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Keto DO's and DON'T'S

Here are a few tips for those who are just getting started: (share your tip below that has helped you on this journey!) 👇🏻

1. Don’t over complicate this lifestyle! If you have to ask, “can I eat this?” Don’t eat it! It’s pretty simple: veggies, salads, meats and healthy fats! If there is a LONG list of ingredients, it’s best to skip it. Stick to the basics! 2. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s! It’s not a one size fits all lifestyle! Take it one day at a time! The lifestyle that will work for you is the one that you can stick with long term! 3. Don’t eat if your not hungry! Trust me, you won’t starve! 4. Don’t over eat dairy! This causes lots of women to stall. Measure your heavy cream and eat other snacks beside cheese. 5. Don’t over eat NUTS 🥜 make sure to measure out a portion of nuts before eating them! 6. Don’t stress out about macros - when you are first beginning, stick to 20 net carbs and play around with how you feel. (Net carbs = total carbs - fiber and sugar alcohols) 7. Don’t eat “keto” treats every day... this too even if it’s a better option can cause slower results. 8. Don’t give up!

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Keto Do's and Don't's

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