we started this journey and this page almost six years ago, and we are super thankful and grateful.

Welcome to day 11 of our book session

Our goal with this was just to be able to share everything that our family did, from recipes to things that we were learning and share it with you. Because our hope was that other families would be inspired to be healthy, and to help parents do the same thing with their kids. I am not a doctor, but we have learned a lot from a lot of doctors in the past and we are loving and sharing everything that we learned with you. So I hope you're having an amazing morning, as we are going through this book ("Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander). Some of you are going through it with us, some of you tune in every single day, just to get some tips and tricks. I love it and I hope you're loving the book as well. We're going to be doing "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod next month. So grab it off Amazon, and it's an incredible book...

I love these three chapters, so we're on chapter thirty four. We'll be done with a book by the end of May, my goal is to get you to read, because reading is so important for your mind. So chapter thirty four, I love this chapter... I think I'm going to read the entire thing to you. I want you to listen, especially if you don't have the book. So a couple things. What are you thankful for today, if you read a book, if you read something, or if you're going through a podcast, or if you listened to something great, what did you listen to this morning and what did you learn... Alright and also I did not work out... For those of you who are rebooting or was rebooting, the question is "Can you work out when you reboot?" Yes, but I did not. Mainly because my husband did yoga this morning, and I hate yoga. So I was like, I'll sleep in because we work out together. Do you like yoga? I hate it. I know I should really do it, but I didn't do it. I opted to sleep in an extra hour, way better because sleeping is so important. I told my husband that I think I need to sleep today because my muscles need to grow and my muscles need sleep. I don't want to stretch, I hate it.

We must always take care of our engines
All right... It says "Fuel, Compression and Spark". This chapter is probably one of my favorites, "How is your engine running?"... How is your body running? So think about it like an engine, how is your engine running... "By your engine, I mean your life, your day to day, your energy levels. If you feel sluggish or you're not running on all cylinders. There are three things mechanics look for when they're troubleshooting an engine".

So he's talking about your life, I would even just say your health and fitness and how is your body feeling. How is your engine feeling, how is your life going? "First, is the engine getting fuel"... So we could talk about the food that you're eating, if you're feeling sluggish and you feel like garbage, the first thing I'll ask people is "What are you eating, are you drinking enough water every day?"... Right now I'm drinking my Ketones, this is my fuel source. Some of you live off of pots of coffee, some off of energy drinks. Some of you live off caffeine pills, some of you messaged me that... and I'm like, "We need to fix this". I do drink ketones every day.

"Do you have goals that are driving you on. If you have somewhere to go, are you going to end up there?. Keep your tank full of exciting goals and keep adding new ones in there as progress". So he just talks about having goals which will fuel you. I believe that most people here are running on empty, because they don't have the right type of fuel to keep them going.

That's why most people quit, they're tired, they're exhausted, they're overwhelmed. They're not seeing the results that they want, but they ultimately don't feel good enough to keep going. He talks about the first one... Are you getting enough fuel? Here on the Keto Mom page, what foods are you eating, how much water are you drinking? Are you Getting the sleep that you want, because sleep is important for your fat loss. Your body must not be stressed out, because if you're super stressed out, it's going to hold on to the fat that you want to lose. And are you over eating, are you eating enough? I'm gonna say it, are you drinking Ketones because they're incredible, and they are my fuel every day to not take a nap and feel great.

Ketones are my main source of fuel
Alright, second thing is "Compression". He says "Compression is critical, and this is key. The fuel has to be compressed to detonate, that means the action has to be taken, you have to get up each day and exert energy".

You have to get up every day and take action. You can't listen to me in the morning and not take something out of it and take action into your life. Whether it's drinking more water, or moving your body, reading a book, whatever you're learning, you've got to put into action or it's not going to work. This means that action has to take place and you have to get up each day. "Goals without action will lead to a flooding of the engine"... Goals without action will lead to your body being the exact same way it looks like today, next year, and you getting frustrated coming back to me. Whether it's in a couple weeks, months or a year and saying "It didn't work". And I'm going to go "What did you do, and for how long did you do it?" again "What did you do, and how consistent were you with the food that you were eating, the good choices, moving your body, getting your sleep. Having your body be less stressful, how consistent were you?" Last one... So we've got

"What fuel are you putting in your body, are you taking action and finally there has to be a source of ignition or a spark. Desire is fire. Desire is the mysterious black hole in the science of motivation. There are conflicting theories of where it comes from, and we don't know how to manufacture it. All we know is that it's necessary and incredibly powerful. With it, one can change the world, my wish is that you are blessed with an unquenchable Spark".

You need the fuel to keep going, you need to take the action to utilize the fuel and you've got to have the desire to get to where you want to go. If you don't have those, then you are going to be sitting on the couch.

We all have one final destination in the end

Alright, Chapter thirty five, in the main chapter was "We are going to die". So he just talks about enjoying life. He talks about a Monopoly game and we all accumulate things. Because oftentimes people don't enjoy life and at the end of it, we're all going to die. So put a smile on your face, take the adventure, go after what you want. Because we all have the same destination in the end of our life.

Chapter thirty six... "Timing is everything. Why does it seem that sometimes nothing works out. Have you ever worked overtime on a project only to have it unglued. Surely you have had disappointments and goals that have faded and or fallen into failure. Sometimes what looks like certain victory, turns out to be a burnt piece of toast". A lot of us don't eat toast, so I'm going to say surely the things that you want, turn out to be overripe avocado. Don't you hate it when you open up an avocado and half of it is Brown... It's like trialing something or going to the gym for two weeks, and then stepping on a scale, which I know a lot of you do. And then you're like "Ugh! 1.8 pounds!". Then you messaged me because you're so frustrated... you didn't gain point eight pounds by going to the gym, or maybe you gained some muscle. But in the frustrations of life, how are you going to get through it?

He talks about timing is everything, and how sometimes people don't take action fast enough, and they let the time slip away. So he says sometimes you got to be patient. Patience is the key, consistent action, getting the right fuel, learning, getting the knowledge and wisdom, putting it into action you have to have patience.

So in your lifestyle at the moment of where you are at, how would you feel like you're doing? I would love to know, what are some questions that you have on this Keto, low carb journey, what are you seeking out? What are some tips or tricks or things that you're like "I don't know this, how do I do this?" What questions do you have and I would love to come on later, and I'll just do a basic Q&A around the Keto low carb lifestyle. What are you specifically looking for? If you don't answer, then I can't Answer you back. So what do you need... What do you personally need to feel like "If I had this answer, if I had this recipe, if I had this tip, I could go further faster", or "Here's the one thing that's holding me back. If I had the answer to this, I feel like I could have success". Ask all the questions below so that I can write them down, I will come back later today and I will answer those. Today is ballet day, which means I usually sit in the car and do a Q&A, so I would love to know what it is. Ask all of them below... What are you looking for? What guidance do you need? If I had one question, and I knew I would have success after I had the answer.

Let's do a Q&A, ask me your questions

So I hope you guys have a great day. Let me know if you're reading the book, how are you enjoying it and I'm going to go finish my Ketones.

I'm going to drink water all day long, because water is super important. I'm going to stay focused, because I'm rebooting with a lot of you.

For those of you who are rebooting, keep going and make sure you're plugging into all of the reboot lives and in our private customer group. Because it helps you understand why you are doing this and what's happening to your body. What I love about a reboot or fasting is, it helps you understand that you're not controlled by food, you control the food. You control your habits, you control when you eat and not eating out of emotion. I feel like fasting truly helps that mindset of "I was just about to eat, and then I realized I'm not hungry", "I was just about to eat only because the food was on my kids plates". So really good awareness overall of how often we eat out of habit, or boredom or emotion. So if you want to know more about the reboot, post reboot in the comments, we do it every single month. Otherwise, I will come back later and do a Q&A with all of your questions.

That's it, I'm going to go homeschool my kids. I hope you guys have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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