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One Key To Success - Let's Unlock the secret | Keto Mom

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Hi Keto Mom here!

If you get this one thing, you are going to be successful, you want to know what it is. I will tell you. When you take action and when you do it over and over and over again, you're going to have successes and failures. Then succeed and fail and repeat. And after that, you're going to get to where you want to go. It's just like the snowball effect! So don't give up! Our family loves to give you recipes and different things to share, but we really want you to succeed. We want you to believe in yourself. So we're here for you. Check-in below.

"What is one key to success in your life? This one key that you may be missing could unlock success in life no matter what you're going after!"

Full Episode Transcript

How's it going everybody. I hope you're having an amazing night. My name is Stephanie. Welcome to the keto mom page. We're going to talk about one question and the question is this, what is one key to success in your life? Like one key that you might be missing to have success in whatever you're going after. So now most of you are going after better health and fitness, because that's why you're probably on the page, but it might be something else. So I'm reading out of a book that I've been talking about for a little while it's called Rain or Shine. And he talks about there's one key that if you get this down, if you get this one thing, you are going to be successful, you want to know what it is. I will tell you. So I'm going to walk you through that. I want to read you something, um, for those of you who are rebooting guests, let's, we're almost done.

So if you're rebooting right now, awesome, if you want to reboot in the future, let us know. It's a 60 hour keynote reboots that we did together as a community. So all I would say about that, is post "reboot" the comments, if you want to reset your metabolism, otherwise we are going to go. I'm going to tell you something I really want to share with you what the speaker talks about. So the book is Rain or Shine. The author is Scott Alexander, and it actually has five new winners because for this month and really hopefully every month, our hope is that you can come to this page or come to wherever you're at, whether you're tuning in from Facebook or Instagram or YouTube. Guess what the hope is that you can come and not only be inspired, but treat this as an accountability for you.

Not everybody has somebody in their home to hold them accountable or a friend or a neighbor or a coworker or a sister. But my hope is this community is here for you to encourage you, to guide you, to equip you, to help you just give you some ideas. And when you check in every single month, we're just going to do some random drawings for some books. So we're giving away this book. I've got five new winners. I will share with you the winners in just a second, but this is what he talked about, the secret to success. So I'm going to read you a teeny little bit of it. He says you've all seen those TV shows where a masked magician shows the secret of how the magic trick is all done. I might do the same thing in the field of motivation. So he would say he's a motivational speaker, an inspirational speaker.

Does anybody on here watch certain speakers or certain podcasts or read certain books? I think it's important to read or listen to a podcast or get your mind right? Every single day. Every day. Why? Because if you start your day off, right?

"If you get your mindset, right, you're going to probably be more positive. You're going to be happier. You're going to smile. You're going to have a better attitude".

You probably will say more yes than no's to your kids. Like you're just going to have an overall if you're feeding your mind. Right? Right. So food is fuel. This is food for your mind. Okay. So you said, motivational speakers and authors. Don't like to admit that motivation is really a do-it-yourself affair. We've got books to sell and seminars to give and adjust. Won't do to not have people there. Right?

But here's the kicker. He says you can. Here's how it's really done. You don't really need a motivational speaker. You don't need to listen to somebody. I feel like it's important to read books and listen to get your mindset in a positive path rather than getting up in the morning. And Oh my goodness, I missed the alarm or my kid is screaming or my dog pooped on the floor. Like whatever it is, right. It's important to get this straight. But then I love what he said. He says, all successful people have a desire rolling around in their brains, which is their predominant thoughts. So what is your predominant thought? Why are you here? What is something that's always rolling around in your brain? Is it, I want some fat loss, or I want to be a better mom, or I want to be a better dad or a better athlete, or I want to be financially free.

Or what is that thing that keeps you up or is always in the back of your mind?

It doesn't matter what you're doing that thought is there. What is it for you? What does that predominant thought? This is what you are after. This is your goal. This is your goal, your dream, your purpose.

When you have one predominant thought that is in your mind and your heart and your soul, you will achieve it. Here is the key. Are you ready? An overwhelming desire is the key to this trick.

Did you miss it or did you get it? Did you catch it an overwhelming desire? If you have one thought one goal, one dream that's constantly going. I want to lose that 50 pounds. I want to be able to play with my kids. I want to be healthier. I want to be stronger. I want to, whatever that is for you, right? What is it? I want to be financially free. I want to go to school. I want to get a different job. I want to, whatever. I want to be a servant. I want to bless people. What is it? Posts below? What is it? What is your predominant thought? What is this like? Oh, I can't get it out of my head. What is it for you? Right.

So you know what? I forgot to say this. Where are you from? How was your night sharing that to below and also share press the share button sharing is caring. And is this making sense so far? Give me some hearts. Let me know. This makes sense. So the predominant thoughts and the key is an overwhelming desire. Why? So he talks about like, there are people that are going to jump on board, be so excited and go after it. Awesome. There's also people that won't, they don't have a predominant thought then that's okay. But they also have to be okay with not reaching their goals. Right? They have to be okay with not achieving what they might want later on down the road. If you're not going to take massive action.

He said, do you have one all-consuming desire that lives within you and screams that you need to be satisfied. If you do congratulations, it will happen. If you don't and you don't have any such desire, realize that it is all that stands in between you and success. That's it. If you want success and whatever it is that that's predominantly sitting there, whatever that is, it is. How do you phrase it? He phrased it as the overwhelming desire. And then he said, this that's it.

His recommendation is to associate with those who were on fire with a purpose to follow their lead, to take action. And you'll see the magic happen.

What I would say on top of that is he also says the key to success. Try fail, try, fail, repeat, repeat. Until the magic happens. I think some people like to say, Oh, they just got lucky. Have you ever followed somebody? Which is super easy right now? Whether it's on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram, isn't it easy to look at somebody's life and go, Oh, they just got lucky. Oh, they have a pretty face, Oh, whatever the excuse is. But we don't see all the hard work and the dedication and what it took to get to what you see today. Right? You don't see it. You don't see the grit and the overwhelming desire because oftentimes we see the highlight reel. We see the end of the story, right? And so don't get overwhelmed or compare your journey to somebody else's, don't get frustrated because if you have an overwhelming desire for better, it will happen.

Not by luck. I actually don't believe in luck. I believe that you are blessed. I believe that you take action. I believe that when you take action and when you do it over and over and over again, just like he said in the book, you're going to have successes and fail and succeed and fail and repeat. And after that, you're going to get to where you want to go. It's like the snowball effect, right? And so don't give up. That's why we come on here. Our family loves to give you recipes and different things to share, but we really want you to succeed. I want you to believe in yourself. So we're here for you. Check-in below. Maybe today's your day one. You're like, man, I've really screwed up and it's already, it's already mid-month. What do I do? You start today. You start tonight by making the decision you get up tomorrow and then you keep going, right?

Maybe today's your day, 15 or day 30 or day 149. I don't know. But whatever it is, check-in below, because we want to put your in a drawing and we want to give away some books. So with that, here's some book winners that will, all I need you to do is send me your address. We have Kim Lily Tena or Tina, Amber and Alicia. So these are the winners. I'll post the names in the comments. You're going to be getting a book. Congratulations. And also we've got something super fun. A lot of you've been asking me about the new flavor of ketones. And so I call it my mom fuel. All I want you to do is I have a handful, not a ton. So if you're already loving ketones and you want to just try a three-pack trial, you're going to get to caffeine and a caffeine-free three packs, just posts.

I need you to write the word "blue" The word "blue" below, or send me a message. Why? Because I want to know your goals. Like I'm not just going to hand this to you. I want to know what are your goals? How are you feeling? What are you eating? How much water are you drinking?

Are you paying attention to inches loss or how your clothes are fitting? Not just the scale because the scale can be a liar.

There are so many other things to weigh out the amazing benefits you're going to receive, right? So if you want to try out a new flavor, post "blue" in the comments, if you are like, what in the world is this blue little packet? And you just want to know more about ketones, post "ketones" in the comment I want to talk to you. I want to share my mom, the fuel.

I want to give away these books and continue to tune into the page. We have a lot more new recipes coming so that you can try all those. And that's it. So please message me. Let me know your questions and your goals. Check-in here below. I really think that's it. I'm drinking something amazing right now as well. And this is not even here yet. So stay tuned to the next lives coming up here in the next week, because there's something else that is coming. This is something super fun. And I'll give a little sneak peek. It's called giddy-up grape. It's called Nat light. So I'm actually drinking it before bed. I think it's pretty awesome. And it's caffeine-free little ketones before bed tastes delicious. So I hope you guys have an incredible day or night, or were you tuning in from I'm so excited to connect with you. Get to know your goals, help you on your journey. And remember the key to success is an overwhelming desire. Find it, hold on to it and let me help you otherwise have a great evening.

Bye everybody. See you later. Have a great day.

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