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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 20) "What Are Your Keto or Low Carb Questions? | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

	Share with me how long you've been here, or how long have you been on this journey? I would love to know, then along with that, what is your number one or two question. Right now it might be around net carbs, or how to track your food, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?  

Points to Ponder:

03:02 Liquid Ketone Has a Faster Uptake

03:29 What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?

04:31 Choosing "Either", "Or"

05:01 What Are Your Keto, or Low Carb Questions?

05:17 Ketones

05:44 Ketones Are Brain Fuel

05:57 Benefits of Ketones

06:26 My Favorite Benefit is Energy

07:08 60 Hour Keto Reboot

07:50 Thanksgiving Recipes

08:40 Rapid Fire Q&A

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto mom page. My name is Stephanie, we're going to do a three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? So I also shared with you in the header of this video, or in the title of this live video, there is a link that has 50 keto crockpot ideas for you. A lot of you have been going asking if I have any keto crockpot ideas. Our family uses a crockpot for roasts for any type of taco, like chicken tacos, taco meat, chili. What else have we done in the pit? I just did cauliflower rice, like the chicken cauliflower rice one. I love the crockpot or the Insta pot.

Time for your Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!
Let me ask you, do you prefer an Insta pot or a crockpot? I don't often use an Instapot, mainly because I hate that the steam comes out. I feel like it's very dangerous. But I know it's not, it's just a me thing, I probably should use the Instapot.

So I gave you a link for you to look up some incredible recipes to use, that will help you dive into winter. I don't know about you, but the winter is long here in Minnesota. It just makes meals easier, and it smells so good all day. Every time we have a roast, our girls would say "Can we eat it right now? It smells amazing"... So check out the header of this video. There's a link there that will give you a whole bunch of ideas.

Do you have an incredible recipe? What do you make in your crockpot or your Insta pot? Do you have something that you use all the time or your favorite meal?. I'd love for you to share that below, and I want to know what keto questions you have. I want to know what keto, or low carb questions you have, so I'll have a whole bunch to answer tomorrow.

Sometimes I think I've given you all of my Keto tips, and everybody tunes in at different times. I'm very well aware that not everybody's on here all the time, in all of the videos. So I would love to know "Are you a beginner?", "Have you been here for a while?", "Are you just starting?", "Do you know what you're doing, but you just need a refresher?"... I'm going to pop this open real quick, this is what I'm shaking up. I shook this one up yesterday too.

I am loving these Orange flavored Liquid Ketones
Normally, I shake up the powder ones, but this one just came in the mail and I love it. It's the same thing, a little bit different, but it does the same thing. Liquid, Powder, sourer, sweeter, the liquid one has a little bit faster uptake, but all the same benefits. It's awesome!...

Share with me how long you've been here, or how long have you been on this journey? I would love to know, then along with that, what is your number one or two questions. Right now it might be around net carbs, or how to track your food, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'd love to know that.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking? Are you having people in your home?. We are doing Thanksgiving in our home with my husband's side, and it's our 17th year anniversary. We're going to be making a turkey on the Traeger grill. We have one of those, it's kind of like a smoker, it takes that long. We're also going to be making a whole bunch of meat, and then everybody else is bringing things to go along with it. We are hosting which means I get to be in control of a lot of food, and that is perfect for us...

What about you? Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Do you need Thanksgiving ideas and recipes? I've been sharing them over the last few days. If you're looking for different things like cauliflower, mashed potatoes, if you want to do those things, I have a lot of those on the page. I can go and collect them all and put them in one spot for you. Maybe I'll do that today, I'll get you a whole bunch of ideas and post those. You can just kind of click-through if you're looking for some better options. Yesterday we talked about choosing "Either", "Or"... If you go into the holidays you don't need to be eating all the way up to the holiday, on the holiday, and then all the way up to the next one.

Your options for the Holidays? "Either", "Or"
If you are wanting to still eat better, not perfect, but still be able to enjoy yourself. I say choose "Either", "Or"... Like the Apple pie, or the pumpkin pie? you don't need both. Potatoes or bread? You don't really need both. Do you want this or that? Just giving you some ideas of an "Either", "Or" option.

But I really do want to know? What are your keto or ketone or low carb questions? That way I've got some stuff to answer tomorrow. I'm drinking my ketones right now, and I love them. I actually love this flavor. What is this? It's my Mom Fuel, it could also be a Dad Fuel or People Fuel. You just put it in water, drink it, and in under an hour your body's in ketosis. You can make ketones, I mean your body can make them if you do the diet.

A strict keto diet for a certain period of time, which is under twenty carbs a day. For some people, it only takes a few days, but for some people, it takes a week to get into ketosis.

When your body makes ketones, it becomes a fuel source. Your body can run off of glucose or ketones, but Ketones are brain fuel. Most people say, "I just want some fat loss"... Well, ketones are not just about fat loss, it's a helper, and a hundred percent it's a tool. Yes! Ketones help with your energy, that's why I call it my Mom Fuel. It's brain fuel, so it helps with your focus and appetite control. It also helps with muscle preservation, if you're an athlete. It helps with you keeping your muscle, it helps with your digestion, helps with your skin, and so many other things. That's because your body is not running off of all the garbage, like sugar, and processed bread. I tell people, hands down, my favorite benefit is the energy. I love it, and I will never not drink it. We've got a ton of research on the product, so if you want to know more about my mom fuel, just post five in the comments.

Ask me any of your Keto or Low Carb Questions
Post five in the comments, and I'm going to ask you questions about your goals. Do you understand ketones? I want you to watch these great videos. There's a couple of videos I want you to watch that will explain the product. You can learn about it, and then we can talk about trialing it, and all of those things.

That is that about my Mom Fuel, but for those who've been asking for the reboot, it is still available for a couple more days. We will start this Reboot on Sunday, November 14. It's a 60 Hour Keto Reboot. So we will do a 60 hour fast, and you will need to drink everything in the kit. You've got your ketones, your breakfast, your lunch, your electrolytes, and you're pills. It's all in the kit, and it will help to reset your metabolism... If you want to do that, let me know, just post "Reboot" in the comments and we will chat.

Otherwise, I want all of your Keto questions, post them below so I can come back tomorrow and answer them for you. Make sure you check the header of this video because there is a link to give you 50 different crockpot meals. I think that's it. I'll make sure to gather all of the Thanksgiving recipes that we have, so you can have them in one post. Then you can decide if you want to make something that's a better option for you.
We will be doing a rapid Q&A tomorrow

Whether it's a dessert or the cauliflower-mashed potatoes... Has anybody made those? We have done both because not everybody that's eating with us cares about that. We've done different things like keto cheesecakes, all of the meat is great, and the veggies are great. We always have a salad, because I'm not a bread person, and I don't care about the buns.

If there's something that I'm going to splurge on, it's going to be mashed potatoes and apple pie. Those probably are the two things that I would go for, "I'm going to have that"...

So I'm always here to help, just reach out with your questions. I want you to post your questions below so that tomorrow we can do a rapid-fire Q&A and I'm going to hit them all. So I hope you guys have a great day. Continue to tune in for different recipes, tips, tricks, and ideas. Share your favorite crockpot meals. That's all I've got, I'm going to go drink my Mom Fuel and finish homeschooling our kids. Our girls have Wednesday night church tonight, and that's it. I hope you guys have a great day! Thank you for always tuning in, your presence matters to me. I love seeing you ask questions, I love seeing the people who are consistently here, it helps me share. So I appreciate you, have a great day. We'll talk to you soon.

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