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PERSPECTIVE: "Get up or Quit?" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Life will happen, and in anything in life or in anything that we're doing, we're all going to fail. It’s all in your perspective of how you handle it! Will you get back up or quit?

Points to Ponder:

00:53 How Often People Quit?

02:13 Perfection

02:28 Don't mess up Good for Perfect

03:03 Perspective

04:21 Failing is not bad

05:21 The Only Way you Fail is if you Quit

07:28 Focus will get you to where you want to go

08:22 Bored

10:19 Perspective: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

13:12 There's No Reason to Complain

13:48 Food is Fuel

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. We're going to dive into perspective. All right! So I was thinking this morning, I'm actually not going to go through the book. let me ask you, if you're tuning in and you're asking "Oh! She goes to the book every morning"... It's Saturday, and my hope is that you catch up on where you're reading. If you are going through the books with us every morning, and you're doing your vision board, awesome! Continue to write down your goals, continue to dream, create your pictures, and we'll put the boards together. I'm not going to talk about that today. If you're asking "What is she talking about?"... I do a live every morning about a book that we are currently going through, and it's great. But I was thinking this morning "How often people just quit?"... I know people quit often because I get hundreds of messages about how people started and how they quit. How they want to restart and everything in between. So first of all, good morning and happy Saturday! I want to talk about perspective...

We are taking a book break to talk about PERSPECTIVE

But real quick where are you tuning in from? We have volleyball games this evening, late seven and eight o'clock pm. And then tomorrow, I am blessed to sing on the worship team... So really, I just hopped on here with no specific intention, but just a thought. It was a thought for you. If you watch my stories I showed the simplicity of a morning.

Oftentimes, we can get so wrapped up in perfection. Making sure that my food is perfect, the the timing is perfect and all those things. And so I just want people to have this mindset of "There's no such thing as perfect" and "Don't mess up good for perfect".

For example, breakfast this morning. I threw some sausages in the air fryer, set the timer for twelve minutes and did a couple other things. I came back and they were done. I didn't make eggs because nobody wanted eggs. I didn't make anything else, so we just had sausage and that's okay. It's a great morning and we do that almost every single morning. We don't get bored of it, it's super simple, it's better than a donut and it works.

So I really want you to think about the word "Perspective". It's not if you "Fail or Succeed", or if you "Accomplish a goal", or "You don't accomplish the goal". It's all in how you handle it. Everything in life is going to be determined on your Perspective, "Am I going to quit?" or "Am I going to keep going?"... It's not Will I fail?, but it's When I fail, how will I handle it? Will I keep going?...
It's not when we fail, it's how do we get up after we failed

I was talking to my daughter earlier this week, and we were talking about goals that she has and what is she really passionate about? She wants to be an author. It's our eldest daughter, she wants to write a book. Sometimes we'll say why don't you go finish the one that you started? I'm not an author yet, but in listening and learning from other authors...

It's not about the first book, it's not even the 20th book. It's a continuous progression of writing, failing, writing, not working and some more writing and not working. Until you find that one right, and then you figure it out.

So I told her "Listen, in anything in life or in anything that you're doing, we're all going to fail"... Failing is not bad. Moments like "I had a cheat meal", "I ate that doughnut", "I ate that cake", "I ate the leftovers off my kid's plate". Or "I messed up, I hit the snooze button", "I didn't go to the gym", "I just wasted an hour and a half scrolling on social media when I could have been doing this"... It's not a question of "Will we ever fail?", but it's when we fail, how do we handle it? What is our Perspective? That is the entire reason that I read a book and go through different mindsets, questions and thoughts every morning. Because if you can get your mindset right, then you can look at your life and say "Oh, you know what? That wasn't the greatest choice, but my perspective is I get to keep going"... "The only way you fail is if you quit". So if you didn't make the right choices today, you throw up your arms and say "I'll start on Monday". You don't have to wait till Monday to start, you don't have to wait till the beginning of the month to start or after the wedding to start.

The only way you fail at anything, whether your goal is to write a book like my daughter, or to get stronger in the gym. And you slipped up, didn't go for a week or you were too busy. Or if you just blew your food goals out of the water, dove in headfirst, ate the whole pizza and ate the whole day... So what? So what? We all do it! The only way you fail is if you quit.
Have some perspective, failure is not the end

So my encouragement to you today as you're going throughout your day, and you're creating your vision boards. If you're doing it, if you're writing out your goals, you're dreaming, or you're just hoping to start, is have a different perspective. Perspective! Is Failure a bad thing? No, it's a learning. It's not "I failed", but it's "I learned a lesson and I'm going to keep going", "I learned what didn't work for me, and I'm going to keep going", "I learned what I don't want to do because I feel like garbage, and now I'm going to keep going".

So I just wanted to hop on here, encourage you and just say "Listen, you can do it! You have everything that it takes"...

We all fail. We all have those days, and it's going to be the ones that push through. It's going to be the ones that you look at it and you go "It's not a big deal", "I'm going to restart right now", "I'm going to make a better choice at lunch", "I'm going to go fill up my water bottle and drink more water because I just slammed a soda and I feel like garbage". "I learned my lesson, I'm going to keep going"...

Perspective, Perspective, Perspective will get you to where you want to go. Focus will get you to where you want to go. A failure is not a failure, it is a learning lesson. And if you get up and you keep going, it is not a failure. "The only way you fail is if you quit"...

I hope that is encouraging to somebody this morning. We had our sausages with no eggs this morning, and we'll probably have a lettuce wrap or a low carb wrap for lunch. We're going to go out for dinner this evening, because we have volleyball in the cities. If you have no idea what that means, we have to drive an hour away to get to where the volleyball tournament is.

If you make excuses like "I'm Bored" then you don't want to change
So I'm going to have to order some food, and I don't mess up good for perfect. I'll probably get a burger, take the bun off, have a salad or some veggies. I eat super simple and the one last thing I want to say is, I hate the word "Bored". I think people use it as an excuse to not go after their goals, and just give in because they're bored.

Okay! I'll give you an example. Oftentimes, people go "Oh, I'm so bored of all these meals" or "I couldn't handle having the eggs every morning". I want to give you perspective of something... We have some very incredible friends, they're some of our very best friends. They are very good friends with a family who runs an orphanage in Uganda, and they support this mission. They go over there often and they support almost nine hundred children in an orphanage.

We were talking about how much money it takes to feed these kids on a daily basis. And I said "Well, what are they feeding them?", because they're talking about having to have to cut back on food for these kids due to the funds that are coming in. And I was like "What does it cost to feed these kids?". If you're tuning in, a majority of you are in the United States and some of you are from Australia. So there's lots of people from around the world, and so I said "Okay, what does it cost to feed these kids?" Let's say it's $2,000 a month, we didn't have the exact number to feed nine hundred children. I said "What do they eat?". And he said "Well, they have porridge in the morning. If they get two meals in the afternoon, it's rice and beans and that's it!". I was like "Anything else?" No! Rice and beans and some porridge, rice and beans and some porridge. And she was telling me about these children, these people and she's like, "They're so joyful, and they're so happy"...

Don't mess up Good for Perfect
When somebody comes to me on this Keto page, and they're like "I'm so bored of the food that I eat", I sometimes just want to say "Perspective"...

If you have goals of losing weight, Perspective. You get to probably have sausage, bacon and eggs in the morning, or you can intermittent fast. You probably have three or four options in your refrigerator for lunch, whether it's a salad, some veggies, some meat, a protein and a veggie, or grab a little bit of avocado. Perspective. For dinner, you probably can go anywhere you want. Go to any fast food restaurant you want, or make anything on the grill that you want. But you get to choose a protein and a veggie or a salad. Perspective.

I'm really irritated with this "Bored" word, there's no reason that any of us on here, we have a phone and the internet, there is no reason why any of us should ever say "I'm bored of the foods that I'm eating", ever. Because you don't need thirty different meals ever. You need to have perspective of "I should not be complaining about the food that I'm eating", "I should be irritated at how I'm feeling". You did not get to where you are today. I feel like I'm lecturing, I'm not trying to be mean. But for real, Perspective. So you might be overweight, you might not feel great, you might be really unhealthy. Perspective should be "I'm going to have to eat simple", "I might be eating the same five meals a day".

I bet you probably have ten options, you can go to ketomomsecrets. It's a blog and we've probably got hundreds of recipes on there. There's no shortage of meals out there for you.

Perspective is "I'm unhealthy right now, and I want to get healthy". "I'm not going to complain about the food, the lack of sweet treats or keto snacks"... These kids, I bet you if you went to Uganda and met these children, you would probably say "They have a joy that maybe I've never experienced or I've never seen anybody have"... They eat porridge, rice and beans. I've never been to a third world country, but my husband has and he says "Stephanie, when you go, it will change the way that you think for the rest of your life".

The only way you Fail is if you Quit

It's easy to forget, but he's been there and he's seen it. Of course I've seen it, I mean I've seen it through pictures. And I've got lots of friends that have been there, but I've never been. My hope is I get to go someday with our girls. But today, I want you just to think of perspective of where you're at.

You are where you're at today and you're not going to change it. I mean, you're not going to physically change your weight at this moment. That's why most of you are here. There's no reason to complain about the same breakfast and the same lunch and the same dinner. Because if you're going to complain, you don't really want to change. You don't!...

So maybe you feel like I'm being a lecturing college professor, but that was just my thought for the morning. "The only way you fail is if you quit". There's no reason to complain about the same meals. I either intermittent fast or eat the same breakfast every day, and I have for six years. I feel great! I think about Food is Fuel... I'm going to go on my way now. So for whatever it is worth for you, I want you to stop for a minute. Be thankful for what you have. If you're not happy where you're at, you can keep moving with a positive mindset. To know you can do this and the only way you're going to fail is if you quit. So alright everybody, I'm out! I'm going to go find something fun for my kids to do when they go to a park. We're going to do something to enjoy the weather before it gets really cold here in Minnesota. So I hope you have an incredible day. I'd love for you to press the share button. I love to grow this community, I love to help speak into other people's lives and just to help know that they have an accountability or a place to come to learn from. So press the share button and I hope you have an incredible day.

We'll talk to you soon

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