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It is a vitamin-like compound that is commonly found in fruits and vegetables. It gives you energy, increases muscle mass, and enhances performance.

What is MITO//PLEX?

Prรผvit UPGRADED electrolytes, MITO//PLEXโ„ข Citrus Variety Pack (3 flavors), offers unparalleled energy and performance, and sustained muscle mass. Combined with Pure Therapeutic Ketonesยฎ, MITO//PLEXโ„ข is the next step to BETTER.

Let's talk to our good friend DUSTIN SCHAFFER

STEPHANIE: All right, Electrolytes! We talk about MITO//PLEX real quick.

DUSTIN: Yeah this is my baby! This is huge! Electrolytes are important, and hydration is a big issue for most people. Most people just kind of assume that they're dehydrated, and it's also because of the way we filter water these days.

Most people who are drinking bottled water are naturally going dehydrated because of the way bottled water is filtered and processed. Ketones are a natural diuretic so we want to increase our hydration when drinking them.

MITO//PLEX is huge for that because of the way it's formulated, it's designed with KETO//NAT in mind. KETO//NAT is a salt-based ketone, which is already an electrolyte but the MITO//PLEX gives you a little additional potassium, magnesium, and other electrolytes to help balance out hydration.


DUSTIN: So anybody that's plateaued, low on energy, or if you live in the desert areas, you need to make sure you increase it even more. So I always recommend one to two packets of MITO//PLEX a day, to help amplify hydration. If you plateau, this will be a huge support to help you with that.


There's an ingredient in there called "Creatine", and it's good for muscle growth and cognition.

You have "Vitamin D" and then something called "p2p", which is designed to help improve mitochondrial function.

It helps improve energy and metabolism, and it increases mitochondrial biogenesis

So it's not just an electrolyte, it's an enhancement to how your cells function with proper hydration which has never been done in the world. So this is a huge product to support KETO//NAT.

You can grab your MITO//PLEX here:

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