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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 38) "The Power of Rest & Sleep" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom Here!

  	My tip for you is this, "Sleep is super important"... I was listening to a doctor the other day, and he was talking about "The Power of Sleep", how people underestimate going to bed, how they go to bed, their surroundings or what's in their room. If your body is not sleeping, then it's holding on to everything you're trying to get rid of. It's going to be in "Reaction mode". 

Points To Ponder:

01:20 Own Your Morning, Own Your Day

01:50 NAT Lite: Half-packed Ketones

02:18 The Power of Sleep

03:01 Sleep Is Powerful

04:00 Benefits of NAT Lite & Keto Pro

05:44 Flavor of The Day: Giddyup Grape

06:06 Parent Approved

07:01 What Are Your Health or Keto Questions?

07:20 The 60 Hour Reboot

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. It's late, normally I would do this live video in the afternoons. It's usually a two or three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip, but we had a pretty busy day. So I thought I'm just going to do an evening ketone shake-up and give you a Keto tip... As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? It's late where I'm at, and it's should be bedtime very soon. The kids are off to bed and I was prepping for tomorrow. If you are brand new to the page, every morning we go through a book. This book is called "The 5 Second Rule", and we're going to go through this book every morning.

Welcome to another Keto Tasting & Tip for the day

You can watch the replay, or you can tune in live. It's usually around 7:30 or eight o'clock in the morning, Central time. I do the live video after I'm done reading and done with my morning routine... If you are new, post "New" in the comments. I'd love to know, where are you tuning in from? Let's do something fun. Are you a night owl? Or are you a morning person? A lot of you might be night owls if you're actually watching. Me? I love to get up in the mornings and I love to stay up late.

But I usually go to bed pretty early, just because I believe that if you own your morning, you own your day. We do go through books in the morning. "The 5 Second Rule" is an incredible book. It's as easy as Five, four, three, two, one, and then take action! We started it today, so you can go back to a couple of posts prior to this video and check it out.

Otherwise, tune in every single morning for a thought or something to help you on your journey... All right! For tonight, I do have a tip for you. But first, I'm going to shake up my Ketones. Usually, I shake up something in the afternoons but tonight I'm going to shake up a NAT lite. You might be wondering why I'm drinking ketones before bed? So as you're on this health journey, whatever your journey looks like. My tip for you is this, "Sleep is super important"... I was listening to a doctor the other day, and I wish I knew who it was. I was listening to a podcast, I'll have to figure out which one it was. But he was talking about "The Power of Sleep", and how people underestimate going to bed, how they go to bed, their surroundings, or what's in their room. If you don't get a good enough sleep or rest? If your body is not sleeping, then it's holding on to everything you're trying to get rid of. It's going to be in "Reaction mode".

These half packs can help you sleep better

He said, "I need you to go to sleep at a good time. I need you to get a certain amount of sleep. I need you to sleep with no TV on"... My husband would tell me, "Shut off your phone, put your phone on airplane mode"... Just some different ways to help you sleep. Sleep is powerful. Oftentimes when somebody comes to me and says, "I'm doing all of the right things", "I'm eating right", "I'm tracking my food", and "I'm working out".

I usually will tell them, "How is your stress and how is your sleep?"... Usually those two things are the key factors of why somebody might not be where they want to be, or they just need to work on that. "Stress and Sleep", and it's sleep that we're going to talk about right now.

For those of you who have not seen me shake up my ketones today, normally I shake up a packet in the morning or afternoon. I call it my Mom Fuel, but Ketones can also help with sleep. These are half packs of ketones, we also have caffeine-free, and super lite flavor. I usually say Ketones are my Mom Fuel, and I don't need a nap at all, but Ketones can actually also help in the evenings. It helps with nighttime cravings after supper, or you can take it thirty minutes before bed.

Whether you drink the NAT lite or the Keto Pro before bed, a lot of people have said, "I dream more", or "I have more deep sleep, like REM sleep"... If you are a tracker of all things like my husband, he tracks how long he was in his REM sleep, he tracks all of these things. My husband is a biohacker, he loves Red lights and all these gadgets. He tracks all of the things to see how his body is functioning. With that, there are a couple more things that could help you. We have blue blockers in the evenings, to block the blue light. At night, you should be wearing these sunglasses, so that the blue light isn't hitting you so that you can go to sleep. We shouldn't be on our phones an hour before we go to bed.

These cool glasses can help block blue light
There are things that help me sleep and a lot of people would say white noise, like a fan in your room, or you can read before bed. If I read before bed, that helps me... So you might be doing everything with food, working out, being mindful, and drinking your water. But if your body isn't resting, it's going to react throughout the rest of the day. Rest is super important!...

Alright! I'm going to shake up my Ketones. I'm drinking a grape flavor, it's called Giddyup grape. They're half packets of ketones, caffeine-free, with super yummy flavors. The bag comes with four different flavors, and most people drink them in the evenings so they won't be snacking on food after supper. I also like to drink them before bed. It's says parent-approved, so it's up to you if you want your children or your teens to drink them. Sometimes people mix these with other flavors, just to change the flavor. It's super good! I actually love the grape a lot!...

I'm going to get ready for bed now, but that was my tip for the day. I want you to continue to tune into the page. We share tons of recipes, lots of different tips and tricks. We do mindful mindset mornings, and you'll see recipes throughout the day. I'll tune in either in the afternoons or the evenings, and I'll answer all of your questions... For the next couple of days, what Keto questions do you have? Whatever questions you have, I'd love for you to post them below so I can come back on and answer those. I like to do some Keto Q and As. Whatever health question you have, ask them below. I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, but I've learned a lot. We've been around a lot of experts in that field, so ask away. I'll come back tomorrow and answer those keto questions that are posted below.

Reach out if you want to know more about the reboot

Also, a lot of people have been messaging me about the reboot. The reboot is available, we do this once a month together as an accountability group, in a large group setting. So we're going to get coaches, it's a 60 hour fast so we start on a Sunday and we end on a Wednesday.

We drink everything in the box, the broth for your lunch and your dinner, ketones, electrolytes, and everything is in the kit. If you want to know more about the reboot, you need to start your journey, get past a plateau, you overdid it last month, you want to amplify what you're doing because you already feel great, or maybe you just love to fast. There are lots of different ways or reasons why people would do a reboot.

Post "Reboot" in the comments, so we can chat. Otherwise, post your Keto questions, and we'll do a fun Q & A. That's all I have for you, I hope you enjoyed my cute little glasses. It doesn't matter where you're tuning in from, even if you're on the West Coast, it's almost time for bed. So be mindful, listen to your body, get your rest because it does affect your fat loss. I hope you have an incredible day and I'm always here to help.

We'll talk to you soon, Bye everybody!

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