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"MIRACLE MORNING" (Day 9) "Customizing Your Mornings" | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

He talks about customizing your morning miracle, and I've actually gotten this question a lot. "I work the graveyard shift, I work nights, what happens if my schedule is different than most people"... And so he basically walks you through and he says "You make it work with what your morning looks like, and whatever your morning is". It's going to be an hour before you get up, or it's going to be implementing these actions before you go about your personal day. So the start time is going to have to be what fits you.

Points to Ponder

01:58 Customizing your morning miracle

02:18 An hour before you get up

02:43 Don't eat right away in the morning

02:52 Sixty minutes or six minutes

03:15 Why to eat and what to eat

03:50 What do you wish you knew when starting this journey

04:23 Not procrastinating

05:50 Overcoming procrastination

07:21 Do the hardest things first to get it out of the way

08:11 It takes that routine

08:48 Fresh and fun and exciting

09:29 It's your responsibility

10:05 Thirty day life Transformation challenge

11:28 Creating systems and habits

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we're diving in and talking about the "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. We're actually almost done with this book, and we're going to dive into "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, right after. Today we are talking about customizing your Miracle Morning. So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Are you reading the book with us, or are you following along here? Either one is great. So question... Are you implementing some of these actions that the author has asked you to do? Do you feel like it's working and have you tried some of it? Have you been getting up earlier or have you been doing six minutes in your morning? Have you been doing sixty minutes in your morning or even just one thing?

Maybe it's just working on getting up without hitting the snooze eighteen times, or maybe it's reading a page a day just to get your mindset right.
Welcome to day 9 of our book 2 session

Well, I started later too because I was doing things... I call this "Eat That Frog", we're going to talk about that in a second. But how is your Miracle Morning going? I'm doing this a little bit later, sorry. And I almost taught on the wrong chapter, I actually almost skipped chapter eight. Chapter nine is amazing, but we have to, or we get to do chapter eight, first. Tomorrow will be great, and we're almost done with the book.

You're then going to make sure to take action on all of those things that you've learned.

He talks about customizing your morning miracle, and I've actually gotten this question a lot. "I work the graveyard shift, I work nights, what happens if my schedule is different than most people"... And so he basically walks you through and he says "You make it work with what your morning looks like, and whatever your morning is".

It's going to be an hour before you get up, or it's going to be implementing these actions before you go about your personal day. So the start time is going to have to be what fits you.

He also talks about "Eating", which is great for the Keto Mom page. He said if you wake up and the first thing that you do is eat, he wants to help shift your mind. A lot of you here intermittent fast, so it's perfect, but he also says you don't need to eat right away in the morning, because it's going to take your body more energy to digest your food. He recommends going through your morning first, either sixty minutes or your six minutes of silence, working out, reading, being mindful and grateful. All of those things that the book had talked about, like doing your sixty or six minutes first, without eating and then eating afterwards, so you don't get that tired feeling. Okay, this is super great "Why to eat and what to eat"... We talked about that on this page all the time. So he said "Eating enriched, great food that's going to fuel your body, so that you don't get tired". He talks about that through a good chunk of this whole chapter, which I think is great. So if you're brand new, post new below... Welcome to the Keto Mom page, and I'm super excited to help you. We share recipes, tips and tricks on the page all day long. Earlier this morning, I shared a little picture that says,

"What do you wish that you knew when starting this journey?".
What do you wish you knew before starting keto?

The question was, what do you wish you knew when starting the keto journey or the low carb journey, and a lot of you shared a ton of great value. So if you're just starting, go check out that post from this morning, read through people's comments. Take the ones that you had no idea on, I'm also going to do a live about that later today. So that's a great post about eating, food and intermittent fasting.

But this chapter was mainly about not procrastinating, eating great food, and making it fit in your personal lifestyle.

I was around a lot of horses yesterday, and if you followed my stories on Instagram or Facebook, we have a daughter who has a newly found love for horses. I feel like she's been begging us for horse lessons for months and months. And so yesterday was our very first horse lesson and we were outside from ten in the morning until probably one o'clock, with a friend who has horses. And then they took their very first lesson from an incredible lady here locally from for a couple hours. We were so sweaty and so hot, but it was so fun to watch her be so joyful. So for those of you who have horses and love horses and all things horses, you'll have to give us your favorite tips and tricks. We don't have horses, we don't have land for horses. We have a lake, so our horse will have to learn to swim, but I do feel like I was outside a lot yesterday and it was so warm, but I'm thankful for the heat.

So here's why I said "Eat That Frog", because at the end of this chapter, he talks about overcoming procrastination. He said you don't have to follow that morning miracle how he laid it out. Some people could get the reading out of the way or maybe like for me, I get up in the morning and before I actually read, or be thankful and grateful for the morning, I work out first. I get up, I grab water and Ketones, and I go straight upstairs and work out. It works for me, and that's kind of like "Eating that frog". It's actually a book called "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy, and he says "The author shows how getting the things done in the morning leads to a mental reward that can take us into greater heights throughout our whole lives. It's the idea of doing the hard tasks first, like eating the frog and getting it out of the way to create momentum and make the rest of your day productive"...

Go eat that frog and get it out of the way

And so even in the morning miracle, I love to sit down after I work out and that's the hardest part for me. And then I read and do all the other things after I work out. It can be that for you too, you don't have to follow the exact system. Same with anything in your life.

When you get up and do a task list or a to do list, or even at work, he talks about the power of "Do the hardest things first to get it out of the way".

You feel accomplished, and then you get it done. I do that with my kids when we do school, even in the summer. I want them to do reading and math, a couple days a week first before they do anything else, to get it out of the way. When we're actually doing school, we do math first. It's the most challenging subject, we get it out of the way and we feel accomplished, and that's called eating that frog. It's actually a book and the author is Brian Tracy, it's an incredible book incase if you're looking for something else to read. Think about the things you have to do today, outside of the morning miracle and he would say do the hardest thing that you don't want to do first. So overcoming procrastination.

He also talks about the miracle mornings on the weekends, and he says Of course you're going to want to do it. But often times it takes that routine, and that repetition.

You might go through the weekend and go "No, I'm not going to do any of it". And then you actually might miss the routine or you might not feel as accomplished. So you'll find yourself going back through it, on the weekends and actually doing it because of how great you feel. So if you're just starting, I'd love to know how have you done it on the weekends? Do you not do a lot of routine things on the weekends or do you sleep in? Do you not work out or do you prefer weekdays or weekends? And do you feel like you're going to continue that throughout the weekend.

Keep your mornings fresh, fun and exciting

Then lastly, he talks about keeping your morning miracle fresh and fun and exciting. So he says "Humans need variety. It's important that you keep your Miracle Morning, feeling fresh and new. Whose fault is it if it's boring, and whose responsibility is it to make it more fun. This is a great lesson to never forget whether it's your routine or with relationships or any responsibilities that you have. It's your responsibility to keep it fresh, to keep it fun and to keep it exciting"... If you're bored with food, swap out some of your food, if you're bored with your routine of your workout, then swap out your workouts. What's great is we go through so many different books, you're not going to get bored with reading. And so he just says it's your responsibility, if you're bored, switch it up, to keep it exciting and to have fun. Then I said this this yesterday, but I thought it was great,

"Remember the moment that you accept total responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment that you claim the power to change anything in your life".

Super powerful, so I'm really excited to go into the next chapter with you tomorrow, and then the very last chapter. The next chapter is going from unbearable to unstoppable, it's really good. And then the last one is going to be giving you a thirty day life transformation challenge. He's going to talk about how many days you have to do something to create a habit. So that's the last two chapters, we will finish this on Friday. And then we're going to implement it, if you're not already doing so, or one day at a time. So how are you liking the book, continue to tune in, we'll finish this book in the next two days. And then we're going to dive into "Atomic Habits" by James clear. You can always follow along here, or you can read the book with us. I'd love to know, what have you taken away from the book that's helping you, or do you have like an "Aha moment". What's your biggest takeaway, share below, so other people can go "Oh, it's totally worth it". Some people are leery to grab books, it's incredible.

Message me for any questions, I'm here to help
Then we can do the thirty day challenge here on the page, too.

So as we're going through "Atomic Habits", for the last part of the month, and then diving into July. I'll just make a "Hey, who's accomplished their day one of the morning miracle, who's accomplished day two"... So I'll also put that on here, so people can stay accountable if you need that. Otherwise, the book is great, if you have not been following along, grab the book. It's an incredible tool, super easy read, and we're going to just keep going throughout the entire summer with reading and working on creating systems and habits to get you to your goals.

Because if you don't have those systems and habits in place, there is a likelihood of you not reaching your goals.

He talks about that in the next chapter of how often people don't accomplish their new year's resolutions because they don't have the systems in place to accomplish it. So I appreciate you all, have a good rest of your morning. Continue to tune into the page, and if you want, go answer the question that I asked earlier this morning. It's in a big pink picture and it says "What is something that you wish that you knew, when you were starting this lifestyle"... So many brand new people are here and they would love to make sure they know all of the things as they're diving into keto and low carb. So thanks for participating.

I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon

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