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Keto Ice Cream Treats & A preview to "Miracle Morning" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Rebel sandwiches & Halo top are great when you're celebrating, or when you want to go to a party and you don't want to eat the treats there, but you want to have something. What I love about a Keto snack is you don't need it every single day. You don't need to be eating all these prepackaged Keto snacks, they are a great filler for a party or if you're going out and about and you want to have a treat. But when I took a couple bites of the Rebel sandwich, I did not need more.

Points to Ponder:

02:52 Erythritol cooling effect

03:35 Net carbs and total carbs

04:32 Keto snack

05:13 Sugar is like a drug

06:06 Count the net carbs

07:06 Right mindset

07:20 Don't mess up good for perfect

08:03 An end destination

08:30 Power of reading

08:59 It starts in your mind

10:05 Own your morning

12:11 A plan and prep day

12:52 Choose the better option

13:08 Green people

13:35 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are going to talk about these little treats (Rebel ice cream sandwiches). I've got a handful of them because I share these treats on my stories, and I have gotten a lot of questions if these are Keto or not. So we're going to talk about these treats, we are going to talk about this book ("Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod), and we're going to talk about prepping for this week coming up. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from... Are you watching this live or are you watching this as a replay? If you're watching live post live below, if you're on the replay, let me know it's a replay and I hope you're having a great day. So we're going to dive into a couple things... First of all, I shared these (Rebel sandwiches & Halo top) on my stories earlier.

My honest review about these Keto snacks

We are prepping for a birthday party at our home. So our our baby, we have four girls, they are thirteen, eleven, nine and seven. The seven year old turns eight tomorrow and it's so sad, but I still think she's a baby. So we're planning a party, and all of her little friends that she chose, we're going to have a little tea party, and it's going to be great. Some of the moms will stay, and we'll probably have a flow of people. No, it is not going to be Keto food, although there'll be some salads for the adults, and pizza for the kids, because that's what she wants.

So with all of that being said, I got these (Rebel sandwiches & Halo top) for some of my friends who are really working on not even cheating at all.

So I thought we should try them, and I've been really wanting to try them. I've seen them all over the place and I have been wanting to try them. I'm not gonna lie, they're a little bit more expensive, but I want you to know something. A lot of the questions came in on my Instagram and my stories for the last couple hours and they're like "Did you like them, Is it really keto, Is it worth it, should I be eating them, and how do I track the macros on them?".

So I look at something like this, and it is not an everyday snack. I'm not a sweet tooth person, I am more salty. I think things like Keto treats or sugar free candy are great in moderation.

Check the label for net carbs and total carbs

They're great when you're celebrating, when you want to go to a party and you don't want to eat the treats there, but you want to have something. So we're having a big party tomorrow, and for the couple moms that are staying with their daughters, they can have these if they want to.

But I will tell you this, we tried them today and if you watch the stories, you know that I don't love the erythritol cooling effect.

I am drinking a protein shake right now because I didn't really have lunch, I wasn't hungry and I'm waiting for supper. So anyways, a lot of these pre baked prepackaged Keto snacks are full of erythritol, and I wish they would use a different one because I don't love the cooling effect when you have it. Now here's what I will tell you, for those who are curious about net carbs and total carbs is because if you look at the package, you always look at the total carb count. This is for anything that you're eating, if you want to count a net carb, you can subtract fiber and sugar alcohol. If you subtract those two, then that gives you a net carb.

The reason they would say that, is because it really should not spike your insulin. So a net carb is just taking away fiber and taking away sugar alcohol and you should be fine. Now, I don't think you should have these every single day. But if they're for a party or something to celebrate... I didn't even eat half, we split one and a half because I want to try them and a lot of you said "I couldn't eat the whole thing". It was too much, so my husband and I split it and I didn't even finish the whole half. I had probably three bites, the other kids tried it and my husband finished the rest.

Keto snacks can help with cravings
What I love about a Keto snack is you don't need it every single day. You don't need to be eating all these prepackaged Keto snacks, they are a great filler for a party or if you're going out and about and you want to have a treat.

But when I took a couple bites of this, I did not need more. So what I do love about using a monk fruit, allulose, erythritol or stevia is it doesn't give you that effect. Like when you eat an Oreo or my favorite treat is a chocolate chip cookie, I love them. So when you eat a cookie, or when you eat something that's your favorite, you usually want another one.

Sugar is like a drug, like real the sugar...

So I don't want just one chocolate chip cookie, I want the entire sheet of chocolate chip cookies. I want the entire bucket from the State Fair, I want all of them and if they're in my face, or from chick fil a, or wherever I'm going to get a chocolate chip cookie, I want the whole bag. So I can't keep them in my home. Just like Oreos, people joke "I can't eat one Oreo, I eat the whole sleeve". For me, if there's a bucket of cookies, I'm going to eat the whole thing, so that's why they can't be in my home.

What I love about a Keto low carb snack, is when you use the sugar replacements, they don't cause you to crave that anymore.

So I had a couple bites and I was done, and I was like this doesn't taste super "erythritoly". And if you have that sweet tooth, then it helps with that, and I didn't want more. So I wanted to give the review and let you know how you count the net carbs. Because a lot of you were asking if it's it really keto, actually the ingredients aren't bad and I was pretty impressed. So I would say, to celebrate for a party, yes... But you don't need them every single night. If you keep these in your freezer, and you find yourself eating them every night, then you can't have them in your home.

Halo top is also good

I also got these (Halo top) we didn't try them yet. But I was just going to give a couple options, and so I think Halo top is good. So this is what we're doing for the party tomorrow for the moms, and I had to try one, of course. Does that make sense about net carbs and total carbs, do you count net carbs, or total carbs? It's completely fine either way.

Second of all, if you followed us in May, a handful of us went through a book called "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander. I believe a hundred percent, in order to get you to where you want to go, you have to have the right mindset to be in this journey of getting healthy. We started this journey almost six years ago, and I took one day at a time one meal at a time. I drank more water, I implemented drinking Ketones, and I just don't mess up good for perfect.

But you want to know what I've always done for years and years even before this journey...I read. Now, don't just click off and say "Oh goodness, she's about to talk about a book"... Listen, if you don't have the right mindset, that "You can do this, I will do this, I've got goals, I need to create systems". There's a reason why so many people start on this journey, and then they do really great for a certain period of time. That period of time might be swimsuit season, vacation season, wedding season or graduation season.

Most people have an end destination to getting better, and that's the problem. If you don't decide to help create systems, get your mindset right, or even take ownership of your day, your day is going to own you, the world is going to own you.

We need to work on our mindset

So you better buckle up and get this into check, and that means you got to get your mindset right. Some of you are going to go "This lady's crazy".

I think the power of reading is so important, or listening to podcasts, what are you speaking over yourself and the things that you're allowing in your mind. Because the one you are listening to the most is yourself.

What are you speaking, can you do this, are you worthy of it, or are you strong enough? If you don't believe that you can do this, then guess what? You're right. If you do believe that you can get healthier, stronger, fitter and feel better, then you are right. But it starts in your mind, so here's what I'm doing. I started with a very simple book last month, because I wanted to help get people in the habit of reading one to two pages a day. Now we're going to kick it into gear a little bit, I want to go through two books this month. You don't have to read the whole thing, because I'm going to talk about both of them. My goal is to get this "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, done in ten days. I think we can do it in ten days, I think there's ten chapters. You can read one chapter a day, you can do it. And even if you can't, you can follow along. Okay, so do what you can... If you can read one page a day, I want you to read one page a day. If you don't have the book, tune in every single morning. I'll try to do it around seven thirty, I'm Central Time Zone.

So the reason I'm doing this is because I need you to understand that if you can own your morning, get up, be grateful, and set systems in place, then you will ultimately reach your goal.

So I quote this all the time, it's from the book, "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, we're going to go through that book the rest of June. He says "You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems". If you don't have systems in place, then you're not going to reach your goals. So whether you come on here and listen to me read to you. I can give you some tips and tricks or you follow along with me or you read it for yourself. "Miracle Morning" is what we're going through, hop on an Amazon and order it, go to a bookstore or just tune in. We're going to be starting June 1st, or the next day. So anyways, we're going to dive through this book, it's going to be super great. He tells an incredible story, because he actually walked through this. Something crazy happened to his life, and he had to overcome it. And this is what he talks about in the "Miracle Morning".

This book will change your life

He says "The morning miracle can be a game changer by allowing you to attain the exclusive next level and take your personal and professional success far beyond what you ever could achieve in the past. While this can include increase in your income and growing your business, sales and revenue, it is often more about discovering new ways to experience deeper levels of fulfillment in your everyday life". So I think a lot of people start with this just to get their business on track, but this is more than just a business or finances. He says "This can mean making a significant improvement in your health, your happiness, your relationships, your finances, and spiritually"...

So I'm excited to go over this with you and I'm also excited to share more on my Instagram stories about our party tomorrow. It's gonna be a lot of fun. And depending on when you watch this, I treat today as a plan and prep day. Did you check your refrigerator, do you have your meals planned, did you go to the grocery store, are you set up to go to the gym, or are your clothes washed...

I think about my whole week, and if my house is put in order, or if laundry is put away, I can find my workout clothes, I can find my socks, and I can find my tennis shoes. I'm not going to get frustrated and skip the gym. If my refrigerator has food, I'm going to less likely go through the drive thru. If my water bottles are washed, I can grab my water. I know that you might go "Oh, that's so dumb". But I bet you... If you take thirty minutes today, and make sure things are in place, and in order, and whatever you want to do this week, you're already prepped and ready, you're going to have more success and you are going to choose the better option. You're not going to go through the drive thru, simply put, you're going to be successful if you own your day. And how you own your day and own your week, is as you plan.

Try planning your week, it will help a lot
You don't have to be, we call them green people... You don't have to be green, meaning a hundred percent structured.

Like everything mapped out in a Google doc, everybody has a calendar, and everybody synced up. That might not be you, because that is not me too. But if I know that I've got food in my fridge and I got a layout of my week and my laundry is put away, that's key for me for sure. My water bottles are washed and the house is somewhat put together, because the house is my office and I need to run an efficient office at home.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Do you prep for your week? Groceries, meal prep, and snack prep... Because if you do, you're creating systems and we're going to talk about that this month. So anyways, I just wanted to come on here because somebody needs to be reminded that she should prep for the weeks to have a successful week. That's it, so we just reviewed net carbs and these fun little treats, we're also going to be going over this "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, for the first ten days of June. And then "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, for the last part of June, it's going to be incredible. You can always tune in here, I'm here to help you, ask all of your questions. Otherwise, I've got to go clean my house.

So I hope you guys have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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