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Whoever said that when you make a main meal, you need two sides and a dessert?. Who said that? "Time to Change the Norm". I truly believe that we do things just because it's always been done. But just because you've always done it, doesn't mean you always have to do it.

Points to Ponder:

00:22 We do Things Because it's Always Been Done

01:01 Flavor of the day: Maui Punch

01:39 Thanksgiving story

02:56 There was no Rhyme or Reason

03:19 How my Mom Made our Meals

03:43 Who says we have to have Two Sides

04:08 When you Go Out to Eat

04:45 I was the Queen of Cake and Cookie

05:15 Challenge: Pay Attention to Why You Do Things

05:39 Overeating and Portion Control

06:39 Don't Eat if You're Not Hungry

07:01 You Can Overeat Good Food

07:34 Having Cravings

08:02 Benefits of Ketones

08:17 Ketones help with Appetite Control

08:42 Couple more Tips: Control Cravings

09:45 Recap on Today's Topics

10:13 Other Helpful Tips

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip! My name is Stephanie, and welcome to the Keto Mom page. We're going to talk about "Whoever said that when you make a main meal, you need two sides and a dessert?". Who said that? Time to Change the Norm. I truly believe that we do things just because it's always been done, or maybe that's the way that we grew up. "Grandma always did it that way", "My mom or my dad always made it that way", "We always had dessert after supper", "We always had two side dishes with our meal".... Why do we do the things that we do today? Why do you do it? I'll give you an example, I'll tell you a story real quick. First of all as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm going to give you a Keto tip and an extra flavor till I get more in the mail.

Repeat Flavor: Maui Punch

But I'm going to shake up "Maui Punch" my mom fuel which I drink it every single day. I drink, usually two in the day, but for the first year, I only drank one a day. So it's a powder, you put it in some water and then you shake or stir it. I stir, it but most people shake it. I love it! Lots of flavors and I'll share more about them at the end. If you want to know more at any point in time, just post five in the comments. It puts you in Ketosis in under an hour and it's incredible. The energy's unbelievable, Fat Loss, Focus and so much more. So we'll talk about that in a little bit.

Have you guys ever heard the story? Thanksgiving in the States is coming up. If you're from Canada (hello Canada) or any other parts of the world, you celebrate your own Thanksgiving. But the United States will celebrate our Thanksgiving here in a couple months.

My question to you is "Who cuts off the ends of the ham before you put it in the oven?"... Have you ever cut off the end of the ham before putting it in the oven? Or do you ever find yourself doing certain traditions, and then somebody asks "Why do you do that?" And you go "I don't know, grandma did it"...

So I heard a pastor one time ask his mom, as they all were getting Thanksgiving ready. They were getting a ham ready, they cut off both ends, put the ham in the pan and put it in the oven. And the pastor asked his Mom "Why do you cut off the ends of the ham and put it in the oven? Why don't you use the whole thing?"... And the mom said "I don't know, grandma did it that way and the other grandma did it that way". And then he went to ask grandma, or the great great grandma. The grandma said "Well, I had to cut off the ends of the ham because I didn't have a big enough pan to put the whole ham in, so it just fit in my oven that way"... There was no rhyme or reason! There was not a reason to cut off the ends of the ham. It was only because she didn't have a big enough pan, but everybody down the line did the same thing that grandma did. I thought that's so funny... Because oftentimes we cook a certain way, we eat a certain way, we eat at certain places, because our parents did, that was the way we grew up, or it was in our environment.

Just because everybody did it, you need to do it too

And so I grew up and my mom would make a meal, but we always would have two sides. We would have a veggie, maybe a starch or we would always have some bread on the table. And you can for sure, bet we had a dessert.

That's how I grew up cooking for my husband for years, until he wanted to lose fifty pounds. So he wanted to do the Keto diet, and I thought to myself one day as I was making food "Who says we have to have two sides?"...

Somebody asked me a while ago as I was making a steak. I put the steak in the airfryer, and we were going to have that for supper. Somebody asked what we were having for sides, and I said "Nothing". She was like "Why?", and I said, to her the steak fills me up and I'm fine with just the steak. It baffled her, and then I thought to myself "Why do we always have to have sides?"...

When you go out to eat, do you ever look at the amount of food on your plate? Because it's usually a ridiculous amount, and then you feel like you have to eat it all, because you paid for it. But then do you ever think to yourself that all of that food is in your stomach?

Here's my tip... I shared all of the stories, so just because you did something a certain way in the past, your family did or because we always have two sides. We always have bread with our supper, we always have a dessert after, or we have to have a dessert... For the first five years of our marriage, I was the queen of cake and cookie. There was never not a sheet cake on our counter, and I justified eating it every single night because there always had to be a straight line. So I go into the kitchen at night, make sure the line was really. Even if I accidentally ate too much, I'd have to go all the way across to make sure it was even. It's how I grew up, we always had dessert and we always had Debbie snacks. But just because I did that earlier, does not mean I have to do that today.

So my challenge to you is "Pay attention to why you do things"...
Ketones actually help you with Craving Control

Why do you eat certain things? Do you always have to have bread and butter on the table? Because my husband's grandparents do. Why do you always have to have bread and butter? You don't need that!... So here's the deal, and all of that boils down to one thing "Overeating and Portion Control".

Something that we've done is use smaller plates to help with portion control. You don't have to make a three to five course meal every single evening. You don't have to have two sides and a dessert. It's okay sometimes to just have a burger, or just two burger patties by itself. And even if you don't have any veggie, it's okay.

Sometimes it's okay to just have a salad, and you might not even have any protein on it. But if you're sustained, if you feel fine, and you're not hungry, then you are going to be okay. So I don't know if I need to give somebody permission to go "You don't have to make two sides", "You don't have to have the bread on the counter", "You don't have to make a dessert, even a keto dessert"...

Because if you've heard me share for any point in time, I usually say two things. I say number one "Do not eat if you're not hungry". Do not fill your plate, because you're going to eat all of it. You can always go back for seconds, and that's why we use smaller plates. And number two "You can Overeat Good Food".

You can overeat keto snacks. If you're not hungry, and you're over consuming food, even good food, you are overeating. Therefore you're not going to reach your goals as fast, because your body is still having too much fuel. So don't think your plate looks small, or it's only six ounces of meat. But if six ounces of meat and some veggies make you feel satisfied, then you don't have to go get more. You don't have to have the extra side, and you don't have to have the keto dessert at the end. If you're having cravings after supper, here's my biggest tip besides drinking Ketones.

Believe me, brushing your teeth after supper helps with Cravings too

By the way some of you ask what's in my cup, it's quite pretty. It's very delicious, it's Ketones! I've been drinking it, and it's so good. I've been drinking this for six years, so if you want to know more about Ketones, just post five in the comments and I'll send you some videos. I'd love to chat with you about your goals, what you're working towards, and how I can give you a foods list.

The energy is great and I help thousands of people with fat loss and focus. It's a brain fuel and not a magic pill, it's a tool. All right! Your body can make Ketones or you can drink them. I love it! So I tell people in the evenings, Ketones help with appetite control.

These help with cravings, and so sometimes I'll drink a small little pack if I'm really craving something but I don't want to eat it. Like half a pack of caffeine free, so this comes in caffeine and caffeine free. There's lots of things that you can do, but here's the best tip. I should have saved this for a different day, you're getting a whole bunch of tips. If you go to my stories, my daughter gave you a tip on dressing today and she was quite surprised. But here's the tip, I promise you it works... So right after supper, if you don't have the sheet cake like I did in front of my face every day, years and years ago.

Go brush your teeth, go floss your teeth, or go do your nightly routine. If you don't floss your teeth, start flossing your teeth. Go brush, floss, use a mouthwash, scrape your tongue. Yes, I scrape my tongue. It's gross if you don't, because it causes bad breath. So go do your nightly routine, and you're going to find that when you brush your teeth and use a mouthwash, you're out of the kitchen, out of sight out of mind and the cravings go away.

"I don't think I need that cookie", "I'm not actually hungry", "I'm quite satisfied", "I'm going to go drink some water", "The kitchen lights are out so I'm not going to snack all night", "I am done and therefore I am on track for my goals"... If you're just tuning in, I hope you had a great day so far. I did write this on my cute little tip board. We talked about "You don't need two sides and a dessert", "Why you think the way that you think" and "Portion Control, use smaller plates". "Don't think that you have to do something a certain way, just because you did it all the time", "If you aren't not hungry, you don't need to eat", "You don't need to force feed yourself" and "You should drink Ketones"... They're so great!

Just remember all these things, and you will be okay

Seriously brush your teeth after you're done eating or grab a piece of gum. If you're at the office, you don't want to go into the employee lounge or wherever you work. If there's always treats, it's okay to chew some gum or get some mints. Sometimes, I'll take a little bit of peppermint oil, or actual oil, and drop it on my tongue. It's quite potent, it totally works and you'll have good breath.

So I think you guys are great. I hope you have a great day. Just because you've always done it doesn't mean you always have to do it. So I'd love to know before we go, if you have any great tips that have helped you on this keto journey or share a number one tip with somebody, so everybody can scroll through and look at your tip. What tip would you share? Like here's my number one Keto tip that helped me on my journey to better... I'd love for you to share below and I'd love for you to press the share button. Always tune in and message me with your questions. I'm here to help and I am always going to answer your question. So reach out and I hope you guys have a great day. I appreciate you. I'll I will talk to you later.

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