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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 16): "Alternatives to Stress Eating" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

If you're emotional, if you're stressed, if you are exhausted, if you're bored, whatever the case may be. If you find yourself naturally gravitating towards food, we're going to give you some different options. The biggest key is awareness, and it's asking yourself if you're hungry. Removing the temptation and then you're going to find things to replace the food and we're going to change the pattern.

Points to Ponder:

02:13 Stress Eating

02:16 Learn to Change the Pattern

02:51 Know Your Triggers

03:10 Ask Yourself: "Am I hungry?"

03:55 What Does Sugar Do?

04:13 Make Yourself Drink a Glass of Water

04:33 Remove Yourself from the Temptation

04:49 Go Do Something that's Going to Break the Pattern

05:15 A List of Different Things You Can Do

06:54 The Biggest Key is Awareness

07:25 Food Ends Up Being a Reward

07:57 Keto Nat Flavor of the Day: Berry Blue

08:05 Super Cool Little Trial Kit

09:04 Benefits of Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page and to your two o'clock tasting in your Keto tip. Today we are going to talk about some different things that you can do, instead of emotionally eating. So if you're emotional, if you're stressed, if you are exhausted, if you're bored, whatever the case may be. If you find yourself naturally gravitating towards food, we're going to give you some different options. And so, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I am tuning in from the lovely state of Minnesota, and it is actually really warm out today. I don't want to say it'll be our last warm day, but the the warm days are coming to an end. Supposed to get down into the 60's, which is great, but it's 88 right now and crazy windy...

How to change the Pattern of Stress Eating?

So I'm going to shake up my mom fuel, I normally stir it up if you watch me every day. But today, we're shaking it up, in probably sixteen ounces of water. So how is your day and what is the weather like? I know it's like a common question, but I genuinely am curious where you're from. And I seriously want to know what the weather is like. Right now it is so windy that if the kids were to go jump in our Lake, they would just get blown to the side, so windy.

Today was already a decided cleaning day, and I'm taking a break to talk to you and shake up my Mom Fuel because I really want one. I was done dusting and vacuuming for the moment. So maybe you're watching football, are there any football fans on here? I'm not a football fan. But I mean, I'll watch it. We live in Minnesota, so we should probably be cheering for the Vikings. Who are you cheering for, if you're a football fan? A lot of football fans, a fun Sunday football right? I said Sunday cleaning day...

So we're going to talk real quick about if you're emotional, bored, stressed, or just simply emotional. Ladies, if it's that time of the month, or whatever the case may be where you find yourself stress eating. Let's figure out what to do, we're going to learn to change the pattern and not stress eat but do something else.

I'm going to give you some ideas, but if you have found something that works for you, then I'd love for you to share below. I'll give you an example... Oftentimes, if you are bored, angry or emotional, you'll find yourself naturally gravitating to the kitchen, the vending machine, the office drawer or to the employee lounge where there's always donuts or whatever the case may be. And so first of all, you need to know your triggers, like "What what sets you off?", "What makes you angry?", "What makes you emotional?". If you're bored then you're bored, or you're just going to have to figure it out. But whatever the trigger is, there's different things you can do instead of instinctively going towards food.

Always ask yourself "Am I Hungry?"
The first thing you could do is ask yourself "Am I hungry?"... I say this all the time, so ask yourself. When you grab some food or no matter what the case may be, you should ask yourself this question.

Because then you'll find yourself asking the same question in situations like when you're bored, stressed or when you're emotional. And you're going to be like "Am I hungry?", "I'm supposed to ask myself am I hungry?". And the answer would be "No!", "I'm mad", "I'm bored", "I'm stressed out or I'm tired", "Why am I in this kitchen? I don't need any food"... So ask yourself the question "Am I hungry". And then different things like, you got to change the pattern. Patterns like, if I feel a certain way, I always grab a doughnut. If I feel a certain way, I always go to the candy drawer, I always grab a soda or I go to the vending machine.

Because what does sugar do? Sugar hits your system and it makes you happy. It's kind of like a drug and then you feel fine for a little bit, but only until you meet that next hit.

So we're going to change that pattern and I'm going to give you an example. Instead of grabbing something when you walk into the kitchen, try to make yourself drink a glass of water every time you're in there. So it would be like "I'm not hungry, I'm going to drink a glass of water", "If I drink a glass of water, maybe it'll take that little craving or that emotion away" or "I'm not hungry, I need to go do something else". Sometimes, people will say go do ten jumping jacks...

Remove yourself from the temptation. Remove the temptation out of the drawer. Remove the temptation out of the kitchen, out of the office or remove yourself. So ask yourself if you're hungry, remove yourself and then go do something that's going to break the pattern.

Go for a walk around the block, do ten jumping jacks, just walk outside to the mailbox and get some fresh air. .. I was just doing some research, you could read a book. If it's in the evenings, I often will say shut the light off in the kitchen, because you're not going to eat and sit on the couch and munch all night. Go take a bath, read a book or call a friend... So I wrote down a whole bunch of different things that you could do instead of emotionally eating. I wrote down:

A list of Alternative things you can do, to avoid Stress Eating
  • Workout

  • Go for a walk

  • Take out the temptations

  • Healthier options in your home or your office (Have healthier options, because if you're going to snack you might as well grab something healthy)

  • Drink a glass of water

  • Call a friend

  • Read a book

  • Go journal (write it down, write down your feelings)

  • Brush your teeth (That helps a lot, when you find yourself in the kitchen)

  • Pop some gum or grab some mouthwash

  • Play Music

  • Smell lavender (I read this online but I've never done that before) Apparently it's supposed to change the way that your brain is processing something, whether it's a craving or an emotion. Maybe you need to keep some lavender in your pocket. I've never tried it, you should try it. Has anybody tried it?...

And so those are a couple ideas of how to get your focus to go somewhere else, and not constantly shoving or feeding your emotions with food. Or because the clock says to eat, you're bored or whatever the case may be. Is this making sense? Does anybody have anything that's helped them along the way? If you say "Yes, I used to always emotionally eat and now I do this instead", so what is that?...

Alright! So the biggest key is awareness, and it's asking yourself if you're hungry. Removing the temptation and then you're going to find things to replace the food.

Because if we can get our mind to focus on things like "Food is Fuel", "Food is Energy", "I want to feed myself the best I can" and not "Food is a Reward... Because how many of you here are like "If I finish this test or if I finish the semester, I'm going to have this". Have you ever found that usually food ends up being a reward. So it's replacing the reward, we're not even talking about emotions, but if you can find a different reward instead of food. Things like buying a new shirt or getting my toes done, different things like that... So I hope that's making sense. I'd love to know if you have any tips or tricks, advice or ideas around that conversation.

This is our very Cool Trial Kit that you can try
And also if you want to know about my Mom Fuel that I drink every single day, it's called Keto Nat. I drink one or two a day and there's caffeine and caffeine free. I do different trials, so if you want to know more about the trial, we have this super cool little kit. It opens up and it tells you what Ketones are.

We do three, and we do lots of different numbers, but this is what it looks like, a variety of flavors. I've been drinking them for six years, if you want to know more post five in the comments. It puts you in Ketosis in under an hour. So you shake it up just like I did, and if you want more water, it can be less sweet. If you want less water the it's little bit more sweet. It puts you in Ketosis in under an hour and it is incredible! We have the only naturally fermented Ketone.

So I've been drinking it for six years and I joke with a whole bunch of people that I haven't taken an nap in six years. I feel incredible! It's not a magic pill, it is a tool. You don't have to be Strict Keto, a majority of people that are drinking Ketones are low carb or maybe they would say they're lazy keto. I've got a lot of people that are paleo and whole thirty. So if you want to know more about this, here's a couple benefits...

It helps with fat loss. Why? Because it helps you with your energy to get up and move. It helps you with your appetite and your craving control. Which is huge, so you're not eating out of emotions. Ketones turn your brain on, and there's science and data to prove it. It turns your brain on, it helps you make better decisions, you feel great, helps with digestion, muscle preservation and so much more.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out always

So if you want to know more, if you want a trial kit, or if you just want to watch some videos, I want to help you. Post five in the comments, and we are going to chat. I'm going to ask you questions like what are your goals? How are you eating? I'd love to give you a foods list. How can I help you watch this video? What do you think? We've got different trials, so let me know what questions you have.

And I hope you share, if there's anything that really worked for you on emotional eating, eating out of habit or eating out of boredom, or stress. Whatever it is that you find yourself eating, when you're not hungry, or when you really shouldn't be or you don't need to be eating. What works for you to get your mindset shifted on something else. I gave you some ideas and I hope you guys have an incredible day. If you are watching football, enjoy your football. If you're cleaning your house like me, I hope you get it Spic and span. Anyways, I'm going to clean because we have a super busy, incredible, amazing week coming up.

Have a wonderful day. I appreciate you all, always reach out and ask questions and we'll talk to you soon.

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