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"THE TRAVELER'S GIFT" (Last Chapter): The Final Conclusion | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

I'm a person of great faith, I'm going to go after what I want. I'm not going to give up, I'm not going to almost reach it and then drop it. I'm not going to almost get it and then give up or quit. Because the only way you fail is if you quit. If you have a bad day, a bad week or even a bad year... You can keep going down that road or you can pick yourself back up and start again.

Points to Ponder

00:55 Three winners announced

02:08 Your mindset

02:42 Last chapter: Recap

03:42 Seven Decisions

03:48 No more blaming your past

04:08 I am a person of action

05:03 I will forgive myself

06:12 Move you to Action

06:53 The only way you fail is if you Quit

07:15 Three reminders of the day

07:30 Work on Eating Better

08:01 Don't mess up good for Perfect

08:48 Do not eat if you're not Hungry

09:26 We are a Creature of Habit

09:49 Keep it Simple

10:57 Make Better Choices

11:01 The Lifestyle approach

Full Episode Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. We've got a couple things to go over, we are finishing "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews and we're moving on to the next book in August. I'll still do lives in the morning, but I think I'm going to start doing more lives in the evenings as well again. We are on the last chapter, and I'll be giving you three reminders to help you on your low carb Keto journey. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your day going? I sat at a table or a booth, doing like a little vendor festival fair thing all morning and afternoon. Sharing ketones with people and having them taste test them and just helping people on their journey. That was a lot of fun, and that was my morning.

We also have three winners announced. The winners were people that were reading the book right along with us and then shared their takeaways in the comments. We have a Debbie Baldes, Laura Wall and Cassie Weaver. You won mom fuel, or Ketones, so I need your address.
Welcome to the last day of our Book 4 session

Send me your address, I'm going to send you some Mom Fuel in the mail. We are diving into the very last chapter of the book. So if you have been following us in the mornings, we are going through a book together. You can say it's the Keto Mom Book Club. Basically I'm picking a book, go over the chapters with you and share my favorite highlights. I also love it when people share as well, a lot of people have been sharing what they loved about the book and their biggest takeaways as they have joined us. So whether you follow me every morning, sometimes in the afternoon if my mornings are busy, or you're reading the book with us and sharing.

I truly believe that if your mindset is right, you are going to have better success in your health journey.

I love to say lifestyle, some of you probably will say a diet. But whatever it is to you, if you have the right mindset, then you're going to find yourself reaching, accomplishing your goals, and having more success, because your mindset is correct. You're putting positivity and the power of your words and all of those things. So anyways, the book was incredible, and the last chapter recaps the entire book. I'll tell you the story, it was about a man who wasn't having very much success in his life. This book is based on story form, and our main character got into a car accident. You don't know if he was dreaming, or if he had passed away, or if he's in a coma. Whatever it was, he had a car accident, and he was travelling through history in the past.

He was learning Seven Decisions to help him on his personal journey to success. So he was given Seven Perspectives, Seven things to think about to help him on his personal journey to success.
Seven Decisions to your personal journey to success.

In this last chapter, he woke up, so he must have been in a coma. And he was startled, but he reviewed and wrote down the Seven Things that he was taught. I'm going to read them to you, David went through history and he met some key figures in history.

They taught him these things... Number one, "The buck stops here". I am responsible for my past and my future. No more blaming your past, no more blaming people, but truly taking ownership of your life and your choices from here on out. Number two, "I will seek wisdom and I will be a servant to others". I will seek wisdom, I will surround myself with people who build me up, and who encouraged me, who I want to be like.

Number three, "I am a person of action". I seize the moment, I choose now, I don't wait till later.

I'm not a person that watches and learns, writes everything down and then never takes action. Because if you don't take action, you're not going to get to the goals you want to achieve. You learn, you act. You learn, you put in place. You learn, you do. That is the secret, consistently over and over again. Number four, "I have a decided heart". My destiny is assured, I'm not wavering. I'm not going to live out of fear. I have faith that I'm going to do it and I'm going to see it through.

Number five, "Today I will choose to be happy". I am the possessor of a grateful spirit. You choose to be happy, or you choose to be crappy. You choose, your life is a choice. The decisions you make every single day are a choice, good or bad.

Number six, "I will greet the day with a forgiving spirit". I will forgive myself, which a lot of you probably need to do. If you think of where you were, or have been in the past and where you are today, you might have to walk through some forgiveness... There's a lady that I met today, and she was chatting about Ketones. We were talking about her lifestyle, and she said "Listen, I did this. I did it prior to the whole last year and a half, before our whole world got shaken. I am regretting the decisions that I made over the last year and a half. I feel like garbage, I should not have done it. I know better"... And I said to her "Guess what? You know better. You know how to eat, you've already done it in the past. Now you have to make the decision. It's a choice. And so today's a new day, and sometimes it takes being disgusted"... We learned this last night, I was at a visionary class last night. Dream boarding in a different sense, not like the average dream board. It was super cool.

You will not fail if you Don't Quit

So sometimes it takes being so disgusted in yourself and where you're at. It might be physically it might be financially, it might be relationships. Whatever it is that, it's going to move you to action. Sometimes it takes getting into the lowest of the low, disgusted, and whatever situation you're in before, for you to say I am done, I have to do something different. It's taking ownership, forgiving yourself, and moving on.

Number seven, "I will persist without exception". I'm a person of great faith, I'm going to go after what I want. I'm not going to give up, I'm not going to almost reach it and then drop it. I'm not going to almost get it and then give up or quit. Because the only way you fail is if you quit.

If you have a bad day, a bad week or even a bad year... You can keep going down that road or you can pick yourself back up and start again. A lot of you are here for your health and fitness, you're going to start again and start over. Here are my three reminders for the day. Number one, whether you're on a low carb diet, low carb lifestyle, keto or lazy keto, some of you are whole thirty, some of you are paleo, I don't care. "I want you to work on eating better". One of those things is truly looking at what you're drinking too, because people underestimate the amount of sugar they are drinking. So a reminder for you today is "Drink more water". Look at your water intake, if you aren't drinking enough water, look at what you are drinking and evaluate how much sugar you're having. Just make it an awareness that you might have to change some things. Number two, "Don't mess up good for perfect". There is no perfect, there's no perfect time, or perfect anything. It's about learning something new and putting it into action. Saying no to this, and making a better choice. Saying yes to this, because you've got goals and visions and dreams. So don't mess up good for perfect, and do something. Choose the broccoli, and go work out. Choose to hold your tongue, and read something that's going to fuel your mind right. Choose to put down the sugary drink and pick up the water. The decision is yours. You are where you are today because of your choices and decisions.

Three reminders on your Keto diet or lifestyle
Lastly, and I say this all the time, "Do not eat if you're not hungry".

It's very basic and very simple. If you need to understand one thing, your body is going to tell you when you're hungry. You don't need to be snacking all day. You don't need to eat every two hours to keep your metabolism going. Most people overeat and more people overeat good food. I'll have people that send me their food meals, and everything they eat, every single day.

And I usually ask "Are you hungry? Why are you eating all those fat bombs? Did you need to have that snack at two, at four and after dinner? No!... We are such a creature of habit. Because it's in front of you, you grab it. You're bored, you grab it. The clock says to eat, I must eat. There's leftover food on my kid's plates, I probably should eat it. Waste not, want not, and you're saying you shouldn't be wasting food, so don't dish your kids up so much food.

Don't supersize, Buns off burgers, croutons off the salad. Just keep it simple. People get so overwhelmed with the thought of having to start something new, that they just forget one meal at a time and one day at a time. One choice at a time, you're only eating one meal at a time. When breakfast comes around, you're either going to intermittent fast, or choose eggs, bacon or sausage. When lunch comes around, you're going to grab a burger with no buns, a salad or some meat and veggies, super simple. When supper comes around, less pasta, bread and potatoes. Grab some more veggies and protein, and you don't need to snack. If I'm going to snack, I'll grab a handful of almonds, maybe a hard boiled egg or maybe some pickles.

You might get bored with your food. But somebody said this to me the other day, "You know what? It is sometimes hard to eat healthy, but it's hard to be overweight. It's hard to make better choices sometimes, until you really truly get into the routine of it. But it's harder to be overweight and I feel like garbage"...
Everyday is a choice to be better

So both are hard. But guess what, you can for sure, a hundred percent, work through it. To make better choices and to feel better, which is going to keep you going longer. It's going to keep the lifestyle approach because you feel great. So choose your heart and choose your battle. Remember why you're doing this, drink more water, be aware of the sugary drinks you're drinking. Don't mess up good for perfect. Don't eat if you're not hungry, and listen to your body.

I'm going to be doing morning and evening LIVES, which are shorter, to give you more specific tips. So that you can pop on, watch, take action and put it into play. I hope you guys have an incredible day and thank you for tuning in. I'd love for you to press the share button. Sharing is caring so you can help other people on their journey. That's all I've got for you. If you have specific Keto questions, ask below and reach out to me with your questions. Otherwise, continue to tune into the page.

I'm always here to help. Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon

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