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Only way you fail is to quit - Quick Keto Tip | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Does anybody ever quit, got frustrated, something just didn't work, and you didn't want to start over?

Anybody need to restart, re engage, get back with the flow, get back into the groove of life, moving your body making better choices with food. It's okay to restart, the only way that you fail is if you quit.

Points to Ponder

01:04 Quitting

01:21 Restart (The only way to fail is quitting)

02:14 Helping people start

02:43 Five years ago

03:32 Quick peek at my story

04:11 Being Overwhelmed

05:03 Don't Give up

05:22 One day at a time

Full Episode Transcript

Okay! Here's the deal, technology is fun and what's great is we've got high A.Q. (Adaptability Quotient). So if you were just watching me, I was sharing... I was sharing my deepest life food moment with you, no I'm just kidding. Hey, so I got cut off for some reason the internet decided to wipe out my video, we're gonna start over, I always hate starting over. But guess what, this is a great analogy, this is a great analogy for me to share with you.

"Restart if you need to"

So, real quick, some of you were watching before before my video got cut out and I was in the deep depths of sharing my emotions with you, and then my video cut hopefully it doesn't cut again. So okay, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm sitting in a parking lot in a grocery store that I walked in almost five years ago, I'll share my story again with you. It was almost five years, but I'm sitting in the grocery store for a couple of reasons, but what I want to tell you simply is this. Where are you tuning in from? And how is your day going? We're in Minnesota, and my first video cut out right, it quit?

Does anybody ever quit, got frustrated, something just didn't work, and you didn't want to start over?

That just happened to me. I have been talking to so many people feeling like, "Hey, the last four weeks... I mean, I need to restart". Anybody need to restart, re engage, get back with the flow, get back into the groove of life, moving your body making better choices with food, "Anybody need to restart?". I just had to restart the video, and it's okay to restart. The only way that you quit...

The only way that you fail is if you quit, right?.
"Five years ago I was here..."

So when this video ended just five seconds ago, I was like, "That was so good, I was on a roll. What did I even say?". So here's what I want to tell you, as you're tuning in. If you, like me ever feel like you're failing, or feel like you're overwhelmed, or feel like you can't do this. I was in that same spot years ago. I'm going to show you something I'm sitting outside, so actually I've been here for over an hour sitting in the parking lot talking to a ton of you. And then I was on some zooms, which is like a fun little video app where you talk to a whole bunch of people. I was talking to a lady over in the UK, legitimately helping ladies under I say ladies, because it was all women on the zooms. But helping people understand how to eat better, how to start this lifestyle, utilizing Ketones, we were just doing some fun coaching.

And so this is what I want you to know... (so dark in my face is so dark in here and I'm so bright). I was sitting here and I looked up and I had this trigger, and it reminded me I was here five years ago. I was here at this grocery store and I had my kids packed up.

If you're brand new to the page, here's the grocery store, anybody have a HyVee next to them, I love HyVee by the way.

HyVee Grocery store

I was here five years ago, when I decided "I'm going to do this". My husband's been eating keto for a while I'm going to help him because I was helping him fail miserably for a long time. I packed up my kids, at that time there was a baby 18 month old, almost four year old, almost six year old. We walked into the grocery store right there, and I remember going

"I never had a salad till I was 30"
"I can do this, all I have to do is shop on the outside of the grocery store. That's what everybody says, how hard can it be?".

Anybody? Anybody relate? "I can do this, I can do this Keto thing, it's fine". Well, if you don't know me if you're brand new here, I have four daughters. I lived off of and made things that came out of a box. The vegetables that I made, were all out of a can, cream corn was my specialty. Cream corn, that was a vegetable, potatoes or a vegetable to me because they were in the vegetable family obviously. French fries were potato, they were in the vegetable family. I had never eaten lettuce or a salad in my life until I was 30.

So I walked into this grocery store right here, and I walked around the outside thinking I know what I'm doing. All I have to do is get some meat and vegetables and I'll be fine. I can make Keto food, it's fine.

And I remember being so overwhelmed, I didn't know what an avocado was. I never touched real vegetable, like cut up real vegetables that grew out of the garden without being in a can.

I didn't know how to not eat cereal, bagels, Debbie snacks. I didn't know, I was just so overwhelmed. And I remember walking out of this grocery store almost five years ago, with tears in my eyes bawling my eyes out when I got home because I was like "Babe, I'm a terrible wife. I don't know what I'm doing. I feed our family garbage... I don't know". And I just was overwhelmed. And if that's you, I want you to know something, I know what you feel, how you feel.

And my one tip... I mean there's lots of tips that I could give you but the one tip that I will give you right now, well two. Number one, you are not going to fail as long as you don't quit.

You might fall, you might get off track, you might take a different course for a little while. A lot of people have taken the comfort by being at home with their kids and all the extra food around course, but we're going to kind of get you back on track.

I took one meal at a time, one day at a time I did not expect... so I got home, here's the really fast version, I got home was in tears, talked to my husband and I said "Okay, the only way I can do this is not clearing our fridge out but taking it one meal at a time". That's what we did.

(My Phone shut off at the end- sorry! but you get the point hopefully!)

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