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Frappé all day!

By definition, a frappé is "any drink served at a slushy consistency or with ice". So today, National Frappe Day, we're whipping up a Frappeketo™! Luckily for you, we've got a flavor for every palate. Click on your favorite Recipe below to lock-in the recipe!

Today is the day for love and chocolate, and we’re showing it with Pure Therapeutic Ketones® in our Chocolate Covered Cherry Frappeketo™! Whip one of these up and share it with your love.

Peaches are some of the BEST summer fruit, and blended smooth with our KETO//KREME® Sweet Kreme, this drink will have you feelin’ peachy keen! Take this smoothie one step further and use GRILLED peaches! Oh yes. Grilled fruit adds another layer of flavor and makes you look super fancy!

Whether if it’s your birthday or not, this Birthday Cake Frappeketo™ is going to give you all the special day feels! Full of deliciousness and Pure Therapeutic Ketones®, all that’s left is to pop in a candle and make a wish!