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What motivates you - January goals | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Number one, I want to talk to you real quick about what this January accountability has been or what it can be. If everybody could grab that one thought it came down to a decision, you would see the goals and reap the benefits that you want eventually over time.

Points to Ponder

02:05 Story of Motivation (A decision)

02:58 Realizations

03:24 Check in

03:51 Accountability (Take ownership)

04:07 Creating goals

04:36 The choices we make (A decision)

05:27 Challenges

06:57 Don't just gather information (take action)

07:53 Motivations vs Unmotivated

08:21 Be Thankful

09:09 Giving away books and Ketones

09:40 Reading gets your mindset right

10:14 Truth or Trash

10:58 Focus on our words

12:57 Best way to learn is to teach it

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning. Good morning, everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. But as you're tuning in, I would love to know where you're tuning in from and ignore my morning face.

So I was going to hop on here for a couple of reasons.

"Pick one thing to focus on"

Number one, I want to talk to you real quick about what this January accountability has been or what it can be. Just to give you an idea of like, why I was giving away books, (Oh you know what I think it's backwards). I meant to flip the thing around, sorry. So I was going to read something to you real quick. But for those of you who have been going, "Why are you doing an accountability" or I wanted to share something actually with you that somebody sent me yesterday that I thought was super great that I was like,

"Man... if everybody could understand this, they would take action in their goals".

So that's what we're gonna talk about real quick. But where are you tuning in from? I see somebody from Arizona. I think someone said Tennessee, I'm in Minnesota. It is cold, it is cold, cold, cold. And oftentimes people go "How do you get used to the cold?". You don't get used to it, you just deal with it. So... Good morning. I'm going to talk to you real quick about this book. For those of you who have been checking in on your January accountabilities, continue to check in, I'm going to do some more drawings. On... probably Saturday, so be watching for that and I'll be doing some drawings for some books. So whoever checked in the last few days, drawings for books and drawings for... I call it Mom fuel, but Ketones. So ignore my morning face, (Good morning, you're fine). (You can come in). My kids are just waking up, we have four daughters. We homeschool so they get up... I don't ever wake them up, we just get up and start our day. (You're fine, Good morning you're fine).

"All it takes is to make the DECISION"

Okay, so here's what I want to say if you watch my stories yesterday, I shared a story of somebody who said, "You know what, like, I've done this before I did the Keto lifestyle. I've tried all of the things, I fell off the wagon". And then she said this, "I thought in between our family moving, living in an Airbnb and my husband going through the C word (I don't think I can say it online... C19). You know, in between all of these circumstances I was going to start after". And then she said, "I realized I just needed to make the decision to start. It didn't matter, the circumstances or what was going on. I just made the decision. I feel incredible. And my husband decided to start with me and my son decided to start with me. But all it came down to was a decision". And I was like, "Man... if everybody could grab that one thought it came down to a decision, you would see the goals and reap the benefits that you want eventually over time".

So did anybody read that on my stories, I thought it was great. So it comes down to a decision, so what I did this January was I helped you... hopefully, you tell me if it was helpful or not. Whether it was a video or a post at the end of the day that just says "Check in, today's day 28 check in", "How is it going?". And and I've just been giving books and things away to encourage you to check in, because if you know that you're checking in somewhere, you're going to get what you want accomplished, right? Whether it's a friend or a social media platform, my hope is that you're going "I have to do this because I have to check in", right?.

It gives you a sense of accountability, right? of ownership of what you're going after.

So who has seen their goals kind of come to pass this month? Who feels like they created a habit? Because I said "Pick one thing this month, and as you do it for the next 30 days, you're going to create a habit and snowball it into the next month into February". Right?

"Focus on your goals and take action"

Because as you go after goals one at a time you'll create a habit then you'll do something different next month. Is the accountability helpful? Do you like it that I'm giving away books? Do you want me to do it in February? Yes or No. So this was the book that I was giving away, I also had one called "Rhinoceros Success". But in this chapter, he talks about success is a choice and I was like "Ah... this lines up with what the girl said yesterday that it's a decision", right?. She's like

"It's a decision that has to be made, no matter the circumstances, no matter what you're going through. If you decide you're going to take the action steps that are required to reach your goals", right?.

And so In this chapter (it's chapter 11), he just talks about regret is found in epidemic proportions. I always wanted to learn to play a piano, I always wanted to be a doctor, oh, I always wanted to learn how to fly. I always wanted to start that business. So then he shares a whole bunch of stories, and then he says this "As a motivational author..." (because he's a speaker and an author, super great his name's Scott Alexander). He said, "I've had great success. But I'm not going to kid you, it's frustrating, difficult, and some days it seems as though you're going backwards rather than forwards". Anybody ever feel like they've gone backwards, rather than forwards?.

The people who can deal with and persist through the frustrating times, will end up being the winners.

Because even in January you think it's almost the end of the month, what in the world, right? But there's no perfect day, so I'm gonna bet if you were going after goals this month, you may be had a frustrating day or a frustrating moment. But the people who can work through those will be the winners of reaching your own goals, right? He says, "If you don't like adventure, then you might as well throw in the towel. There's no use torturing yourself, if you don't like the adventure, because when you're going after goals, it's an adventure, right? You don't know what it's gonna always look like, but you're taking action, and you're going after it". He said, "Be an observer instead, watch other people do it, get a huge big screen TV and live your life vicariously through others. Hey, we need spectators, we have lots of seats to fill, get yourself a ticket, sit your butt down and watch others live their adventure while you watch".

Isn't that interesting like, I didn't think about it like that.

"Don't mess up Good for Perfect"
But I often say here, "Don't just gather information. Don't just come here and all these other Keto pages and just watch and go, Oh, when the time is right". When the time is right, when I'm done with that project, or when I have all of the food ready. There's no perfect timing, we love to say "Don't mess up good for perfect".

He's simply saying, you're going to either take action on your goals, or you're going to be a spectator and you're going to be the one that goes "Oh I always wanted, oh, I always wanted to do this. Oh, I wish I would have done that,". Don't live in regret. If you're going to take action on your health, because that's why you're all here, right? If you're going to make the decision, like the lady did last month, you're going to not be a spectator, but you're going to take action regardless of the environment is perfect and you're going to go for it. So he says

"People don't need motivation, they need goals. Because Motivation is temporary like we can motivate you but you have to have a goal. And you have to decide and you have to go after it".

If you feel unmotivated, it just means that there's nothing in life that you feel this currently to live for, nothing that you want. So if you ever find yourself in the day going, "I'm not feeling motivated". What are you motivated for, right? Look at all the things that are around you. The biggest thing we need to remember is being thankful, if you're not thankful for what you have. I love the saying and our family lives...

This is the one of the things I love to tell our girls, "To whom much is given much is expected".

I'm going to guess that you have a lot, and so I would expect that we should look around and be thankful, and then go "Okay... we're going to go after our next goal". Because you can get as motivated as you want when you turn on somebody's social media live or when you read a book. But if you don't have a "Why", if you are not determined if you do not make a decision to take action, you're just being a spectator. Don't be a spectator, right?. You watch other people to learn, you take some notes, and then you take action. So this is the book that I'm giving away. It's called rain or shine by Scott Alexander. It's a super easy read, super easy read. I'll be giving some more away and we'll probably do it on Saturday. And so if you've been checking in for the January accountability, your name is going in and doing some more drawings. If you have not checked in at all just share what your goals are below and then what you're going to run after for the rest of the month into February and I'll put your name in the bucket.

"Choose what to feed your mind"

It's super great, I don't know I would encourage you to read every single day because it's important to get up in the morning to renew your mind to get your mindset right. I was singing the song with the girls last night... did you guys ever sing this song that was... I don't know from Sunday school.? "Oh, be careful little eyes what you see. Oh, be careful little ears which you hear. It's longer. I'll be careful little mouth what you say".

Because it's so true. If you are not watching things that inspire you, or reading or listening to people that inspire you, if the words that are coming out of your mouth are... we like to say "Truth or Trash".

So my daughter said something the other morning, she was like "Oh, I'm not good at blah". I was like, "Ah ah ah! is that Truth or Trash? you are learning it doesn't mean you're not good at it. So your words are powerful, your words bring life, your words speak death. Whether it's over you or your family members, if there's one thing I would encourage you to do this next month, is pay attention to the words that you're speaking. You know what? that's what we're going to focus on in February. Do you guys want me to do an accountability? Do like winning things? If you want a February accountability, let me know, post "Yes" in the comments.

And I think we'll make the focus on our words, and what we're listening to and what we are saying and what we are watching. Because oftentimes, people underestimate, you might be watching garbage TV, or listening to music that your like "This isn't uplifting me, this is not building me up". You may have to make a huge shift in the things that you're allowing in so that you can get focused and make the decision to take back your life. And you're going to have to shift the things that you're reading and watching, and it will ultimately determine the words that come out of your mouth right? What is in here comes out here, all you have to do is listen to somebody speak, and you can know what they're putting in here. So

that's my encouragement for you today is pay attention to the words that you speak over yourself and you might go "I am not being very encouraging to myself".

So words are powerful, think about it like this Truth or Trash?. Teach your kids that, we do it all the time. Are you speaking truth or trash? Is that truth or trash in that song? I don't like that song it shut off. In that movie, Oh, is that truth or trash? Can we learn from it? Right? Or, yes, let's learn in a good way and take action and implement that into our life. Because everything that you're learning, you should be able to take it in and here's the best way to get something in you is to teach it. So in our business, our CEO says this, when you learn something, the best way to truly know that you learned it, is to either speak it or to teach it or to do it, to put it into action. Because then you're getting it out of you, so teach your kids, your spouse, maybe a co worker that wants to join you on your health journey.

"Teach what you learn"

Teach what you're learning, share what you're learning, say it out loud, and take action. So I'll be giving some more books away on Saturday, I hope that was helpful, make the decision. And we will dive in and continue, it looks like a lot of people want to still do something in February. So I'll let you know kind of what that looks like. We're gonna dive in and really talk about the power of our words, I think all month. Because it's like what he said, "If you're not motivated, if you're having a "uh" day, which we all do then you're not being thankful and looking around because you're saying that you've got nothing to live for".

Not true, we all have something to live for, right? You woke up this morning, you have a purpose. You are worthy, you have a reason for your life.

So it's switching your mindset and going after those goals. So I hope you guys have a great day. Continue to tune in. We're always sharing recipes and we've got lots more things coming to you today.

So have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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