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Getting the right Mindset - Are you goals strong enough | Keto Mom

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Hi Keto Mom here!

I'm going to read something to you, and this would be my challenge or my thought for you today. I'm going to give you an idea of something to keep in your mind as you're going throughout your day today. How bad do you want it? So my question to you is how bad do you want... Whatever is on the top of your mind about your health and fitness? Or maybe you're here for different reasons. How bad do you want the goals that you've set forth for this month?

Important points to Ponder:

01:00 Do you read in the Morning

01:32 Win a BOOK

02:16 Rain or Shine

02:59 How bad do you want it

03:25 Scott Alexander

03:37 Are you a Rhino or a Cow

05:00 Levels of wanting it

06:06 What will you put up with to get what you want

08:28 Are your goals strong enough

10:06 Accountability

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Good morning, good morning! Happy Friday! Coming to you live in all of my "morningness". Clearly I'm not ready for the day, but I was sitting here reading and I wanted to share something that I read to you.

Good morning from Minnesota

Because if this is the only thing that you fill your mind with that's positive, I hope it makes you think throughout this weekend. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I am tuning in from Minnesota, where it is negative fifteen degrees. And I should show you my fire says this is my current location. Oh, and I have a guest... this is Lenny. So where are you tuning in from? How is your morning? And I thought I would share something with you because I thought it would be super great for you to maybe ponder this weekend.

So my question really quick... hold on gonna get my camera straight. My question to you is "Do you read in the morning?". Do you read? What do you fill your mind with? I feel like I talk about this a lot. And yet every morning when I read... it's just so easy to get your mind either going in a right direction in the morning or a wrong direction in the morning. Are you flipping through the news? Are you watching people on social media? Or are you truly being intentional with your morning and your time? So I've been giving these books away to people that check in throughout the week. Just let us know how their journeys going, share their goals, ask questions.

So as you're tuning in, how is your February going? What are your February goals and I'll be drawing for some more winners. Good morning, say good morning. We have four girls, if you're brand new to the page, and we homeschool on purpose, so our kids are always home. And they wake up when their body wakes them up. So I'm going to read something to you here (hey why don't you take the dog for me) I'm going to read something to you, and this would be my challenge or my thought for you today, (that's fine, she can sit down).

So it's coming from the book Rain or Shine. This is the book that I draw names for and giveaway for prizes for those who check in throughout the month, here I got to get this dog down. So if you have not seen our house in our life, we have four kids and four dogs so eight kids. Okay, hold on... and they take up so much space. Anybody else have dogs, what kind of dog do you have? How many do you have? Ours are all in the house, and they're all little and they're all great. I chose to not have animals, my family chose to have them.

Okay, here is the chapters title. And I won't read the whole thing to you. But I'm going to give you an idea of something to keep in your mind as you're going throughout your day today. How bad do you want it? So my question to you is how bad do you want... Whatever is on the top of your mind about your health and fitness? Or maybe you're here for different reasons. How bad do you want the goals that you've set forth for this month? So I'm just gonna read a little bit, this is the book that I'm reading. Okay, I think it's funny. So his name is Scott Alexander, he wrote the book "Rhinoceros success". Actually he came to one of our events and spoke to us.

And his first book is about Are you a cow or are you a rhino?

And a rhino has thick skin a rhino charges after what they want a rhino is focused and runs after it. A cow wallows in its poo and other people's poo and keeps its head down and grazes in the poo and is not striving for their goals.

Are you a cow? Or are you a rhino? Maybe I should ask you that. Do you feel like you were a cow? Or are you a rhino? You're a rhino? Yeah. So he says setting goals is highly overrated. He talks about how anybody can go to a speaker, anybody can go get motivated, anybody can go and and they sit for hours and hours and do dream... I mean, I like to do dream board. So hear the whole thing before you go. I'm not supposed to set goals because that's not what he's saying. He talks about like, people hire people, and they go and do all of these things for days and days, right? But he said, "If you have to be prodded and forced into thinking about what you want, you don't really want anything that bad". So basically he's saying... if somebody has to poke and prod you and force you and try to dig it out of you, maybe you don't want it that bad.

How Bad do you want it?

There are various levels of wanting it. The first level might be similar to the guy laying on a couch watching TV, there might be a show that he wants to switch it to, but the remote is nowhere in sight. So that is that he does not get up and he just watches what's on TV. That is a very low level desire. So is that your desire with your goals that you have in mind? If you don't see it, if you can't reach out and touch it, if you have to work to get it, you don't do it, right? A much higher level of wanting it would be equivalent to a hardcore coffee drinker who has to have their coffee in the morning on a recent trip to Las Vegas. He left his room in the morning to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks next to the lobby. He said "Holy caffeine, how should I have seat?" (Man... Excuse me morning. Okay, I should grab some water). He said you should have seen the line.

Now we are getting closer to the real secret of success.

What will you put up with to get what you want? So that is the question.

"What will you put up with to get what you want".

Talks about his Chapstick addiction and how he will not deal with not having Chapstick in his pocket. And here's what he says at the end...

"Your goals have to carry at least as much weight as a coffee drinker waiting in a coffee line. You have to be addicted to success".

You don't need to be browsing through motivational speakers or you don't need to constantly be collecting information on your goals and how to get there and what to do and all the information, I talked about that often. If you're constantly gathering knowledge and wisdom and information, but not putting it into action. How bad do you want that goal? He says, "You know what you want". If you're just tuning in, I'm reading a little bit from this book. I earlier asked where are you tuning in from, it's negative fifteen degrees here, but I also "Do you read anything in the morning, and what are you reading?". So he said, "You know what you want. It's on your mind all the time". What is on your mind all the time, you crave it. If you have to jump through hoops to get it, get the hoops out and jump through the hoops and you will get it no matter. What will you go after no matter what, what is deeply in your heart that you want no matter what. That I don't have to go. "I'll give you a book if you focus on it today, I'll give you a book if you check in". Motivation is great, right? It's great to watch people and listen, but if it's not deep rooted here and if you're not willing to get off the couch like the man watching TV who refused to move to change the channel.

You must have a very strong "WHY"

If you're not willing to do hard things, you are not going to get to where you want to go. He says the ultimate level of desire that guarantee success would be akin to a parent's commitment to a child. Have you heard the stories of a mother who lifted a car to save a trap baby, or the parent who runs into a burning house to save a loved one? You would fight a grizzly bear if it meant protecting someone that you loved, right? The stories.... no sorry. I don't want to read the whole thing because kind of gets long. So all he says is is your goal strong enough? Are your goals strong? If they are then you'll go after them. You'll get off the couch, right? He said at least you don't have to wait any longer, you don't have to wait. And he says it's fine, if If your goals aren't strong enough to make you move and take action, it's fine.

Now you know, right? You know, it's not necessarily a bad thing. At least you don't have to wait in long lines, jump through hoops fight grizzly bears. When you want it, you want it and you'll get off the couch.

So that chapter was labeled, how bad do you want it? And I thought it was super great as I was reading it this morning, and I just thought you're right. Like I can tell you to read you can listen to other people and they have had success. You can hear people coach you on how to do goals and coach you on how to set your dream boards.

But ultimately, what is it going to take to get you off the couch to get you to where you want to go? Are your dreams strong enough to make you move, no matter what.

It's not about perfection. Oftentimes people wait for the perfect time the perfect job, the perfect kitchen setup. The perfect circumstance, like for a lot of you here, maybe it's like "Oh I've got a vacation next week, I'm not going to start till next month". "Oh, I've got Valentine's coming up, I want to eat some dessert I'll start next Monday". This is not about perfection, right?

So the book that I'm reading is called Rain or Shine by Scott Alexander, and I am giving these away just because when people check in I do believe there's a level of accountability. You have to have the desire to change, you have to have the desire to go after what you want, you have to have a deep rooted "WHY". Somebody shouldn't have to pull it out of you, but there is a level of accountability. There is a level of knowing somebody's there that they see you or somebody's there to push you. I think it's important. We have a ton of accountability partners, my husband, and we're in a group thread of people that are all going after their health and fitness goals. There's three couples, there's six of us and we text each other all day long. How's it going? How much water Did you drink? I did my workout, what are you up to? I'm choosing this to eat instead of that. If you don't have that, that's why I started it here. So like every day, you can check in and say, "Here's my February goal, here's what I'm focused on, here's the challenge that I came up with". And I just draw and give away some books, because I think it's fun.

But I just want to hop on here and encourage you, encourage you in that. Oh, I had the question written down. So if you're just tuning in, sorry, but I hope you have a wonderful Friday. I think it's important to read. I think it's so important to get your mindset, right. Nobody can do it for you. So either if you're sitting on the couch and you don't want to move, that's your choice, but it is going to take work.

So that's it. I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Happy Friday.

And that's it. We'll talk to you soon.

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