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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 30) "What’s The Most Important Meal?"| Keto Mom

Keto Mom Here!

 	"The most important meal of the day, from what I'm learning, should be your lunch. You don't need breakfast, instead, you should have your largest meal during lunchtime. That gives your body a certain period of time to process all of the food, and then have a lighter dinner before going to bed"

Points to Ponder:

01:38 What's The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

02:46 My Husband Loves Biohacking

04:39 Lunch Should Be The Biggest Meal

04:57 Power of Sleep

05:34 Give Your Body Enough Time To Process

07:21 Rest And Reset

07:30 When Should I Actually Be Eating?

09:02 Ketones or My Mom Fuel

09:25 Benefits of Ketones

09:48 Winner: Kelly Robison

10:22 A Basic Food Guide

11:24 Keto Tip: Everybody's Different

11:48 The Only Naturally Fermented Ketone

12:27 Pay Attention To Your Body

12:46 Lesson Learned: Say No To Dairy

15:20 Learn How Your Body Reacts and Responds

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to your two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. My name is Stephanie, and welcome to the Keto mom page. Hey, where are you tuning in from? I am tuning in from Minnesota. You guys, our day did not go as we planned but that's okay. You have to be adaptable, but today wasn't adaptability day. So as I'm doing my hair because I didn't like how I'm looking, where are you tuning in from? How are you? It's a great day, the sun is out but we just had to be a little bit more adaptable. Our day had changed, which we chose to, and it's great, I'm super thankful.

Time for your Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!

Alright! Let's talk about Ketones and a tip for you today. I actually have a thought for you, It would be super interesting to see what you have to say. So as I'm shaking up my ketones, I want to talk to you about different meals. What does that look like? Different meals, meaning breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Here's the question, "What is the most important meal of the day?"...Now, if you were a cereal company, you would say breakfast. For the longest time, we were all programmed to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Some of you say breakfast, right? Where do you think that quote came from "The most important meal of the day is breakfast", the cereal company?...

Let me shake up my Mom Fuel, you have to be extra patient with me today. This is what I'm shaking up and it's one of my favorite flavors, I know I say that about everything. Okay! Breakfast! That's from Mr. Cereal man. Some of you say lunch, and some say dinner. If you know my husband, sometimes you get a sneak peek of him. My husband loves everything that has to do with biohacking your body. Everything that has to do with doing anything that's going to make you better. That's why we actually started on this journey of keto, and he dove into understanding ketones. It wasn't even about fat loss, well it started that way. But it's about brain fuel and how your brain can function at its optimal level. My husband studies things like Red Light therapy, and we have an entire red light bed in our house.

What's The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

We have everything you could think of that would be a biohacking thing for your body. Between these things, you stand on and they shake your body between the space tube, it's like a red light, infrared sauna bed. We have red lights in the entire room, red light things for your face, and we have a big sauna outside. This is what he does, and I'm going to get to the point of the food in a second because he asked me this question today. He has been studying frequency, which is like the power of sound and what it can do to your body, good or bad. It's actually very interesting.

Anyways, he woke up this morning and he said, "Hey, what's the most important meal of the day?"... I already knew it's not breakfast, that's something I learned a long time ago. Especially if you're feeding your children cereal or something sugary, that's not helping them in school.

Don't hate me, I'm just letting you know. If you want to feed them eggs, bacon, or sausage, then that's totally fine. I actually said dinner, to me it's dinner. People that do "O.M.A.D", or one meal a day, a lot of people actually like to do that. He said "No". My husband listens and learns, and he said "The most important meal of the day from what I'm learning and how your body functions at the most optimal level, which means the largest meal of the day should be your lunch"... He's learning about the most optimal times to work out.

Lunch Should Be The Biggest Meal
He's talking about the power of sleep and he learned that if you cannot get your sleep under control if you sleep terribly, everything else will fall out of whack with your health. The number one thing that is super important is your sleep.

He also said the most optimal times to work out are between seven and nine in the morning, and between five and seven in the evening. You don't need breakfast, instead, you should have your largest meal during lunchtime. That gives your body a certain period of time to process all of the food, and then have a lighter dinner before going to bed. He was talking about the different stages throughout the day and how your body is like a machine.

How there are certain times in the day that your body works on the liver, on the lungs, and then it cycles through things... I'm not a scientist, I'm just repeating what he said, but it made sense to me.

And I said, "Okay! So what's the most important meal of the day? If what you mean is what should be your largest meal? Clearly, it should be lunchtime"... Because then you have a good amount of time for your body to process the larger amount of food. Eat a light dinner, then you go to bed that way your body isn't working so hard to process all the food. Instead, it's going to do everything else that needs repair, it's actually rest and repair... I'm not an expert on this, and my husband does all of this study. He loves it, he loves studying anything about health and fitness. But all the weird things, not like medicine. More on biohacking saunas, red light therapies, brain therapies, frequency waves, and all of those things. That is what he's into... And today's conversation was about the meal, which actually made sense to me.

Rest & Reset: Give Your Body Enough Time To Process
So my tip for you is to simply pay attention to how often you are eating because we are not meant to eat all day long. First of all, if you are constantly eating snacks every hour or two hours, plus you've got these meals. Your body isn't meant to be processing food all day long, that's number one. Number two, because it needs to rest and reset, it needs to work on itself.

That would be a great awareness, to just pay attention to how much food we're eating, like "When should I actually be eating?"... If you switched, it would be interesting to see how you feel. Has anybody tried having a really large dinner too late at night, and then didn't sleep? I did that the other night. We had a crazy day, we didn't eat dinner till after horse lessons. I didn't get home till about 7:30, and we probably didn't eat until 7:45. I did not sleep well that night, I woke up and I just didn't feel like I slept at all.

We usually don't eat that late, and for whatever reason my body just, I don't know. My thought was, maybe I shouldn't have eaten that late first of all, and I probably ate too much. So logically, if you don't know any science behind it, and you don't know anything other than common sense. To me, I should have my largest meal for lunch, so my body can work through my whole system, and then I'll just have a lighter meal in the evenings. It's not really a Keto tip, it's just a thought for today, and it's very interesting... Okay! What did we have for dinner tonight? I actually gave the kids lunch leftovers... Listen, I thought it would be interesting to study and see what you think... Alright! Somebody asked what am I drinking? I do a two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock or sometime during the day, Keto tasting and a Keto tip.

Congratulations To Our Winner Kelly Robison!

I stirred up my Mom Fuel, sometimes I shake it up. It's a packet of ketones, and I've been drinking it for years. I love it, I call it my Mom Fuel but it can be Dad Fuel or anybody's fuel. It puts you in ketosis in under an hour, it's incredible and simple. You put it in some water, stir or shake it up, drink it and you've got ketones in your system.

So it gives you energy, focus, fat loss, incredible mood, and it helps with your sleep in the evenings. Ketones in general are brain fuel, it helps with appetite control and so much more...

By the way, I have a winner! We do a drawing for Ketones, every time you press the share button. Just let me know that you shared and I'll add your name in the drawing every day. We have a new winner of a three-pack and her name is Kelly Robison!

Kelly Robinson, you won this three-pack! Congratulations! I need your address, send it to me so I can send this package in the mail for you to try.

If you want to know more, I want you to post "Five" in the comments. We'll chat, I want to know what your goals are, how long you've been doing keto or low carb, or maybe you're just starting. I'll show you some videos, or a foods list. So if you're brand new, and you've never had the foods list, by the way, I don't make a specific menu for anybody. I will give you a very basic guide of breakfast, or if you do intermittent fasting, also some lunch and dinner ideas. I did a little video a while ago that explained how to get started, it's an eight-step process. If you've never had that list, which is not extensive but pretty basic, just post "Food" in the comments and I can give that to you. I don't have your macros on there, but if you're brand new and just want to get started, post "Food" in the comments, and I can help you. If you want to know more about ketones, it's incredible.

Today's Flavor: Berry Blue

By the way, if you hear the pounding on the ceiling and it sounds like an elephant, we have our friends' six kids over. We've got ten kids upstairs, it's wonderful and I love all the giggles. That's why I need Ketones for the rest of the day. Anyways, I didn't really have a tip for you, I really just had that thought, I hope that was okay.

Everybody's different, you can do so much research, even on keto. There are different ways to do keto, there are different beliefs on how you should do it. Everything that you google, you're going to get a pro and a con. The same with ketones, not all ketones are created equal. We have the only naturally fermented ketone.

I've been drinking it for six years, I can feel it and I love it. It's incredible, and it has changed my life over the course of six years. I'm not a scientist or a doctor, but I have some great resources for you... You can also research, "What is the most important meal of the day?". People may say breakfast, some people may say lunch, and some people are going to say dinner. Honestly, what people need to understand is your body is different than mine. Your body is different than your husband's, your boss', or your best friends. In order for you to understand how your body functions with certain foods, you have to pay attention to your body. What is it telling you? Are you hungry? Are you tired? Are you exhausted? Do you need some water?...

You can't just hand two different people the same basic food diet, weekly menu, and expect to get the same results. Everybody's different!
Lesson Learned: Say No To Dairy

On that note, I actually learned a lesson today. I might not look like I'm in a lot of pain, but I am. I made meatballs the other day for the kids, it's just meatballs with some cream cheese and a little bit of sour cream. Just a little sauce with some garlic, and I ate them for lunch. I realized I remember why I don't eat a ton of heavy cream or use heavy whipping cream anymore. I feel like trash when I drink it, and that's why I don't make fat bombs anymore.

I don't really use cream cheese or a lot of sour creams, because it's so heavy. I often tell women like if they feel bloated, it's usually the dairy. And I forgot I made this meal that I haven't had in a long time. I was like, "Oh I love these meatballs", I ate some and now my stomach is in knots.

I actually feel like crap! I don't really feel like crap, I'm still energetic like I feel good, but right here on my stomach, not so much. Now, I have to tell myself the next time I make meatballs, it's a great dish to take place and other people love it. But I physically can't eat it anymore, I will never eat these meatballs again. I forgot that I can't have a whole bunch of cream cheese or dairy. I feel great and crappy at the same time...

So anyway, this live video is not going how I actually wanted, but it doesn't really matter. I think you are all great! Thank you for tuning in, and for always responding. I'm always here to help, so if you've got questions, just send me a message. Continue to tune into the page, there are always recipes. You can go to, all one word, I have tons of recipes if that's what you're looking for. If you prefer Instagram, I'm on Instagram as ketomomsecrets. We're actually on so many platforms, we have YouTube, Instagram, Gab I think telegram which I don't ever send telegrams. Is there anybody here on telegram? I think I'm going to start doing a tip of the day. And it's a quick scroll through, you don't even check anything. I might start doing more in telegram anyways, I'm just thinking about it...

Learn How Your Body Reacts and Responds
So pay attention to your body, that's how you're going to learn how your body reacts and responds. Yours is different than mine, you're not going to be eating like your husband, your wife, or your best friend. You're going to eat for yourself. My kids like those meatballs, but I will not eat them again and I need to drink more water... Just pay attention to what your body's telling you.

Are you hungry? Are you tired? Do you need some more sleep? Do you need to work out?... Listen to your body, it's super important. That's all I've got for you, I hope you have an incredible day. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, just post "Five" in the comments. Also, post "Food", and I'll give you some food ideas. Congratulations Kelly Robison! I need your address. And to everybody watching, if you press the share button, your name will go into the drawing tomorrow.

Okay, everybody! Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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