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"ATOMIC HABITS" (Chapter 6): Motivation vs Environment | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Oftentimes people overeat or they grab what's the easiest and the quickest. He talks in this book about how you can switch things. If you put them behind in the back, you're less likely to grab the snacks in the back. You're more likely to grab the things in the front or in the doors. So if you can switch some things in your home, make them lower, put them in the back, you're less likely to grab them.

"Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior" - James Clear

Points to Ponder

01:58 The power of getting your mindset right

02:24 The power of systems and habits

02:35 You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems

07:12 Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior

08:45 People overeat

09:25 Switch some things in your home

09:50 The most powerful is our "Vision"

10:57 There's no judgement

11:51 Be the designer of your world

12:33 Easier to build a new habit in a new environment

13:06 Ketones

13:09 Keto Tips

14:51 First ten days of changing a bad habit

15:12 A repetitive pattern of consistently taking action

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, Welcome to the Keto Mom page. Normally, I would be going over this book in the morning. I didn't quite forget, but I got distracted and I still want to make sure we talked about it today. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from am, I'm from Minnesota. It's probably 10 o'clock if you're watching this live, it is late. It's only late because we have been up super early, we had some friends spend the night at our home in a tent. And the kids have been in the water or fishing, our day was crazy. If you go watch my stories, we fished and played on the water, and I think my kids were in the water from eight in the morning until just now. So this is an exhausted sun face, but because I did not talk about "Atomic Habits" in the morning, I want to make sure that we go over chapter six. We're going to make sure not to skip a day, because the book is super powerful.

Welcome to Day 6 of our book 3 session

I do realize different people watch lives at different times, maybe you're watching and wondering what in the world is she talking about? My goal every morning, is to go over a book and a chapter in the morning with you. So we did a book called "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander, in May. And then we did the "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod in the beginning of June. And then now we're going through "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. The point is to help you understand the power of getting your mindset right. I think books are powerful and not recreating the wheel but going "I want to achieve a goal and clearly I'm not reaching it. So what do I have to do?"... The "Miracle Morning" is powerful because it sets up your day to help you own your day. So we're going through "Atomic Habits", and it'll take us into part of July. It's the power of systems and habits. One of my favorite sentences in the book, I think it was in chapter three... "You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems".

If you have not seen any of these, welcome! We share recipes and all of the things Keto in here, all day long. But the number one thing I am passionate about, besides all of that stuff is helping you get your mindset right. If you get that right, you're going to make the better decisions, you're going to go for the walk or run, you're not going to hit the snooze button, you're going to make better food choices. If you do make a bad food choice or you fall off, or have a cheat meal or a cheat day, you don't beat yourself up and you get back on track. That's what I'm doing here, I'm either going to read to you or you're going to read with me, and we're going to do this every day. We're on chapter six, and I think this chapter is absolutely incredible. I talk about all of the chapters being absolutely incredible, but this one makes the most sense. It is by far, something that you can switch overnight if you take action. So this is not where you just listen to me talk, but this is where you get to either read along with me, listen, and then you take immediate action. I'm going to tell you what to do as soon as we're done, because a hundred percent, it will make a shift or a pivot in your food choices, or your snacking, by just this one thing.

Your environment plays a big role

I'm going to start by reading the beginning, it is super powerful. I'm going to read you two paragraphs, so bear with me.

"Motivation is overrated, environment often matters more.

Anne Thorndike, a I primary care physician of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, had a crazy idea. She believed that she could improve the eating habits of thousands of hospital staff and visitors without changing their willpower or motivation in the slightest way. In fact, she didn't plan on talking to anybody about it"... So a doctor had an idea to change the way people are eating from the hospital cafeteria, just by making a couple little tweaks. It's really incredible, "So what she did with her colleagues was design a six month study to alter the choice architecture of the hospital cafeteria. They started by changing how the drinks were arranged in the room. Originally, the refrigerator was located near the cash register in the cafeteria, and it was filled with only soda. The researchers added water as an option along with the soda"...

So they didn't take the soda out, they just added water in there. "They placed baskets around the cafeteria, with water bottles next to different food stations. The soda was still in the primary refrigerator, but water was now available in all locations".... So that was one thing, there was water that she placed in the entire cafeteria. "Over the next three months, the number of soda sales dropped 11.4%, meanwhile, sales for water bottles increased 25.8%. And they made similar adjustments to different things in the cafeteria, like food and snacks.

And just by visibly seeing things, people chose the better option. People often choose products, not because of what they are, but because of where they are located.

If I walk into a kitchen and I see a plate of cookies, I grab the plate of cookies or I grab a cookie"... Does anybody do that? You're not hungry and you just ate, but the cookie is in front of you so you found yourself saying it's not a big deal and you grab it. Women often sit around, at a party or a friend's house, and women always gravitate towards the kitchen. There's always snacks on the kitchen and you're sitting, laughing and eating. You're mindlessly eating because it's right in front of you, so your environment is important. Okay, "Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior". Yes! A couple of things that I have helped walk people through, they'll say I'm snacking all the time, so I ask "Where are the snacks in your home, are they on the counter or are they at eye level?"... We have a snack cupboard, and it's low. It really irritates me to bend down and pull the drawer out to look what's in it. So keep snacks out of your eye view and not on the counter where you can grab something and jump on the couch.

Do not eat or snack if you are not hungry

If you follow my stories, the other day, I watched my husband. We just ate supper just ate, and we had some of those little keto cluster things on our counter. I watched him, walk by it, see the bag, grab it, and hop on the couch. He was going to eat it, and I said, "Hey babe, are you hungry? We just ate it"... So he said, "I'm just going to sit here", and I was like, "No, are you?"... I coach people on this all the time, and we were joking back and forth. I said to him, "I'm not making fun of you, and I'm not telling you you can't eat them"... Then he's like it says Keto.

Yes, and that's wrong, because so many people fall into this trap of, if it's in your eyesight, you grab it. If it's easy to access, you grab it. If it says Keto and you're not hungry, but it says Keto you grab it.

Oftentimes people overeat or they grab what's the easiest and the quickest. So something that you can do before the end of the weekend, my action step for you is go look in your kitchen and hide what is in sight, or snacks on the counter. What snacks do you not want to see, what are some things you can put low if your kids snack on them, but you don't want to. He talks in this book about how you can switch things. If you put them behind in the back, you're less likely to grab the snacks in the back. You're more likely to grab the things in the front or in the doors. So if you can switch some things in your home, make them lower, put them in the back, you're less likely to grab them. So that's super awesome, I thought that was so good. Alright,

"The most powerful of all human sensory abilities, however, is Vision"...

So he goes through sensory, all our five senses. He goes through all of our senses, he talks about the power of the senses and how they play a role in our lives. Then he says the most powerful is our "Vision" and looking at things. He tells lots of stories. And he says "Here's how you can change it, here's a couple simple action steps for you. If you want to remember to take your medicine, you put your pills by your faucet in your bathroom. If you want to practice your guitar more frequently, you place your guitar in the middle of your living room. If you want to remember to send more thank you cards, keep your stationery on your desk. If you want to drink more water, fill up a few water bottles each morning and place them in the common areas of your home"... I thought that was a great, we just naturally have cups and water bottles all over our house. I got distracted by some of these comments. I love to say on my page, take off your black robe when you're here. It means there's no judgement. I love this community, because there are so many people that can be lazy keto, low carb, dirty keto. There's a lot of paleo people on here, there's just so many things you can learn.

Do not be afraid to switch things up

I just felt like I need to say that, because I don't tolerate things that are disrespectful. I'm just going to say that I'm going to keep moving on. So if you want to make a habit, a big part of your life, you have to make the Cue, bigger part of your environment.

You have to look at your environment, if you work in an office and you have a desk drawer that's full of candy, then you have to get rid of the candy. If you find yourself opening up their refrigerator and grabbing a soda, take the soda out and replace it with water. So there's little things that you can do in your environment where you spend most of your time so that you don't grab the snacks.

"Be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer"...

You guys, this is so good, it's incredible. For those of you who are asking about ketones, I'll totally message you and answer those. I need to go to bed but I loved this chapter. This was one of my favorite chapters, he goes on and tell some more stories, you have to read it. And at the end of each chapter, he gives you a chapter summary, which I love. Basically he just says "It's easier to build a new habit in a new environment, because you are not fighting against old habits"... We're going to go through this every day. Tomorrow, it won't be till the afternoon because we go to church pretty early in the morning. Here's the deal, if you private message me, I can tell you what to eat, and how we started. I can give you a foods list, and that I've been drinking Ketones for six years. They're a great helper, I love them. I can tell you about Keto snacks, I can tell you about anything, like drink more water. If you're stressed out, your body is going to hold on to some of that fat. If you're not getting enough sleep, it's going to affect your fat loss, and so many things.

But if you don't believe that you can do this, if you don't wake up and love yourself and your mindset is crazy all day long. You're going to find yourself grabbing the cookies, skipping the workout, griping and at your kids, your spouse, and making poor choices.

In wanting to reach a goal, you get inspired sometimes. But if you don't put in the discipline and a little bit of hard work to create some habits and some systems, then the likelihood of you reaching that goal is unlikely. Sometimes I feel like I have my a hamster in my head, like repeating the same things over and over again. But did you know that you have to hear something about seventeen times before you actually put it into play and take action? And not just from me, but from other people. It's like you have to have seventeen different little things speaking to you, before the average person decides to put something into play.

So hopefully this is like your fifteenth or sixteenth time, take the basic action steps of the book and do it. And the "Miracle Morning" that we went through last week, talked about

how the first ten days of changing a bad habit to a good one is terrible. Hal Elrod said, it's unbearable, and people hate it. The next ten days, which is from day ten to twenty is fine, uncomfortable, but you're making it a habit. And then the last ten days is inspiring.

So if you can make it for thirty days, you're going to help get yourself into a repetitive pattern of consistently taking action or changing the bad habits. Not going down the street that has the doughnuts, not hitting your snooze button or by changing little things. So tomorrow, what you're going to do is look into your kitchen, you're going to change everything around that is too easy for you to grab. Either get rid of it, put it below or out of your eyesight. If you don't do it, then you don't want it bad enough. If you do do it, then that's a great action step for you. So thanks for tuning in. I hope you guys have a great night. I'm always here to help, message me with your questions.

That's all I've got, our family is going to go to bed. I will see you tomorrow. Bye everybody!

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