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What things do you not have time for? Keto Real talk | Keto Mom

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Giving you some tips and advices on how to start and maintain your Keto Lifestyle. Oftentimes I get people that send me messages every single day and they say, "I don't have time to cook or to prep or to work out or to read". What is it that you don't feel like you have time for? I'm going to give you some ideas, and I'm going to challenge you, and what you think you don't have time for.

Common Questions answered by Keto Mom


01:43 Little accomplishments (Family)

02:47 Dinner ideas

03:17 I don't have time to work out

03:56 Being Resourceful

06:08 What can you do to move your body

07:43 Salmon for Dinner

09:24 I don't have time to read

09:48 Drive Time University

11:13 I don't have time to prep my food or I don't have time to eat healthy

12:05 Meal or Food options

13:06 Make some TIME

15:04 STOP making Excuses

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! How are you doing? Hey! Hey! Hey! Welcome to the KetoMom page. We are making dinner. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? And I wanted to just give you a little perspective. But also I have a question for you. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I have a very, very, very important question. So I thought we could chat while I'm making dinner. How was your day? And here's the question. The question is this...

"I don't have time to what... I don't have time to... (fill in the blank)".

I often get people that send me messages every single day and they say, "I don't have time to cook or to prep or to work out or to read". What is it that you don't feel like you have time for? I'm going to give you some ideas. And I'm going to challenge you, and what you think you don't have time for.

So first of all I'm making dinner, I'm going to show you something. Not all of our meals are like Pinterest beautiful meals. And actually, we're cleaning out the fridge. So we just ordered a whole bunch of groceries which by the way, who grocery shops online. Recently, actually, for the last year, we were introduced to grocery store shopping online, it has been incredible. They deliver it right to my door. I don't even have to go and my kids are always like, "Let's go to the store" and I'm like "Why? we can order it online. It's amazing!". I will probably never go back. Who wants to spend an hour and a half in the grocery store? Not me. So, we are clearing out our fridge we got done with... we have volleyball tonight. We just got done with piano, we kind of are in a busy season. And I'm loving it, because if you don't know we have four girls. We homeschool all day long, they've just recently got involved in activities and spent a lot of fun. I love to see them do the things that we feel like they're gifted and talented in.

So as you're tuning in the question for you today is this, "I don't have time to what? What do you feel like you don't have time for?" And I was going to show you my very throw together... because we're going to talk about this for food and a little bit. But I did not have a meal idea, I am going to share with on my page later. Probably like an hour, an hour and a half. I do have a fun recipe for you, it's actually not mine. It's my friend and she made it and I'm gonna share it with you. So you might see beautiful pictures of food, sometimes are mine. Sometimes they're my friend Mandy or Lindsay are Liz because they make fun recipes and I share them with you. Tonight, we are having... I found a freezer full of meatballs. We've got cauliflower, frozen cauliflower, we've got some salmon in this air fryer.

It's kind of just like a hodgepodge of things that we are going to have because groceries are being delivered tomorrow. Now, I'm going to address a couple things because I can't see your comments at the moment. But I don't have time for fill in the blank.

The first one is this... "I don't have time to work out".

I wanted to give you an idea of what it could look like in your day just to get some movement in. As my meatballs are cooking, here's what they look like. I just threw some meatballs from the freezer into a pan with some cream cheese. And that's what we're going to have with some cauliflower and aside of salmon. Whatever the kids want, super simple, and it was all freezer food. And you probably need an air fryer. If you do not have an air fryer, they are amazing, you need to get one.

Now, I don't have time to work out.

One of my friends. Her name is Kelly. She lives local to me. She's super, super amazing. And one day she said hey, "I'm so excited! I'm working on moving my body. And every time I go to the bathroom, before I leave the bathroom I do, I think she said thirty squats. I do thirty squats every single time I go potty".

And I thought..."That's great!". She's being mindful, she's being resourceful, she's moving her body. If you were doing a low carb lifestyle, you're drinking a lot of water. Which means you have to go potty a lot, which means she's doing a lot of squats. And then my husband the other day, all of a sudden, I was in our room and our bathroom is in our room and he came out of the bathroom and he started doing push ups and I'm like "What are you doing?" He said, "Well today every time I go to the bathroom, I'm doing 20 push ups" and I was like, "Same concept!". So I just had this idea, I think a lot of people think they've got to spend an hour in the gym or I've got to go drive to the gym or I just don't have time to work out.

But what if you got resourceful? If you love to go to the gym and you make time that's awesome, but I work out upstairs currently, because I don't want to wear a mask to work out at a gym. And we do a basic workout, but like I was working out this morning and my daughter came out and she was like, "Oh, I just did it. Great 20 minute ab workout". Twenty minutes? Thirty minutes? What did you do YouTube? You "Youtube" something. She's 13, she's great. And she's got this image in her head of like, she wants to have some strong abs.

So you know what she did? She got resourceful, she went to YouTube and found an ab workout. Propped her phone up, sat on her floor and did a workout. Pretty resourceful for a 13 year old.

Do not think that your workouts have to be an hour or I have to go to this gym to get my movement in. It's getting super nice out here out in Minnesota, I don't know what the weather's like where you're at. But as soon as it gets nice out here, I bet you I probably if I would have went around town, I would have saw people in shorts. It's probably like 40 degrees. That's what happens in Minnesota. But people start going for walks on their lunch break, right?

What can you do to move your body? Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, I'll just be talking to my kids and I'll be like, "Okay!" No joke, I'm doing triceps push ups. I've got serious goals to have big muscles in my arms. I told myself "From now until June 1st, I'm going to do 100 pushups every day", I'm working on the shoulder definition.

So what do you do to move your body and if your excuse is "I don't have time to work out?"... Think of some little things you could do, whether you're at the office, you're in your own space, you're at home, even with your kids. If you're homeschooling, in between subjects do twenty jumping jacks ten sit-ups just right down the board.

Just have fun, don't feel like "Ugh! if I don't follow this specific regimen, I'm not going to get my workout in". Is this making sense? Like get resourceful and use the potty break. I was like, "Man, I love that" Every single day, you could change it up. One day after you go potty, do some squats, one day do push ups, one day do jumping jacks. Just get your body moving. Okay, make sense?

Okay, next one "I don't have time for... what did you say? I don't have time to read". If you have followed my page at any point in time, you know that we talked about the power of your mindset. And what it looks like to get up in the morning and fuel your mind. The salmon is done, actually will you open it up and poke a little hole in the top. For those of you, I already know I'm gonna get the question "What salmon did you get? How do you cook it? What temperature do you make it"... Just so you know, this is how simple we are. I got an air fryer, and I actually have another one in the corner a silver one. One's off Amazon, one's from Costco. They're just it's just an air fryer, there's nothing fancy. And I got this air fryer and I got the salmon from Costco. It's already pre seasoned with olive oil and great seasonings, it's really great. I throw it in the air fryer at 370, because that's what the air fryer automatically sets itself at. I actually don't ever change it. I threw all the meat at 370, I usually set it for anywhere from eight to 10 minutes. I check it if I have to cook it longer, I go every two minutes. That's all I do with the salmon. Is it done? Here you go look at it super simple. Salmon... are you sure? Well, if you like... it's medium. I like it a little bit more cooked. But if you want to eat, you can eat it up like that. Okay, you see that? So simple. Do you want to put your cauliflower in there? Just put it in them. Okay, so super simple, right?

Anyways, we're talking about reading, "I don't have time to read. The biggest thing I would say is I don't... (Oh, you know what? that's so loud. Maybe you should throw it in the air fryer). Have you guys ever thrown cauliflower in the air fryer? (You should take the salmon out and just put it in the same one because I already got some other stuff on the other one). We're gonna try it or microwave makes funny noises. Let's just try it, I think it would be fine. And then you can add butter and garlic on top because it makes everything better.

Okay, "I don't have time to read, I don't have time to fuel my mind". The reason I say that is because every morning, we like to get up and read or listen to a podcast. Your mind is important because if it isn't positive in the morning, you're probably not going to make the best choices possible.

So what if you enrolled into try it? Hold on? Let me think what if you enrolled into Drive Time University? You guys know what that is?. You know, like when you're driving your kids to volleyball and to piano lessons and we're going to church tonight. And I know right... Drive Time University. It's not my own saying so I can't claim it. But find a book that you want to listen to in audible, plug that book in and listen to it for ten minutes, listen to it for fifteen minutes. This morning there was a podcast I wanted to listen to, I propped my phone up in the shower. I covered up the camera just in case, you know all those crazy things that I say the cameras always on. I propped my phone up and I listened to it while I was showering.

Ladies while you're doing your makeup, get resourceful. You don't have to sit and read for chapters and chapters. I listen to twenty minutes here and five minutes here.

If I wasn't talking to you, I'd probably listen to my podcast or my book right now. (Ahhh...

try five minutes). So does that make sense?. Also, if you're trying to squeeze in to fuel your mind right, Drive Time University, or we talked about shower or makeup or when you're cooking, just pick your phone up, grab a book, listen to it, or get up early and read a chapter. I promise you if you make the time to do it, you're going to have a better outcome in your day. Because this is right?, you're going to make better decisions, you're going to feel better. Okay, what else...

"I don't have time to how about prep my food or I don't have time to eat healthy".

Anybody ever say that? A lot of you have said that to me. So for example, I just showed you a super simple meal that came right out of my freezer ten minutes ago. We grabbed some salmon, actually the salmon was in the refrigerator already, it was fine. But I grabbed a legitimately, grabbed a frozen bag of meatballs. I threw some cream cheese in, they've been cooking on the stove. I've got some cauliflower in the air fryer, it was all frozen.

So I want to give you something to think about. You might not feel like you have a ton of time to prep your meals on a Sunday or to prep these massive, amazing Pinterest keto meals that you see. But I bet you, you have time to go to the grocery store or order your groceries... is anybody ordered their groceries?, I love it. And I always make sure we've got frozen meat, always. I always make sure that we've got, well frozen vegetables are great, eggs, pickles and almonds.

If your goal is to eat healthy, if your goal is to eat healthy... But you don't want to take the time to prep, then you're going to have to be okay with eating simple and eating the same meals.

If you've got meat in your freezer, if you've got frozen vegetables in your freezer, if you've got some eggs in your refrigerator, and you have some pickles just because I think pickles are easy to snack on, make some hard boiled eggs and you've got some almonds, you're set. You can do this, with a very, very slim options for food, right? I know that people go "But I need more options", well you don't. And if you want more options, then you take a teeny little bit of prepping time, on a Saturday or Sunday to get your food ready. So have you guys ever heard the phrase

"You have time for what you make time for"

We all have the same amount of time. It's not that we don't have time, we just have to choose our time wisely. Maybe you find yourself scrolling on social media for forty five minutes watching Tik Tok videos of nothing. Is it entertaining? Yeah. What could you have done? Are your meals prepped? Did you workout? Maybe you're doing sit ups while you're watching the Tik Tok videos. So when somebody says "I don't have time to... fill in the blank".

I love to say, "Oh, let's get resourceful and figure out where your time is at or fit the reading and the working out and the better meal options into your day".

I hope that makes sense. What do you not have time for? I'd love to know in the chat, what do you feel like you're not have time for? or How are you squeezing these little things in throughout your day? How are you getting your movement in? Are you moving your body? Maybe you've got thirty minutes... What are you doing? How are you meal prepping or choosing better options. Just so you know, when somebody says "I don't have time to be healthy but I want to be healthy, but I need to lose some fat but I just don't have the time", I'm going to say "Well, every single day you have the choice of what you put in here, everyday". So you're not even going to have to make time, but you're going to have to make the best choices, right?

You pick up your fork, you grab your food. And before you eat it, you could ask yourself, "Is this a good option? or should I choose something better?"

Right? Is there a better option for me? Or should I grab my handful of almonds and wait till I have a better option because I was prepared, and I have frozen veggies and frozen meat pickles and almonds in my house since that's all I had. I'm going to be okay. I know I'm kind of being silly but it just... this is the conversation that came up a lot, like "I don't have time, I don't have time".

Excuses or blaming or shaming or justifying why somebody wants to be healthy, but they just can't quite get on track. Oftentimes people blame their family, they blame work. They justify, like, "Oh, you know, when the kids are out of the house, then I'll get healthy". Well... you might not, right?

So I would just say this, "Take a little bit of time, reflect on our Keto Mom secrets group". Then you saw that my day wasn't great. Like it wasn't great, we have a lot of attitude. We had homeschooling wasn't going great, siblings not treating each other the best. A lot of you have messaged me about the reboot.

Life is life, right? Doesn't mean that I have to throw my hands up and just go, "I'm gonna go eat bonbons".

Today, if there was any day I would have grabbed... if I had doughnuts in my cupboard, or if I had chocolate chip cookies in my house. And if you saw how my day went, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. Today, I would have emotionally eaten all the chocolate chip cookies if they were in my house, which they are not, so I can't. And I already know that I would feel like garbage, so I won't do it. But emotions can run things right? So I just want you to know, if you prepare,

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

But there are little things you can do to get your mindset right and stay on track. So I'm here to help, I hope you have a great night. If you have any questions about the reboot, the reboot is available for a couple more days. Post "Reboot" in the comments, that's it. I'm going to let you go. And we'll talk to you soon. Have a great night.

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