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Keto Up

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What is Keto UP?

KETO UP, your ready to drink can of Ketones, is here to power up your day! Whether it's before you hit the gym in the AM or mid afternoon as you tackle the day, KETO UP is ready when you are.

Why Drink Keto Up

KETO UP is designed for those who want to operate at peak performance, fast.

KETO UP provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Increased metabolism

  • Fierce focus

  • Cognitive support

  • Fat loss support

Who Should drink Keto Up?

Keto Up is designed for those who want to operate at peak performance, fast.

Drink KETO UP  for total body optimization, nutritionally advanced benefits, and a crisp, unique taste that will take your lifestyle all the way up. Reap the advanced benefits of rapid absorption with a sip, gulp, or a pour of these Pure Therapeutic Ketones® to get to the next level on your journey towards BETTER.

When should I drink my Keto Up?

Drink it anywhere! KETO UP is conveniently packaged, NUTRITIONALLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY™ designed to support ANY lifestyle. Drink Keto Up when you feel you need to increased metabolism, want fierce focus, need extra cognitive support, of for fat loss support

Novel use

1 serving in the morning

Optimal performance

2 daily servings AM/PM

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KETO UP delivers a healthy dosage of antioxidants responsible for helping clear the body of buildup and oxidative damage; simultaneously, it promotes vascular integrity. It encourages a positive mood and increased blood flow in the body. L-Theanine,  which works to combat the “jitters” one may feel with caffeine is also an active ingredient. L-Theanine also supports enhanced cognitive function and focus, it is neuroprotective, and it combats neurotoxicity in addition to relieving stress, also making this lifestyle drink scientifically proven to stand out among its competitors. 

If those benefits aren’t enough, this super fuel also contains Agmatine Sulfate, which is responsible for enhanced exercise performance and muscle growth (hypertrophy); it improves post-workout recovery; it promotes feelings of well-being, increases blood flow, and activates neuroprotective benefits within the brain. 

BONUS: While most Prüvit technologies allow the body to enter ketosis in 60 minutes, KETO UP allows the body to INSTANTLY enter ketosis.

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