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KETO - Diet or Lifestyle? Things you must know | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

"I wish I would have known that this is a lifestyle, not a diet"... If you can get that into your head, then you are going to stick with it long term. You're going to be more apt to take baby steps, and you're going to find yourself not quitting. You're going to find yourself being okay with learning and growing, and not getting to the end destination of the wedding or the vacation or the swimsuit season. Because you're going to feel so good, you're going to want to keep going.

Points to Ponder

01:33 Difference between low carb and starchy vegetables

02:09 Not a one size fits all

03:24 Whole foods option

03:53 Eating too much dairy

05:09 This is a lifestyle, not a diet

05:37 Importance of drinking water

06:26 How easy is it to fall out of ketosis

07:51 Give myself some time and some grace

08:55 This lifestyle isn't bad for you

10:18 How I used to eat

11:48 The Keto diet was originally made for medical reasons

12:54 Stay off the scale

15:16 How much patience I need

15:46 A one percent choice every day

15:58 Do not give up

16:28 Get your mindset right

18:06 They might not actually be Keto

18:13 R.A.S

19:28 Do not to eat all the Keto snacks

19:58 Do not eat if you're not hungry

20:53 One day at a time, one meal at a time

20:58 The tip is to flip

22:18 Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we are going to dive into "What I wish I knew when I was starting this Keto journey". We're going to dive into that question, and there's actually tons of questions that you shared with me, when I posted something the other day about a very basic question... "Share with me, what do you wish that you knew when you started this low carb, Keto journey". There's a couple of them that I wrote down, that I want to go over to help bring some more explanation to why you wish you knew that. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, I would love for you to press the share button, because sharing is caring. And there's lots of other people that would just love to help, have some input or ideas or help on their Keto journey. So I hope you're having an incredible day, we are having an incredible day, we thought it was going to storm out and then our storm lasted 3.5 seconds. We've got some hair issues, like always, and now it's beautiful, and sunny and hot.

I hope everybody is having a great day!

So we currently live in Minnesota, we have four daughters, we have been on this low carb, Keto journey for six years as a family, my husband started about eight or nine years ago. So I'm going to dive into some questions or some statements making them a question, to give you some input. So we're gonna do this quickly, but I do want to cover some of them. So number one, was I wish I knew... So as we're going along, "I wish I would have known this before I started", post those in the comments. "I wish I would have known the difference between vegetables that are more low carb and vegetables that are starchy"... So somebody said, I wish I would have known that I really should not have been eating carrots, sweet potatoes, corn and all the tomatoes that I want.

And some of you might be going "Whoa sweet potatoes are fine, right?"... I want you to know, in all of that I ever talked about, whether it's alive or a picture, or anything that we share, this Keto journey is your keto journey, it's not somebody else's. So one of the comments was, "I wish I would have known that this is not a one size fits all"... But I can't just go by a diet Keto plan and make it work for me, the same way it's going to work for my husband, or my best friend, because everybody's different. They've got different metabolisms, and different athletic performance or different amount that they work out. Or maybe you sit more of an office space, maybe you're older or younger. It just, there's so many differences, so you can't physically go buy a "Here's your guide to doing Keto", and your best friend, your husband and your grandma are not going to do the same thing. So it's just a great awareness, there's things that I'll talk about that some of you might go, "That's fine for me" but others of you will not say that.

Because some of you are on a very strict Keto diet, and some of you would consider yourself more low carb, lazy Keto, or dirty Keto, while everybody else is completely fine on whatever works for you. And so when I say, "I wish I would have known that I should not be eating carrots, peas and sweet potatoes"... That would be somebody that's on a strict Keto diet. There's a lot of people who feel great eating any vegetable, they've gotten rid of all of the processed junk, and they're going for more of a low carb, whole foods option.

So I want you to hear me on that, now, for those of you who are just starting on carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and all those things... Yes they're a whole food option, but they're more of a starchy vegetables, so they've got a higher carb content.
You can overeat good food

Next one, "I wish I would have known (this is for you women), that I should not eat so much dairy"... And this is something that I talked about almost every single day with a handful of women, like "I'm drinking my fat coffee in the morning, and sometimes I have two or three cups"... So I'll ask to walk me through what you eat through the day, and what happens is I see a repetitive dairy cheese snack, three cups of coffee with heavy cream, whipped cream for a snack because it's sugar free. And I know you don't love to hear this, but dairy can cause a stall, it could cause you to feel more bloated. So when you dive into this lifestyle, it's easy to look at all the recipes and go "I want that and I want that"...

A lot of them are very dairy heavy free, but I use to use a lot of cream cheese and a lot of our recipes have that in there because my kids love it. I actually can't do a ton of cream cheese, and I completely took all of the heavy cream out of anything that I eat. Unless it's a small treat that we'll have on holidays, I really don't ever use heavy cream or cream cheese. It was one of those things where we used to make a lot of fat bombs, and it was one of those like, "I can eat it, it's a fat bomb. I can eat the cheese, it's Keto, I can eat it"... You can easily over consume it, so just be aware, especially you women.

Alright, "I wish I would have known that this is a lifestyle, not a diet"... If you can get that into your head, then you are going to stick with it long term. You're going to be more apt to take baby steps, and you're going to find yourself not quitting. You're going to find yourself being okay with learning and growing, and not getting to the end destination of the wedding or the vacation or the swimsuit season. Because you're going to feel so good, you're going to want to keep going.
It can be a lifestyle, if you want it long term

So it's a lifestyle, and not a diet. "I wish I would have known how important it is to drink water, and a lot of it"... You should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water. So if you feel like you ever get a slight headache, or get cramps in your legs... For me when we travel, I have to be mindful of the water and the electrolytes that I drink, because if I don't, I will pop out of bed in the middle of the night screaming because I have like cramps.

That is when your body's in ketosis, it's flushing all of your sodium, magnesium, potassium, it's flushing all of it out. So you need water and electrolytes, and to the person that said I wish I would have known how much water I needed. It's important to keep water bottles around you, we've got water bottles all over our house at all times. It's important in general, especially during these hot days to stay hydrated, for you and your kids.

Alright, "I wish I would have known how easy it is to fall out of ketosis"...

When you're tracking your food, and you're having your body make its own ketones, I drink ketones, by the way... I drink them and my body makes them It just depends, I'm usually pretty high protein and protein can kick you out of ketosis. I'll tell you why I eat more protein in a second. But if you track your food for a certain period of time, we had it for a while to where I wanted to visibly see what I was eating, but I do not do it anymore. If you're tracking your food, and then you're pricking your finger to see if you're in ketosis, you'll notice that if you eat starchy vegetables, or eat too many vegetables, too much protein, and if you're stressed, there are so many things that will knock you out of ketosis if you're truly tracking. Now, if your goal is low carb and do the best that you can, then you're probably not tracking all of that, but it is very easy to fall out. Hence why I drink Ketones.

Alright, next one "I wish I would have known to give myself some time and some grace"...

So one girl said like "I am not my husband, my husband does not have my hormones"... You cannot compare your journey to your spouse, boyfriend, dad or your co worker. Women, it is very important that you don't compare yourself, even to your best friend, because everybody is so different. My body processes food differently than my husband's body. And we both know that, so he actually has to be stricter than I have to be, and he hates that. But he jokes like "She can eat all the food that I eat, and I gained five pounds, and she could lose five"... I'm just giving you like a silly awareness. But it's true, his body is different than my body, so he just has to be more aware. So don't get frustrated, don't get overwhelmed, don't quit because, just because somebody else lost ten pounds and you haven't.

I need a lot of you to have an awareness of something, the next one is "I wish I would have known that this lifestyle isn't bad for you"...
We all need a little awareness of what Keto really is

Has anybody ever said to you that Keto is terrible for your body? or I cannot believe that you're eating Keto, that is going to kill you... Listen, when we first started this journey, I got grief for about two years. People were mean, and if you came to me and you were like "Yo, that's bad for you, it's going to kill you" or "It's terrible for you, it's terrible for your organs"... Then I would say this to you "Okay, I hear what you're saying. You must think that I'm doing the Keto diet that's only bacon and butter, but I'm not"... I know a lot of you think bacon and butter is the Keto diet and I can eat all the fat bombs that I want. But a real Keto diet, a real low carb diet, or a real eating better lifestyle, truly is about eating protein, vegetables, more salads and adding in some avocado.

There are lots of reasons that people think that, now if you're going to go eat a whole bunch of saturated fat, you are going to have a problem. You can't just live off of bacon, you don't need to eat a pound of bacon, or put three tablespoons of butter in your coffee. So, I hear what you're saying, and if you would have seen the way that I was eating a long time ago... I used to live off of frozen pizza almost every day, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, corndogs, Debbie snacks, or out to eat. When I was pregnant with our second daughter, I would scrounge around the house to find a dollar and seven cents every single day, so I did not have to use my card.

My husband knows this, I've told him before and I would sneak up to Burger King every day on my lunch hour. I would go get myself a Hershey's chocolate pie, because I just needed it. It was a dollar and seven cents, and I needed it for every single day of my nine months of pregnancy. Now would you have called me out, if you knew I was eating that?
Call out somebody for not eating heathy!

Do you ever walk up to somebody in McDonald's or a fast food restaurant and go "You really should not have supersize that, it's not gonna help", "Oh hey! I saw you grab your second or third donut" or "You should really lay off the donuts"... Isn't it funny how so many people, when you decide to make that choice to be better, how they will try to pull you down? So listen, I think that swapping off all that crap food for more salad, more protein, some avocado and just eating better, taking the buns off the burger and the croutons off the salad.

Now, just so you know, the Keto diet was originally made for medical reasons.

There are people that are on it for medical reasons, so let's just be real here. Most people are not Keto, 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs for a very long time. Because there's life, and there's birthday parties, there's summer vacation, there's life. So oftentimes people will go in and out of ketosis, unless you're on it for a medical reason, and unless you can prove me wrong, and you've been on it for a long time. I'm going to guess you haven't made it to a long, extensive time to really feel like, this is terrible, or you need a lot of water. And let me tell you this, if you are doing a super strict Keto diet, and you don't feel like you're doing it right, ask a nutritionist, ask somebody that knows what they're doing. I'm not a legal nutritionist, but I do know that when people try to do the diet, they don't do it right.

They don't track their food, they don't drink enough water, and they don't drink enough electrolytes. And then you might hear people say that it wasn't healthy for them, that's because they didn't do it right. All right, what else? "I wish I would have known to stay off the scale"... Okay, so here's the deal, if you're asking questions below, private message me your question and I will come back and answer them as I go through the thread later. You can always private message me, I am here to help you. Alright, "I wish I would have known that there's other victories besides the scale"... I get this everyday like, "The scale is not moving", or "I don't feel like this is working". And then I'll say "Well, tell me about the inches lost, how are your clothes fitting, how are you feeling, can you work out longer, do you feel like you can, and are you more focused throughout the day?", "How is your brain feeling, how is your body feeling"... "Oh, I feel great, I actually think my pants are a little bit looser. I feel like I can work out stronger, longer. I feel like I can lift more weights"... And so I always laugh because Lynn always says this "Scales are for fish".

The Scale is not all the victory in Keto diet
If you're going to weigh yourself, try to do it once a week, or even every two weeks. And when your body is losing fat, you might not see it on a scale right away, but you're going to notice it in how you're feeling and then it will catch up.

So don't be nervous, and again, this goes back to the last question that I just talked about. All I need you to do when somebody is either mean, hurtful, trying to make you second guess what you're doing, or if you're not seeing the scale move... I need you to take a step back, and tell yourself or remind yourself how you used to eat, remember you used to eat all the junk food and a lot of Hershey's pie and then look at what you're eating right now. It just make sense that I'm eating better foods, I'm being more aware of my foods, I'm not drinking the sugary drinks, instead I'm drinking more water. If you walk yourself through this better, doesn't it make sense that eventually it will work.

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself of how you're feeling. The next one was, "I wish I would have known how much patience I need"... You did not get to here overnight. I know this is a hard one, because some people don't want to hear this. I was listening to a podcast today, it's so good. You did not get to where you are today, overnight. I'm not trying to be mean, but you didn't gain all this weight last week, it was a one percent choice every day. It could be over the course of six months, or the last year and a half, because most of you've been at home, I get it. Somebody said "I wish I would have known that 2020 was around the corner and to not give up"... Well, we can't take it back, we can only move forward. But you didn't get to where you are today, and you're not going to get to where you want to go overnight. Your body has changed significantly in the last couple years or months, and again, there's hormones.

Time to get your mindset right

So you're going to have to be patient, and you're going to have to stick with it and you're going to have to have discipline. That's why I'm so particular and so focused on reading and helping people get their mindset right in the mornings every day. Because if you don't have this right, then none of this matters. We're. going to start over every couple of months. I heard this saying today, and I wanted to share with you... "Would you be offended if I talk to you, the way that you talk to yourself?" Think about that for a second, how do you talk to yourself on this diet or lifestyle?... Do you call yourself fat, or say that you're not going to, and you can't do this? Do you constantly look at the mirror and say how disgusted you are, and like what is going on right here?... If those became words, and I said that to you, how would you feel? There are so many times I just want to shake some people and go

"Listen, I need you to read a book, and look at yourself every single day and say I love you", even if you don't believe it.

Because if you can't get your mindset right, and if you can't get words right, then it doesn't matter what you eat, your emotions are going to take over, you're going to get frustrated, and you're telling yourself why are you here, then it's not going to work. So tune in the mornings, you'll love it. Okay, a couple more "I wish I would have known that when the food says Keto, they might not actually be Keto"... I'm going to give you an example, these Keto clusters. How many of you have realized and you just have your R.A.S? R.A.S. stands for your Reticular Activating System, like when you buy a van and you think you're the only person that has the van and all of a sudden like twenty five people drive by you by the hour and they'll have the same van. Your R.A.S was activated, your reticular activating system... It makes you feel you have something that nobody else has and everybody has it. Keto has become a popular word, but I don't think it's a fad. I actually think it's super great for you, whether it's low carb or however it works for you. But the food has become quite obvious, there are lots of things that are labeled keto, and they're labeled keto because they might qualify just from the macros. You flip it over, and you go okay you can eat sixteen pieces, and you're only going to be eating four net carbs, but there's still four sugars in here just so you know. So this does not qualify as a whole foods, strict Keto diet.

not everything Keto is Keto

I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, I'm just bringing in awareness because often, I had a whole bunch of women go "I was eating way too much Keto food, Keto snacks, it was a constant but I can eat that because it's keto. Not a big deal, it's Keto, but I'm not hungry"... And then they're still eating, and they're eating too much good calories, and that could cause a plateau.

All right, last one "I wish I would have known to keep it and to understand baby steps one day at a time, one meal at a time"... That's how we started.

Oh by the way, "The tip is to flip"... Actually, that was one of the things that somebody said "I wish I would have known to flip over and learn to read labels and just be aware of what's in your food".... If you look at this bar, there are fifteen total carbs, you can subtract fiber, which is eleven, so then we've got four. And then you can subtract sugar alcohol, which is zero, so there's four net carbs in this. So it's just being aware, giving yourself grace, taking it one day at a time, simplicity and drink some water. If it works to intermittent fast, awesome, but if not, then grab some eggs and sausage or something simple in the morning. Buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap.

Message me if you want to know about Ketones

Keep it Simple. Take out the potatoes and the pasta, add some more veggies and salads, and there you go and it will work. So those are some of the "I wish I would have known" options in that last post that I had earlier this week. I would love to know if you've got any other questions, post them in the comments. Press the share button so other people can come on and learn with you. You can always reach out to me send me a private message and I will answer it before the end of the night, I promise. So for those of you who asked me about Ketones, I drink them every single day. I've got Ketones in my system, whether I'm Keto or low carb or lazy Keto, I eat a lot of protein, mainly because I like protein.

I'm working on muscle building, although my daughter told me yesterday that I'm scrawny, in a nice way. She's thirteen, so it's fine, 'm not putting her down, we were joking on how big my muscles were. If you saw my stories, you get it. I always have Ketones in my system, so I feel great. If you want to know more about my mom fuel, just post five in the comments, and we can chat so you can get a variety of flavors. Trial it out, it's incredible, and I've been drinking it for six years. Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible day, I'm always here to help. I drink pruvit ketones, I've been drinking them forever. Sorry, please. If you want to know more about it, just post five and we can chat. I'll send you some information, and I would love to share more with you. I'll probably come on here this weekend and just do a video on just why I drink these so you can watch a basic video.

Otherwise, I appreciate you all have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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