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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 36) "Tips and Tools To Get You Started!"| Keto Mom

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  	People try to make Keto complicated when it's not meant to be complicated. It's meant to be simple. If you get bored, just suck it up buttercup. Because you can't have all your lavishing, all of your thirty different keto meal options, perfect keto snacks, and all of your keto desserts overnight, and then expect to lose the fifty pounds overnight.

Points To Ponder:

00:13 Tools To Help You Start

01:25 Are You Really Taking Action?

03:24 Cyber Monday Sale: 20% Off-Trial Packs

04:04 8 Steps You Can Use

04:34 Ketosis: Using Fat As Fuel

05:10 Ketones Are A Clean Fuel

05:35 Benefits of Ketones

06:14 How We Started Keto

07:31 We Made The Same Meals For Months

07:57 Drinkable Ketones

08:25 Be Aware Of What You Are Drinking

09:14 First Tool: Water Bottle

10:14 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

10:43 Put The Sugar Away

11:21 Buns Off The Burgers, Croutons Off The Salad

11:58 Write "Breakfast" On A Piece Of Paper

12:52 Stick To The Same Basic Meals

13:23 Keto Is Meant To Be Simple

14:34 People Overeat

15:18 All Of This is An Awareness

16:09 You Can Overdo Fats

16:57 Slow Down And Stop Reacting

17:24 Intermittent Fasting

18:23 Owning Your Morning

19:52 AirFryer

20:58 Own Your Morning, Own Your Day

21:15 Set Yourself Alarm Clocks

22:22 Change The Systems

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we're going to dive into how to get your journey started, or how to keep you going through the next month and into the next year. There are some tools that you need to either start, or to just keep going on your journey. So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? We're going to dive into this conversation pretty quickly, because there is a lot to cover. I want to share with you how I started, and some very simple, basic tools that you can use without getting overwhelmed... I heard a lot of things this last week like, "I'm overwhelmed", "I get frustrated in the store", "I don't know what to cook", "I need to lose some weight", "I want to feel better", "How do I get started?", or "How do I keep going?", "What am I supposed to do?".... That is what we're going to talk about, and as you are tuning in, I'm going to shake up my Ketones.

We will be Talking About Tools to get you started
So, you might listen to this and say, "Yeah, that sounds simple". Simple is great but you've got to put it in to play. You've got to take what you've learned and do it. Oftentimes, we'll hear some of these things and say, "Yeah, I get it! I have to drink more water". Okay, but are you really doing it?. "Okay, I get it! I should probably move my body or map out my food once a week"... My question to you is, are you doing it?...

So I'm just going to give you some basic steps, and then you can decide if you're going to take action on it or not. All right! I'm going to shake up my Mom Fuel first because I need this. I'm about to head out to horse lessons, and then tennis lessons for the rest of our day. We actually homeschool four of our daughters. If you're brand new, I would love for you to post "New" below so I can get to know you. I've been drinking Ketones, and for me it's a tool. And I'm going to talk to you about different tools you can use to help you on your journey. One of them being simply a "Water bottle"...

As you're starting, oftentimes people get overwhelmed and say, "I don't know how to cook Keto", "I need to eat Keto", "I need to eat less junk", "I need to feel better", "I need to lose some weight, what do I do?". That is the conversation that we will be having. There are certain things that I feel, if you have in your tool belt, I could say you've got tools to help you on this journey. So when you learn something new, just shove that away in your tool belt. When you need it, you know it's there, and you can use it... I'll give you more visual for that in just a second. I'm going to give you some tools for your health and fitness toolbelt.

We have a great Cyber Monday Deal for all of you

Alright! I'm stirring my Ketones, you can actually stir or shake this. By the way, I'd love for you to press the share button, sharing is caring and allows other people to hop on and join our community and our conversation and just have some accountability. So press the share button. Alright, here's what I have for you. Also if you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, I'm going to talk about this tool in just a second. But at any point in time, just post "Five" in the comments, so we can chat later. Actually, if you want to know more, and you're watching this live video, that's awesome.

I have a Cyber Monday offer, which is 20% off the trial packs. You will get a bonus pack of the new flavor, it's called "Fueled by Female", it's like a bonus pack of ketones.

If you've never tried the product at all, I'm going to do a fun variety pack. It's going to be a fun Cyber Monday. If you're watching this and it's not yet Cyber Monday, just let me know. It's going to come with a bonus pack of one of our newest formulations. So just post five in the comments, and we're going to chat. Alright! Here's how I started, and here's how I want you to think. Diving into the new week, new month, or new year, think about "How am I just going to get started without being overwhelmed?"... I have eight steps! I'm going to hit on some of these pretty hard and give you some tools to use. And as you go throughout your day, you should be able to say, "Yes, that was a step", "Here's a choice", "Here is an option for me"...

So we're going to start with eight steps, some of them are going to be a little bit more structured and some are more important than others... The number one question is "Ketosis". If you want to do Keto, but you really don't understand what that means. When your body's in Ketosis, that means your body is using fat as fuel most of the time. But in general, when your body is in ketosis, it's using Ketones instead of glucose, sugar or carbs. Ketones are also a fuel source. Sometimes we crave, and we feel "I need to drink some coffee, or energy drink", or "I'm hungry, I need to eat something sugary"... And then your energy goes up, goes down, and goes up. It's how our body operates, and it needs fuel to work. Ketones are a clean fuel, and your body prefers ketones. Your brain, your muscle, and your body uses them for energy. It also helps with your appetite control. Your body can make them or you can drink them...

We have Eight steps, or tools that will help you
When your body makes Ketones, it uses your stored fat, converts it into ketones, and it uses it as fuel. When you drink them, you immediately have the Ketones in your system. Your body then uses it for your appetite control, your energy, your focus, your mood, your sleep, your digestive system, your muscle preservation, brain health, and so much more...

In general, Ketosis is great and Ketones are an incredible fuel source. There are different ways that you can get there. Most people, when they're just starting, actually do not dive into a strict Keto diet. They actually prefer not to be super crazy on tracking their food... But I want to be mindful of the steps I'm going to give you, so you don't have to get overwhelmed. Has anybody here been overwhelmed with how to eat or what to do? Almost eight years ago, when we dove into Keto, my husband actually did it first. I did not want to do it with him. But when I decided to join him, I remember saying, "Yeah! I can eat keto", "It's not a big deal"... So I went to the grocery store, and at that time we had four babies. I had a newborn baby, two, four, and a six-year-old.

I remember going to the grocery store thinking, "I'm going to make all these keto foods for my husband, and he's going to love me so much", "It's going to be so great, I'm going to be a really great wife". And so I went to the grocery store, I remember this like it was yesterday. I walked in, I had two kids in the cart, I had a baby on my hip, and one was walking, holding on to the cart. I was walking around and I realized, "I have no idea how to cook outside of a box", "I don't even know how to cook vegetables", "I've never eaten anything green"... I knew people ate these things called avocados, but I've never, in my life had tasted one, nor had I cut one open. I remember being super overwhelmed, so I walked out of the grocery store and I was crying. I called my husband and I said "I don't know how to cook", "I don't even know where to start, and I know you want to lose fifty pounds, but this is going to be a process", "I'm just going to make you some meat and broccoli"...

This is how we started, this is how we did it years ago
And I actually did that for months and months. We had brown hamburger, with a little bit of butter with the broccoli, all stirred up with some cheese sprinkled on top. That was hands down, 90% of our dinners, because he was serious about his diet. I wanted to help him but I didn't know what to do.

All right! What actually helped me was a tool, because at that time my husband found "Drinkable Ketones". I shook this packet up every day, and it gave me the energy and the focus. It gave me all the things I needed so I could focus, not get overwhelmed, and not get stressed out when possibly going through the Keto flu. It was a tool, and there are tools you can use to help you on your journey...

When you're just starting, I want you to be aware and just simply look at what you're drinking, that's number one. If you're drinking a whole bunch of sugary drinks, I need you to draw a line in the sand and say, "No more juice", "Kool-Aid or Sugary drinks". Like "I'm going to have the soda out of the house, and I'm going to only have it as a treat"... My encouragement to you is, keep the sugary drinks out of your home and just keep it for a party or a celebration. There is no shortage of sugar anywhere. I also want you to pay attention to the water that you're drinking. Actually, that was supposed to be number one, and then I want to explain the ketones... First and foremost if we're just getting started, or you need to restart, and you just need to get your head screwed back on to keep going, we're going to look at your water intake.

So the first tool I want you to think of, is a "Water Bottle". Whether it's a shaker bottle, a fancy bottle, or something with a straw. I am able to drink a lot more water when I have a straw. Think about ways, or things to get you to drink more water and always have it with you. I always have a water bottle with me, and it's all over our house too. Your goal should be "To drink about half your body weight in ounces of water"... Here's a trick for you, put little rubber bands on your water bottle like this. What I do is, if I need to drink eight of these, I would put eight rubber bands on here and I would take one off every time I filled it...
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind! Put the sugar away!

You need to look at what you're drinking, and eliminate the sugary drinks. Ketones help with that, I'm just letting you know. I want you to pay attention to your water and your first tool is find something that you enjoy drinking out of. I know it sounds dumb, but it makes all the difference in how much water you drink. Anybody agree? I need to know if you agree.

All right! The next one, all I want you to do is pay attention to what's in your home. "Out of sight, out of mind"... At your office, inside your desk, or wherever you spend most of your time. If you've got a candy drawer, sugar cupboards, or things that are sitting on your counter, put them away. Put them in a snack cupboard for your kids, or dump the drawer into the garbage. You don't need all that sugar around you, and again, there's no shortage of snacks around... I want you to pay attention to where you gravitate towards when you're bored, when you think you're hungry, or you're emotional. We're going to just simply put some of that sugar away...

All right! This is all in awareness, "Why am I not drinking water?", "I don't have a cup that I like", "Why do I keep grabbing the candy out of the candy drawer". Because it's in the candy drawer, right? If you can just eliminate some of these things to help you get redirected and focused, it will help you if it's out of your sight. And if it's within your sight, like your water bottle, you can grab it and drink it... Okay! Simple things like, if you don't want to track all of your food in a tracker, like My Fitness Pal or in a carb counter, I want you to say this to yourself, "Buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, or grab a lettuce wrap". Just think of proteins and veggies, fewer potatoes, pasta, and flour... Alright! Here's another tool, get yourself some cute little paper, it can be a white paper or whatever color you want. I have four daughters, and we have tons of crafts all over our home. I got pieces of paper out like this, and I wrote breakfast.

Write down options on a piece of paper
So these are tools, we've got our water bottle, we've got our ketones, and we've got this paper. I want you to write down "Breakfast", and I want you to paste it or tape it on your refrigerator or wherever you spend most of your time. I want you to write bacon, eggs, sausage, protein shake, hard boiled egg, and cheese stick.

You could write "Intermittent fasting", or whatever you want as your options for breakfast. I want you to write that down and put it on your refrigerator. I want you to do the same thing for lunch and dinner. I wrote lunch, lettuce wrap, salad, cheese sticks, beef stew, like whatever veggies you have. And then for dinner, do the same thing. If you have to only eat the same meals, or maybe rotate between five meals so you're not overwhelmed, I promise you, you'll be okay. We did that for a year, and it took me a year to truly feel like "I can do this". I stuck to the same basic meals. I rotated between grilling some meat, salads, and some brown hamburger with broccoli in it and eggs. We kept it as simple as possible because simple will get you to where you want to go. And if you feel bored, don't spend all your time in the kitchen trying to find some snacks...

Here's what I need you to know, people try to make Keto complicated, when it's not meant to be complicated. It's meant to be simple. If you get bored, just suck it up buttercup. Because you can't have all your lavishing, all of your thirty different keto meal options, perfect keto snacks, and all of your keto desserts overnight, and then expect to lose the fifty pounds overnight.

So I just want you to have the awareness that it's okay to have the same meals, it's okay to keep it simple and it's okay to have this as your lunch, supper, breakfast, and water. Done! So we're going to have an awareness of wheat, the flour, the carb, and all of those things... Now I'm not going to actually talk about this one (Good Fats). Last time I said there are good fats. And here's what I actually want to talk about. Here's what I truly believe is the biggest reason why people don't see all the fat loss that they want, or maybe not even as fast. The problem is, "People overeat".

Listen to your body! Don't eat if your are not hungry

Oftentimes people will start this journey and say, "I can eat that, cause it's keto", "I went to a party, I already ate dinner, it's not a big deal", "I'm just going to sit with my friends and munch", "It's not a big deal, I can eat it, it's Keto"... You get to the end of the night, you're crabby, you're bored, you're tired and you want to snack. "I'll just snack on the bag of almonds since it's keto"... You can overeat good food. And when people hit a stall, a plateau or they feel like they're not getting anywhere, I'll ask then ask you, "How much food are you eating?", "Are you tracking your food?", "Are you having an awareness?", "Are you eating when you're not hungry?"... All of this is just awareness. "What am I drinking?", "What Foods am I eating?", or "Am I rushing into my week without planning?"...

The biggest thing I tell people is take five seconds before you even eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack. Ask yourself this question, "Am I hungry?"... I bet you, if you go to the sink, grab a glass of water and sit for a second, maybe walk out of the kitchen, the employee lounge or shut that candy drawer, and just simply ask yourself, "Am I hungry?"...

You might actually realize that you're not hungry. "I already had lunch, and I know I can make it till dinner", "I don't need three snacks in the afternoon even though it's keto", "Even though that little keto snack bar is sitting there and it's calling me, I really don't need to eat it"... The reason I say that is because you can actually overdo fats. Especially if you're not doing a keto diet, which is like 80% fat, and 5% carbs. A lot of you are in the middle, which is great. A lot of you are doing low carb or lazy keto, "Nope, I'm eyeballing it", "I'm taking the buns off my burgers, croutons off the salad, but I still am eating all the fat that I want"... That's a problem because you're overeating calories.

So just have an awareness, "If I'm not hungry, I don't need to eat, my body is going to tell me", "I need to drink plenty of water"... Have an awareness of, before eating anything in front of you, what could you be eating? Is it the best option for you? Should you take the buns off and those spongy little croutons? Should you take off the meat and veggies?...
Try to respond instead of reacting all the time

Slow down! Just slow down and stop reacting. Try to respond to the situation that's in front of you, the meal that's in front of you, or the environment that's in front of you, and you will make the best choices possible. It's a process, and not an overnight success that can be done... You have water intake, having an awareness of not eating when you're not hungry, and intermittent fasting, which is another one.

"Intermittent Fasting" is great. If you're going to do this, just do some research. Go to Google, and type in "Why is Intermittent fasting so great?"... It actually helps you not to overeat. You don't intermittent fast so that you can shove all of your calories during lunch and dinner. That's not the point of fasting, it actually helps with fat loss. So what you do is, stop eating after seven or after dinner. For sure you don't need a midnight snack, so shut down the kitchen, and shut off the lights. That will help you eat less and move. I want you to pay attention to moving your body. You don't have to spend an hour at the gym...

Between drinking enough water, having awareness around your food, asking yourself if you're hungry or bored? And then getting things out of your sight. Putting the snacks on the counter away, getting rid of the drawers that have the candy in them, and then just telling yourself to prepare for the week... So if I'm going to do that, what am I going to work out? Am I going to work out this week? Do I have my workout clothes ready? All of this really has to do with owning your morning, and I've said that before. If you can get up and give yourself an hour, not with your kids or your spouse.

But getting up and working on your mindset, getting your water intake in, making sure you've got your meals prepped, and your lunch ready. You're not rushed and running, but truly being mindful of your body... Because if you are not taking care of yourself, how in the world can you take care of others? How can you pour yourself into your kids, your spouse, or the people that you work with.
Raise your hand if you have an AIRFRYER

Oftentimes our emotions come out of how we feel, and how we feel is a result of how we're feeding our body or lack thereof. Like our energy, our mindset, and all of those things. I don't want you to feel that this is overwhelming. Breakfast can be as simple as bacon, eggs, sausage, hard-boiled eggs, omelets, or just sausage...

Here's a tool that you actually need besides a great water bottle, besides ketones that I take every single day. It's a tool, not a magic pill, and it's incredible. I don't drink pots of coffee or energy drinks, but I drink ketones. They're an incredible fuel source, and you don't have to wait thirty days to feel it. That's why I have trial packs for you to try to see what you think.

Another tool I would say that every family should have in their homes, is an "Airfryer". You might say like it's just another something else on your counter. No! I our lunch, and breakfast are all the same. If I'm not doing intermittent fasting, we throw some sausage in the airfryer, or you can put eggs to make hard boiled eggs in the airfryer. It is a simple tool, and you might feel that it sounds silly.

But it's as simple as dropping it in, setting the timer, you can go fix your hair, do your makeup, or go do something else. Then you come back, and it's done. Easy! Especially when you have kids, if you're just by yourself, or if it's just you and your spouse. You can even throw two chicken breasts in there for lunch, or a piece of salmon in there for your salad, like it is it is a must. Just keep things simple, and do not get overwhelmed. You can make so many things in there... So you have your water bottle, planning your meals, the airfryer, and ketones. Oftentimes people would say, "I can't help but not hit my snooze button to get up in the mornings"... I talked about how powerful your mornings are. If you own your morning, you own your day. "I hit the snooze button eighteen times". So I had people get an alarm clock and put it in their bathroom, so they physically have to get up to shut it off.

Close the kitchen after dinner, you don't need the night snacks
There are things that you can do to trick yourself to get up, or to not eat something, or to drink more water. What you can do is set yourself an alarm clock every thirty minutes that says "Drink your water". I have alarm clocks on my phone that go off all day long. I have an alarm clock to remind me to come and talk to you... So use these tools to help you on your journey. I cannot stress that enough...

If you don't have a definite purpose, if you don't have a "Yes! I want to lose this weight", "I want to do it for my kids, my spouse", or "I want to run that marathon"... You need to know why you're doing this, and I honestly would say it needs to be bigger than just the vacation. You don't want to get to the vacation and then say "I made it". I heard somebody say this the other day, she was like, "I can't eat that yet. But when I reach my goal I can"... That is not what this is meant to be. If you're only doing this for a short period of time, to see the weight gone, turn back around, and eat the same foods, then you didn't change the habit or any of your systems. If you don't change the systems, what's going to happen is you'll reach your goal, you're going to cycle back around and start all over again...

Just keep it simple, take a little extra time, slow down, get up thirty minutes early, and work on your mindset. If your mindset isn't right, then you're not going to be able to choose better options for the rest of your day. If your mindset isn't right, you don't choose right. If your mindset isn't right, you'll be crabby, and then you might eat out of emotion. right? Take some time for yourself. It's not selfis, because when you take care of yourself, you are more apt to take care of others better...

So water, and also sleep is important. Pay attention to your sleep, pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you're not hungry, you don't need to eat. Out of sight out of mind. Grab some simple tools like a water bottle, ketones, airfryer, and a calendar to map out your menu. Anything that would help you, an alarm clock in your bathroom, an accountability partner, a friend. If you need tools, just get them, they will help you, I promise. That is how I would start. Write your basic meals down, put them on your refrigerator. Those are your only options, it can be for you and your family. I promise you if you stick to five meals for the next year, it will not hurt you, you will be fine, I promise.

Message me with your questions, I am here to help
We did the same thing years ago. We stuck to the same five meals, and then when you feel adventurous and you have a little bit more time, go find a new recipe that you want to try. If you like it and it's easier to make, you throw it into your menu.

As you're making more meals and trying new things once a month, or once every couple of weeks, your menu will grow. With that, message me with any questions that you have, I'm always here to help. If you want to know more about my trial pack for the day, post "Five" in the comments so we can chat. I can't say enough amazing things about these tools, and I'd love to know what your goals are. I would love to talk to you and help you with all of those things. So if you have questions, I'll come back and answer your questions after I'm done with the live video. Send me a message, I'm here to help. Otherwise, just post "Five" in the comments. It was great chatting with you. Your presence matters. Thank you for hopping in here, I love seeing you. Our family has been on this journey for years and years. It is a lifestyle and not a diet for us. I love to help people. Keep it simple and not overthink this. So I hope you have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening, wherever you're tuning in from and we'll talk to you soon. Bye!

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