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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 5): "Plan Your Meals" | Keto Mom

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Keto Mom here!

The Keto tip today is simply "Plan Your Meals". If you plan your meals, like what you're going to bring to work for lunch, for snacks, or what you're going to make for dinner for your family. If you plan your meals out, you might have a better week. If you have a plan, you will succeed.

Points to Ponder:

00:21 How our Sunday looks like

01:05 Pray for Amelia

01:51 Are you Prepared for the Week

01:54 Keto Tip of the Day

02:37 Costco drawing

03:39 Benefits of Ketones

03:46 Flavor of the day: Lime Time

04:22 Morning Options

04:46 Lunch Options

05:05 If you have a Plan, you will Succeed

05:11 Dinner Options

06:21 Make the Best Choices

07:18 Share your Favorite Low Carb Family Dinner

08:32 Collaboration is Currency

08:54 24 Hour Fast

09:33 Five or Ten day Trial Pack

Full Episode Transcript

Hi everybody! Happy Sunday! Alright, so I'm going to do a three o'clock tasting, normally I do a two o'clock tasting and a keto tip, but I've been outside. If you follow our family, you know that we live on a lake. We've got a lot of fun Lake toys, and we were pulling them out of the water today because it's already Fall here. The kids are in the water, and it is a little bit chilly. Where are you tuning in from? My name is Stephanie, welcome to the Keto Mom page.

I ran in here because I almost miss my keto tip that I was going to do it every single day this month and I'm not going to miss it.
I'll be sharing with you My mom fuel and Keto tips daily

So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? It's super loud here, we've got some friends over and we've got one of our daughters on the couch. She hurt her ankle, so pray for her. She went up to block a ball in volleyball last night, came down and now it looks like she's got a softball in her ankle. So if you want to say prayer, her name is Amelia and we will see the sports person tomorrow. So she's on the couch playing some cards with friends. We've got other kids in the water, my husband and our friends are outside spraying down all of our water toys. Not all of them, but most of them. We kept two in the water, probably till the end of the month. But that is our Sunday for this moment.

And as you're tuning in, I'm going to shake up some Ketones. It's three o'clock, tomorrow is a holiday, which means nobody has to go to bed early. I work from home, and I homeschool our kids. I'm always at home, so it doesn't matter what time I go to bed. Actually it does, because I do get up with a timeframe. Listen, I'm all over the place. I want to know a couple things... Are you prepared for the rest of this week?

The Keto tip today is simply "I need you to plan your meals".

If you plan your meals, if you plan what you're going to have for your meals, what you're going to bring to work in your lunches, what you're going to have for snacks, what you're going to make for dinners for your family, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you plan your meals out, you might have a better week. You might not have to say "I have to restart", "I have to start over", "Oh, I'm so mad", or "I feel like garbage". If you plan your meals, what does that look like? I already did, we did this yesterday, we ran to Costco.

Flavor of the day: Lime Time

I'm going to do the Costco drawing tomorrow, because I haven't checked who guessed it right. So if you have not guessed on the Costco drawing, scroll back to yesterday sometime on the page. Check out the picture where I was holding up a Costco receipt, and go take a guess at what our family spent and I'll put your name into the drawing. Also, if you have specific questions on the Keto Lifestyle or Low Carb lifestyle, post them below and I will come back and answer them. I'll send you a message or post it in the comments below.

So going back here, I always use a shaker bottle but if you've been following me all month, I've just been stirring it up. Mainly you just put a packet of mom fuel, dad fuel or Ketones in a shaker bottle and you shake it up. You can do twelve to fifteen ounces of water, my husband does twenty ounces. I use whatever I have, so you drink this and in under an hour you're in Ketosis. Meaning you've got Ketones in your system, but it does not mean that your body's making Ketones.

It does helps with energy, focus, fat loss and it's and incredible product for appetite control. I've been drinking this for six years. This is the flavor I'm trying today, "Lime Time"...

As I'm stirring it, we'll go back to the tip. The tip is simply, I want you to decide this week if you are going to intermittent fast in the morning or eat breakfast. If you eat breakfast, I want it to be something like a protein and a fat. The reason that you want to an avocado or even a little bit of butter, some of you put heavy cream in your coffee. You don't want to have a cup of heavy cream with this little coffee. We're not going to talk about overdoing dairy today, but most women do. What I want you to understand is, I want your breakfast or your or intermittent fasting, not to be full of carbs and sugar. So your morning needs to be bacon, eggs, sausage, an omelet or avocado. There's lots of things like Keto pancakes and some things take a little bit more time. If I eat breakfast, it's usually just some bacon and egg, sorry not bacon, but sausage. I use a lot of sausage. For lunch, I want you to think to yourself "What am I going to have for lunch this week?"... Buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap. Go to the store, grab some low carb wraps or lettuce wraps. Make up a whole bunch of chicken and you can preheat it. You could do some deli meats and cheeses, veggies and dip salads.

If you plan ahead, you will have a better chance at Success

Do you have your lunch prepared if you're going to work? Do you have something to take with you? Do you have a refrigerator that you can make up a whole bunch of egg salad or tuna salad, and just put it in there? Keep your wraps and that's your option. If you have a plan, you will succeed.

For dinners, what are you having for dinners? Make it a crock pot week, if you're super busy.

We are involved in volleyball, ballet, horse lessons and start tennis, and I love it. I will never complain about driving my kids around. I love that they're involved in things, and I love screaming from the bench. I love seeing them play, and that means I have to be prepared because if I'm not, we're going to be hitting the drive thru.

And we vowed to have "No Eating Out" this month. I don't know if it'll happen, but our goal is we are planning even more than we normally do. We bring snacks, we pack lunches, we have dinner prepped and ready to go, and that is the plan.

So my tip for you is take thirty minutes today, go through your refrigerator, your freezer, I want you to look at what you have, and then plan your meals. If you have to go to the grocery store, make a list so that you don't forget. Go to the grocery store and plan your meals, because it will help you have a successful week. You'll get up in the morning, you won't have to think about it because your meals are already written down. You will not go through the drive thru, you're going to get up on your first alarm, and you're going to go do your movements.

You're going to go read, you're going to tune in here every single morning so that you can get your mindset right. So you can make the best choices and feel great, and you would not have to think about what you're eating because you've already planned it today. You're going to have an incredible day, because you've chosen great choices and you will feel great. You will say "Yes! I can do this!"...

You will then get to the end of the week and feel accomplished. If you want to feel accomplished, you need to put a little preparation and a little work into your week.
Who wants to try our 24 Hour Fast or 60 Hour Reboot.

I hope that tip was helpful. I'd like to know do any of you plan your meals? And if you do, do you have any tips? What is one tip in planning or prepping? Have you've already planned your dinners? Breakfast and Lunch is easy. Grab some meat, wrap it in a cheese stick, grab some broccoli and dip or a salad. For Breakfast, grab some eggs. Share with me below your favorite low carb family dinner that you make, so that everybody else can scroll through and get one idea for the week.

Our main meals consist of grill, we grill a lot. Burgers, Hotdogs and Brats, and we do lots of tacos. Today we made a chili, all I do is brown up a whole bunch of meat, and put any vegetables you want. I use the Rao's marinara sauce, I fill it up until it's chili like. I season it with chili and garlic, and that's what we do. Also cheese and sour cream, easy. The chili is easy. So we do Tacos, we grill, we love chili. My kids like salads and vegetables. We're honestly pretty simple, but everyday we share recipes in the Keto Mom Facebook page.

You can head over to, for a ton of recipes.

But if you could, please share one of your favorite family friendly or just low carb meals that anybody could make. So they can go through and grab three or four different meals, because of course you're going to have leftovers. So go through, scroll through and grab some ideas from everybody else. Collaboration is currency. Going back to my Ketones, so good. This one is a light Lime, but it says "Lime Time". It is very light, it's like drinking lime water and it's so good. I'm always here to help, so just reach out with questions. Oh and lastly, we have the 24 Hour Fast, going on. If you have asked me about this and you want to do the 24 Hour Fast or the 60 Hour Reboot, they're basically the same but different time. If you feel like you've hit a plateau and you just need to get started on something to really get your booty moving. If you want to amplify what you're doing and you'd like to Fast, we have a 24 Hour Fast or 60 Hour Reboot.

For my Mom Fuel, post five and we will chat

They're both available till tomorrow night or maybe till Tuesday. If you want to know more about the Fast, post Fast in the comments and you and I will chat. If you just want to know more about my mom fuel, I usually send out a five or ten day trial pack.

We've got trial packs, and we put them together in a variety of flavors. You give it a shot, I walk you through how to drink it, what it looks like, how and what to expect.

I'm going to send you a video to watch. If you want to know more about my mom fuel, just post five in the comments and we will chat. I actually look forward to scrolling through and reading all of your dinner ideas, it's going to be great. So let me know if you have any questions. I hope you guys have an incredible rest of your day. I've got to go scrub some water toys, and take care of our sweet Amelia, whose ankle is currently in the healing process and the other kids are playing in the water. So cheers to you. I hope you have a great day.

I appreciate you all and we'll talk to you soon.

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