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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 33) "Keto Diet vs. Keto Lifestyle" | Keto Mom

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        "A diet versus A lifestyle", The diet that works for you, is the diet you stick with long term. A diet, in my mind, is not long-term. To me, a diet is something wherein you're not thinking about the habits you're changing. Your end goal is something like the wedding, the vacation, the swimsuit season. So you do it, but as soon as you get to that date, regardless of whether you made it or not, you're done. Now a diet that will work for you is a diet that you'll consistently do forever, which is a lifestyle change.

Points To Ponder:

01:13 All about Ketones

02:02 Everybody's Body Is Different

02:45 New Flavor: Fueled By Female

03:14 The Keto NAT

03:22 Benefits of Ketones

04:26 Excited For Thanksgiving Week

05:36 I Want To Educate You

06:03 When We Started Eating Better

06:54 New Flavor Taste Like A Citrus Berry

07:15 A Diet versus A Lifestyle

08:35 A Diet is Not For Long Term

08:39 A Lifestyle Change

09:07 Where Did The Ketogenic Diet Start?

10:08 Cut Back On Processed Sugar and Junk

10:44 Being Mindful of What You're Eating

11:08 A Lifestyle Is Meant To Be Long Term

12:24 Making Better Choices and Making It Sustainable

13:30 I Used To Eat All The Kid's Food

15:11 This Is The Way Everybody Should Be Eating

15:53 People Misunderstand Keto Diet

17:09 Fat Keeps You Fuller Longer

18:40 Food Is Fuel

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. We are doing a two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. Where are you tuning in from, and how is your day going? We're going to try a brand new flavor formula, something new, and this is what it looks like. I'm going to explain this in just a second. We're going to talk about this whole conversation about a diet. The questions I actually get asked a lot is, "Is this diet healthy?", "Hey! How long can I do this?", "If I stopped doing it, will I gain all of the weight back that I've lost?", "Tell me all the results that I will get out of this diet", "What tools do I need for this diet?"... And so I want to talk to you just on the understanding of a lifestyle versus a diet. I want to give you an understanding of whether this is healthy.

We have a New Flavor: Fueled By Female

What does this look like? Can I do it long-term? And so that's what we're going to talk about today. And as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, I'm going to shake up my product because I want to drink it. If you've been watching for a long time, you know my story. If you have not been watching for a long time, our family has been on this journey for six and a half years. It started with my husband doing the diet years ago, and then I joined him when I had the product that I loved. It was a tool, I had a tool that helped me on the journey years and years ago...

And so here on the page, we share everything that we love. We share recipes, tips, tricks, ideas, and just everything with you. We are not perfect, I am not a doctor, but I am a mom of four girls and we homeschool by choice. I get to share with you, things that work for us...

I want you to understand that everybody's body is different, and I've been learning and growing. The things that work for you, your husband, your neighbor, or your best friend, it's different for everybody else. A lot of this is a mindset, "Why are you here?", "What are your goals?", "What are you wanting to accomplish?", "Do you truly want to change habits?", or "Do you want quick results?". There's actually a difference... Do you want to change your habits to create a long-term lifestyle? Or do you want quick results, which will not change habits but in return, you'll most likely gain all the weight back? That's what we're going to talk about, but before we discuss that, I'm going to shake up my Mom Fuel. It's ketones, and I've been drinking it for over six years.

This NEW flavor has vitamin C, D, E, and Folate
We have a brand new formulation and flavor that launched today, and it's called "Fueled by female". It's not just for females, but it's called "Fueled by females". They're all exactly the same, if you've already ordered it, you're on the email list and you're super excited, it will come in one of these three boxes, or the caffeine-free which is the white box. But they're all the same, it's just different fun packaging.

Just so you know, I have a video that actually explains the product, it also talks about the different vitamins that are in the product. So the Keto NAT puts you in ketosis in under an hour. I'm going to shake it up in some water, it's going to put ketones in my system and I can test my blood for Ketones. It's going to help me with energy, focus, fat loss, better mood, better sleep, and all of those good things. It's an incredible tool, it's not a magic pill. It helps with fat loss, I love the focus, and I love that it helps me homeschool my kids. I love the energy that I feel, it's long, sustained energy all day, the appetite control, and all of the things.

But this one's a little different because it does have things like vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and it has something called folate. If you're already loved the product, and you want to see a brand new video from one of the doctors that explains the product, I want you to put "Video" below so I can send it to you. You can actually watch what the doctor has to say. It can help you understand it more, so post "Video" in the comments, and I will send you the video on the new formulation... All right! We're going to shake it up, I would love to explain it to you but I'm not a doctor. But how the doctors explained it is way better. It also smells delicious, I'll tell you how it tastes in a bit.

Message me, I want to know what your goals are
But while I'm shaking it up, what are you thankful for? It's Thanksgiving week. I love Thanksgiving! It's probably my favorite holiday. I love getting together with family, and my husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary on Thanksgiving. We were married on Thanksgiving seventeen years ago, which was super fun.

We just have a lot of fun things, it was my dad's 60th birthday last week, we have our anniversary to celebrate and all of the fun things. Which I'm really excited about, I'm actually waiting for this week, way more than I wait for anything in December. I just love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite. It's not even the food, it's the people and I love it... Okay, let's shake this up, and again what are you thankful for? I'd love to know...

Going back, this new flavor looks like a pinkish berry. And by the way, if you've never tried ketones and you just want to be educated on them, you want to know why I drink the product, what it is, or how it works, just post five in the comments so we can chat. I'm not going to twist your arm, I'm not going say, "You need it!". I'm going to educate you, I want to meet you, I'm going to say "Hi, I want to know your goals, and I want to chat with you"... But if you already tried drinking ketones, and you want to see the video that explained the product, post "Video" in the comment, or post "Five", or you can send me a message and we can chat...

All right! Are you guys ready for our conversation about the diet? I'm pretty passionate about this conversation because I have had people ask me this for six and a half years. In fact, when we dove into this lifestyle and our family started switching to eating better, we didn't even dive into strict keto right away. They would see us take the buns off our burgers and we were being mindful of what we ate. We actually had some people who were very close to us that were really mean. They're mean because they thought I was making fun of how they were eating. Things like, "Why would I not give my kid that second donut?", "Why would I hold back all that ice cream for my children or even for myself?". People just love to tell you what they think even if it's harsh...

What the Difference between a Diet and a Lifestyle?

By the way, I've had this flavor before just so you know. It's very good, and I'm excited to drink it this afternoon. It tastes like a citrus Berry, it's not really a grapefruit but it tastes like a teeny tiny hint of a Berry. So it's more like a citrus Berry, but very light and very good. It's super great and I love it. I drink it every day, it's my tool that keeps me feeling incredible... All right! Going back, "A diet versus A lifestyle". There's a difference, and this is what I think. This is my perspective, and we'll see what you think. Let me know if this makes sense, and I also would love for you to press the share button because sharing is caring. I'd love to help other people, so press the share button, and share this video for me...

Okay! The diet that works for you, is the diet you stick with long term. I'm going to say it again, "The diet that works for you, is the diet you stick with long term". Oftentimes people come here and they would say, "I have a wedding to get to", "I want to go on vacation", "I want to look a certain way by June". There are so many reasons, and there's an expiration date where they need to get to, like "I have to get here by this time".

And so what happens is they don't pay attention to all of the different systems and habits they change on the way, or they should be working on changing. They restrict themselves so much until they see the scale reach a certain number. To me, a diet is something wherein you're not thinking about the habits you're changing. Your end goal is something like the wedding, the vacation, the swimsuit season. So you do it, but as soon as you get to that date, regardless of whether you made it or not, you're done. A diet, in my mind, is not long-term. Now a diet that will work for you is a diet that you'll consistently do forever, which is a lifestyle change.

A Lifestyle is something you stick with, long term
People ask, "Can I do Keto forever?", "Is it healthy?"... First of all, you have to understand where this diet started. It didn't start for the purpose of fat loss. It didn't start because your brain prefers ketones, it actually started for medical reasons for children. If you just Google, "Where did the ketogenic diet start?", you will see a whole bunch of different answers. It is not for fat loss, but they realized that when you restrict carbs and sugar, eat more salads, proteins, and veggies, you're going to lose some fat. You're going to feel better because your brain does not function on sugar.

Does this make sense? This is the answer I give when people say, "I don't think that's healthy, long term", "I don't think you can stick with that diet, long term"... A very restrictive ketogenic diet is not something that most people will do long term. Did you know that? They'll do it for a while, and then they'll work on a low-carb lifestyle. Like take the buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap, and be mindful. Drink more water, drink electrolytes, move your body, and really cut back on processed sugar and junk. Just be mindful, like eating more proteins, veggies, and salads.

Not like crazy diet, but if you were being mindful, eating healthier foods, and it's more low carb? Then yes, it is sustainable. Yes, it will work long term, because we've done it. I'm not saying that I count every macro and I count every carb, but I'm very mindful of what I eat. I don't eat just because I'm bored, I don't eat all the Keto snacks that people are making, like "I can eat it, because it says, Keto". I'm just being mindful of what I'm eating...

Start making better Choices, and making this sustainable
There's a difference between a diet and a lifestyle, Where are you at? A diet is, "I'm only going to this date". A lifestyle to me is, "I'm working on changing my habits", "I'm working on getting up and working out, not sleeping in", "I'm working on making better choices in the morning", "I'm working on listening to my body", "I'm working on drinking more water and less soda"...A lifestyle is meant to be long term, so you can stick with it, and feel incredible forever. That's the difference...

So let me ask you this question. If you're here and you're brand new, "What's your outcome?" Have you thought past the wedding, the anniversary, the swimsuit season, or the vacation? Because what you'll realize is, when you eliminate some of the junky food, you will feel great. And when you feel great, you need to acknowledge that so you can feel like you're not restricting yourself. You would not feel like you can never have something, because you'll remember how good you feel. Why are you here? What do you want to accomplish? What is your outcome? Make sure you're paying attention to the things that you're switching to, to create better habits...

The keto diet, I don't feel like it's sustainable unless you're doing it for medical reasons. Unless you're one of those people that are black and white, yes or no, or "I'm doing it no matter what". There are some people like that, but I think it's like 3%. I have way more people that can really take in the low carb lifestyle, making better choices, not feeling like they have to track everything they do, but making better choices and making it sustainable...

A diet versus a lifestyle, if it's healthy or not... Google and all of the other sources will tell you there are so many different variables to it. And the easiest way I want you to think about it is this. Whether you're in America or not, the average person gets up and has a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a toast, a doughnut, a bagel, or a glass of orange juice. And then they go and have a sandwich, chips, and dessert after lunch. Then there are the morning snacks, and afternoon snacks, maybe it's a bag of chips. And then for dinner, the main meal with two sides, probably some bread, and then a dessert.

I used to eat all the kid's food, I would make the girl's food, like chicken nuggets, mac, and cheese, corndogs, or chips. I'm just really letting you guys know I was that mom. The vegetables came out of a can, and I've never eaten anything green. The easiest, fastest meal out of a box, was what I made for my kids, and that's what I ate.

So if all you do is look at what the average person eats between fast food and fast meals, if you just step back for a second and say, "I might not be strict keto, but I'm making better choices", "I might be intermittent fasting in the morning or I'm going to have some bacon, eggs, sausage or a protein shake", "I don't need an afternoon snack because I'm really not hungry", "I'm most likely thirsty, so I'll make sure to drink plenty of water", "I might find a tool that works for me, whether it's ketones, electrolytes or whatever", "I'm going to find something that helps me with my cravings and my appetite".

Try to step back and think of what better options you can do

"Maybe I need some almonds, some macadamia nuts, or beef sticks for a snack if I'm hungry", "For lunch, I'm going to grab a light salad or I'm going to grab a burger and take the bun off", "I'm going to grab some protein and veggies", "For dinner, I'm just going to have another salad or maybe we'll have taco salad and we'll grill some vegetables and meat", "You know what?, we don't need to have dessert in our home, we'll have it on a special occasion", "We don't need dessert every single night"...

If you are just mindful, and all you do is compare the two? You're actually making better choices, drinking more water, and not eating if you're not hungry. This is not considered a diet, this is the way everybody should be eating. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change of creating new habits and being mindful of what your body's telling you. That's how we should be eating.

How I used to eat was terrible for me, so when somebody tells you, "You can't do that", "That's terrible for you", "It's bad for your body"...

Are you kidding? Do I have to remind you how I used to eat? Do you want me to go make all that food for my kids again? It doesn't make sense to me. And sometimes I become sarcastic about it.

There is a big misconception about the Keto Diet

People misunderstand the Keto diet, when you look at all the magazines when you check out the store, there are always those keto diet magazines. You can even Google things and people go, "All you eat is bacon, butter, fat bombs, and keto snacks, or anything that's labeled keto", "I should be able to eat it whenever I want", and then they overeat. I just talked to a girl today, and she said, "I look at all the Keto foods, and there are way more calories in all that fat than in what I was eating before". And I said "Yes, don't fall into the trap of 'I can eat that, it's keto'", "I'm not hungry, but I'm going to eat it because I was told that if it's keto, I can eat all the cheese, and all the Keto snacks that I want because my body is burning it".

No! You still have to be mindful... There is a misconception of what the keto diet really is, and how people perceive it. Especially when they're trying to lose weight really quickly. It's not all bacon, butter, fat bombs, and the excessive amount of cheese that you want to eat. There are more calories than fat, but you are expected on a keto diet, to eat more fat and weigh less more of everything else.

Fat keeps you fuller longer, so it's just really an awareness. I believe the way that we are doing it is completely healthy because we're eating more real whole foods, we're eating when we're hungry and not snacking all day long. We're drinking water and ketones, not juice and pop. We're moving our bodies, and we're not keeping a bunch of crap in the house. So I hope that makes sense, and I would challenge you to do the same. Think of how you ate before, and then look at what you're eating now.
Everybody is different, just have patience and listen to your body

Compare how you're feeling? How is your brain functioning? Do you feel overall healthier? And doesn't that make sense? I do agree that the diet part is not something that most people will stick with long term, but the low carb is. And low carb is just fine. You can be more strict as we get closer to your goals, but don't reach your goal and then just do whatever you want. I wish I counted all of the messages that I had over the years of people saying, "That didn't work", "I reached my goal, I went about my life and I gained it all back"... Well, yeah! I mean, you can't lose all the weight and then eat how you did when you gained that weight, and then not gain the weight back. "Food is fuel", if you eat too much of it, it is going to hold on to your body. It's going to go, "We're going to save this fuel till later". So it's all an awareness, and a process.

Everybody's different, just be patient with your body. Listen to your body, and know when it will tell if you are hungry or not? Tired, or not? Stressed out? And then give it what it needs. Food, water, sleep, meditation, reading a book, going outside, and all of those things...

Okay! I hope that was helpful. Send me a message with any questions that you have. I have a foods list, I have net carbs and total carbs and whatever questions you have. Send me a message and I will reply to you, I'd love to hear your goals. If you do want to know more about Mom Fuel, specifically about this new formulation, post "Video" in the comments and I'll send you the video to watch. Otherwise, just post "Five" in the comments and we're going to chat about what I have been drinking every day, for six years. It's an incredible tool and I love it. I hope you guys have a really incredible day. Happy Thanksgiving week, I'm so excited and I'm just thankful for you. So have a wonderful day, and we'll talk to you soon.

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