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Keto tips for Family meals on a Budget | Keto Mom

Updated: May 13, 2021

Keto Mom here!

The topic of tonight is simply this, "How do you feed your family on a budget? Or what are some tips or tricks that we could use to help save some money?". So we're going to give you some tips and tricks to help you with that. So number one, plan your meals make a list when you go to the grocery store and have it all set up for you.

Points to Ponder

00:41 How can we save money

01:18 Collaboration

02:00 Plan your meals

02:14 Getting bored with food - meal options

02:51 Use the food that's in your fridge

03:10 Write a list

04:39 Aldi and Costco

05:07 Plan it right

05:26 Don't shop when you're hungry

05:33 Pack your lunch

05:54 Avoid going out to eat

06:49 Taco Nights

07:16 Local farmers market

07:27 Bring your kids to the grocery

07:56 Eat your leftovers

08:37 Pick meals that everybody loves and stick with it

09:08 Snacking

Full Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody! I hope you're having an absolutely amazing night or day, wherever you're tuning in from, guess what? This is global, there's people all over the world that are on here. So thank you for tuning into the Keto Mom page, we love having you.

"how do we save some money?"

We love seeing so many of your names over and over again. And so it's super encouraging, and it's fun to watch you on your journey as well. So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from. So our family's in Kentucky, if you have been here for a while you know our family travels all over the place. And so sometimes we're Minnesota, I heard they got a lot of snow so we're in Kentucky right now. But where are you tuning in from? How are you doing?

The topic of tonight is simply this, "How do you feed your family on a budget? Or what are some tips or tricks that we could use to help save some money?".

So does anybody have that question? That is something that kind of has been coming in are asked quite often. And so that's what we used to really ask ourselves years ago is we dove into eating healthy. Oftentimes people think "Healthy food, expensive food, I can't feed my kids that way". How is our entire family going to do this? So we're going to give you some tips and tricks to help you with that. Now, if you're like, "I know how to do this, I've got the secrets". This is about collaboration, it's not just about what I say or our family does, but collaboration is currency. What does that mean? It's great to have you share your tips and tricks as well.

So as you hear me, maybe sharing what our family does, what do you do to help save money or to cut costs or to maybe eat healthier on a budget. So there are a lot of large families on here, a lot of homeschool families, we homeschool, we have four daughters, we share this Ketone conversation with you and we absolutely love it, so let's dive in.

"Prep your meals in advance"

I wrote a couple of them up here, and I also just shared it with you in the title of the video. But number one, number one is plan your meals. So I love to treat Sundays as a plan or prep day, whatever works for you. Everybody has different work schedules, but we choose Sunday. And so the biggest thing I like to tell people is, and I didn't do a very good job at this, I was one of those people years ago who would get bored with food. I used to get out a big calendar, and I felt like I had to have 30 different meals. We were bored of foods, what's something new we could make.

And I just had a different shift of food and food being fuel and finding things that works for our family, and it's okay if it's seven meals that we rotate through, so we'll get to that in a little bit. But don't feel like...

this doesn't have to be overwhelming, take a couple of tips and implement it into what you're already doing.

So here's your number one tip, go through your refrigerator once a week, what is hiding back in the freezer. What do you already have, use the foods that you have even if you're like, "I don't want to have that". Too bad, it's in your fridge right? So the biggest thing I tell people is plan your meals go through your refrigerator, go through your freezer. What do you already have? What are the meals that you could make out of that?

"Don't let your husbands do the shopping"
And then write a list, so before you go to the grocery store, write a list so that you're not guessing. I often do that, if I guess I come home with way too much stuff and usually I'm missing one ingredient for that meal.

I heard a really funny... I was listening to a podcast or a book today and I'm not trying to pick at you. But I was listening to a podcast and he had said "Hey, did you know "statistically" (let me see if I can say the word)… Statistically if you send your husband or your spouse or if a man goes to the grocery store, seventy three percent (73%) of the time they will come home with way more that was on the list and they're more likely to come home with some junk food.

So if that's you, guess what? don't go to the grocery store without a list. But I heard that and I kind of giggled because I thought of my husband and I think he would do that, maybe he wouldn't but I actually think he might. And so... (I bring flowers) My husband does bring flowers and you're not gonna see my husband right now but he's on the other side of the camera. You often hear his voice and so anyways, where are you tuning in from press the share button below because just so you know there's a lot of people that asked this question and are looking for ways to eat healthy in their entire family but also save some money.

"Who shops at Aldi and Costco"

So number one, plan your meals make a list when you go to the grocery store and have it all set up for you. Go through your freezer so you know what you already have. Number two we've got... I love Aldi and Costco so I love them for both different reasons. I think all these great grocery store because they actually have some really good prices on food, anybody shop at Aldi? And they're actually getting more organic Whole Foods, if you're looking for just some good produce. All these a great option, bring your quarter so you can have a shopping cart. And then I love Costco, now here's the deal... I rarely get out of Costco without spending three to five hundred dollars ($500).

But if you plan it right, if you plan it right, and if you look for some good deals, you can put a lot of the stuff in the freezer that will last you for more than one week.

So whether it's meats or frozen vegetables, different things like that, you can plan all of that and throw it in the freezer. Okay, those are two of my favorites. Number three, don't shop when you're hungry, self explanatory. When I'm hungry, and I shop I usually grab more that's not on my list. Number four, pack your lunch. Who usually goes out for lunch for work?

So simple things, do you have access to a fridge, do you have access to a special drawer in your desk... Pack it for the entire week with snacks and different things, so you're not grabbing things out of the vending machines.

Maybe you're not going out for lunch with coworkers, pack your lunch you're gonna save yourself some money. Also, not going out to eat... I know that most people don't count the nickel and dimes when they go through the drive thru or grab their kids chicken nuggets. Or maybe you're grabbing, whatever it is you're grabbing every single day or a couple days because it's five dollars here and ten dollars here, but that adds up.

"Save some money by making food at home"

And so don't go through the drive thru, don't go out to eat, we told our girls we're really honing in on going out to eat for a couple of reasons.

When we go out to eat, it's probably anywhere from seventy five to a hundred dollars, and I usually can make it better at home it just takes a little bit more time and we save money.

So try not to do that, we always look for a little groupons or coupons or things to help with that or it's a fun, special occasion. A couple more things, okay... I touched on this in the beginning. Anybody out there feel like you get bored with food, you need thirty different ideas. I was like that, and what I found is I find the meals that everybody loves, that are more cost effective. So taco nights, super cost effective especially big families. What are some meals that you make, that are great meals for the entire family that are healthy, that are a cost effective meal. So tacos are great, Lasagna... you can make a Keto Lasagna is great. My kids love chicken tacos, so we've got chicken dip. And so different things like that you can stock up on vegetables.

Here's a couple other fun things... When it's nice and spring out, you can do local farmers markets, you can plant your own garden. There's so many things that you can do to help you save some money. So one more tip, I kind of feel like it's twofold. I love to bring our kids to the grocery store, because they get to learn, right? It's a learning of... I showed them how to flip things over to look at the package, the tip is to flip.

But also what happens when your kids are at the grocery store? You might grab a couple extra snacks, you might grab some things that you don't want because you find yourself eating it.

And so all of these things are little tips to help you on this journey, there's lots of ways that you can save money. Here's the biggest thing to... Eat your leftovers. I have found more people, it's crazy... They don't like their leftovers, or they find things shoved in the back of their fridge that's three days old and they should have eaten it the day. So it's all about thinking food is fuel, right? I'm going to tell you something really funny. My husband tonight, I made steak and asparagus, and he's like "Ugh! I don't really feel like steak" and I'm like "Eat your food". We're eating our food, and he's like "Ugh! I really want something else". I'm like "It doesn't matter, we made steak it's delicious, right babe?"(it wasn't a Ribeye)… It wasn't a Ribeye, it was a Sirloin he prefers a Ribeye. But sometimes I think we just get in this like "I want something else, I'm bored of my food" right?.

"Try your best to avoid snacking"
But if you're really on the budget, pick those meals that everybody loves and stick with it.

So we've probably had 10 meals that everybody loves, and that's what we eat, and it's completely fine. Now I've got one more tip for you, I did post a whole bunch of tips up in the video description so you can go up there and look, there's some more that I haven't shared. What are your tips that help you save money when you're grocery shopping or feeding a big family. Post below some of your favorite meals, share the button, post "Share" as well because sharing is caring.

And lastly, here's my last tip... How often are you snacking throughout the day. If you're eating healthier, if you're eating a high fat, low carb. Fats aren't there for you to binge on all day long, or even like these Keto snacks, but they're there to help create "Satiety", that's a big word I don't even love it. But eating an avocado or eating a handful of almonds or something that's there to keep you fuller longer.

But if you're eating a little bit of fat in your meals, you really shouldn't be snacking.

Which therefore you shouldn't be going through a ton of snacks, which therefore you should save money on your groceries. I hope this is making sense. So I just wanted to give you a couple tips and tricks on things that you can do to help with your budget. I would love to have you share yours below as well. So with that, we're going to let you go I hope that was helpful. I hope you guys have an absolutely wonderful night. I look forward to scrolling through and looking at all of your ideas.

Have a great night and we will talk to you soon. Bye, guys.

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