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Repetition is Key to Success | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

When you are working towards something, whether it's business or fitness or eating better, it's repetition over and over again, "All skill is gained by repetition".

Points to Ponder

00:11 All skill is gained by Repetition

01:15 It can be applied to your daily life

01:27 Babies are a great example of Repetition

02:05 Babies learning to walk vs You starting on this journey

02:20 The skills you're going to acquire is through repetition

02:44 Not wanting to start from the beginning

03:08 Not Quitting

03:23 If you mess up, Just keep going

03:42 Don't mess up good for perfect

04:03 Skillset is based on Repetition and not Quitting

04:08 Consistency, keep pushing through

04:23 Share with us what skills you're working on

04:37 My goal three years ago

05:33 There is no Overnight magic here

05:47 Trust the process

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! How are you doing? We're doing a Tuesday morning check in and the conversation is around this phrase "All skill is gained by repetition". And so we just got done with our CrossFit workout, how was it babe? It was a PR day? What does that mean? Personal Record. Oh, personal record day, so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, how is your morning going?

Good morning, just done with our Cross Fit

So we got to have the opportunity to listen to one of our mentors, we've gotten to know him for probably five years. We spoke with him on Sunday, and he spoke to our team and we were talking about more business, but I loved what he said because we can tie it to your health and fitness. So we talked about that, "All skill is gained by repetition". I loved what he said.

So he said, when you are working towards something, whether it's business or fitness or eating better, it's repetition over and over again.

And he gave us a really good analogy. He said as a baby, a baby lives without fear because it doesn't know any fear yet. So what he said is when a baby learns to walk or when a baby learns to talk, they "coo" and they go "Ma Ma Ma Ma" and they never quit. Obviously, what they're doing is not really speaking but they're learning. He said when a baby is learning to walk, like if you're on this journey and you're just starting or you've been here for a while, you're probably not an expert in nutrition, fitness, business or homeschool or relationships, but you keep going.

So a baby takes a step and it falls you don't scold the baby for falling, you say "Good job get back up and keep going" and eventually they learn to walk. It's the same way with your health and fitness, it's the same way with anything that you do in life. The skills that you're going to acquire or achieve is through repetition.
If you fall, stand up and keep going

All skills gained by repetition, same concept as a newborn baby as they're learning to grow. So I think often as adults, we go "I don't want to start from the beginning", like if you look at me in the gym, let's be real my wall ball does not hit the line that it's supposed to. We were supposed to do box jumps, and in my head I was like, "I'm gonna do all jumps today, all jumps, I'm not gonna step on the box, I'm only gonna jump on it". That lasted three jumps and I was like "This is hard", I have to walk over the box but I didn't quit.

All skills gained by repetition, and one thing if you're just tuning in right now, Welcome to the Keto Mom live, but for those of you who were on here at the very beginning because you got the notification and you popped on, we messed up. I wasn't listening, I didn't know what she was talking about, she was gonna talk about something and then I was just gonna hop in there.

Point being is, that would have been a moment because I saw it on her face where she wanted to just shut it off, delete this and then rerecord it.
"We don't mess up Good for Perfect"

But we've built our entire business, we've learned with our family as we've gone through this journey that

"We don't mess up good for perfect".

We made a mistake at the very beginning, I was on my phone looking up a quote, I wasn't listening and I didn't know what she was talking about. So I got called on it, she made a mistake, she flubbed up. Guess what the reality is we just kept going with the LIVE, reality is just that.

But with your skill set, it is all based on repetition and it's not quitting. It's the consistency, it's keep going no matter how difficult it gets, no matter what obstacles you face, you have to keep pushing through.

So with the analogy of the baby, whatever you're doing share with us what you're working on, what is the skill that you're going towards, the skills you're working on. Well, I'm working on and I have been working on in my head, being able to do an unassisted pull up.

Are your goals S.M.A.R.T?

My goal three years ago, years and years ago, was one pull up by myself. I'm pretty sure I saw you do it the other day. Yeah, but not really, not like a hanging unassisted. Your goal should be like, pull up three. That's just like a mini goal, but my goal right now is to get bigger. Nice arms and shoulders in the gym, it's kind of a silly goal.

How is that a S.M.A.R.T. goal, I go to the gym every single day, I want bigger arms. How's it Measurable? I have not measured my arms, but I can tell definition wise looking in here, I did take a picture. Is it Attainable? It's attainable. And is it Time Sensitive? My time is a year, so if you're talking about S.M.A.R.T goals, Summer time is when it's going to be released. Yes Summer time, they will be released.

But for real, if you're looking at a goal often a lot of you are on here for fat loss is where most people start.

And then they end up staying here for lots of other reasons, just to have a healthy lifestyle, but you're not going to get to it in 30 days or overnight.

Or as adults, we want to go and do it right now. We don't want the infancy and the toddler stage and then the preteen and the teen and then working up to adult, that frustrates us. But that's a process, that's the repetition that's keep going and you'll get there. Okay, that's it. I hope you guys have a great morning, Happy Tuesday. Let us know if you have any questions, post them below and I'll get back to you.

We'll talk to you soon, everybody. Bye.

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