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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 2.1): When We Fail to Choose, We Choose to Fail | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Keto Mom Here!

       "When we fail to choose, we choose to fail. We cannot put our life on hold. It either moves forward with or without your approval. Choosing not to choose, does not put off any problems. We need to have the drive to execute. How do you get that? You've got to find passion, you got to have excitement, and you just have to do something". ~ Erwin McManus

Points to Ponder:

01:33 "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus

02:09 Choices and Doing Something

02:39 We Never Stay The Same

03:26 Knowledge Isn't Power

04:07 When We Fail To Choose, We Choose To Fail

05:14 Don't Be Passive

06:02 Find Passion and Excitement

06:23 Are You An Observer?

07:08 Are You In The Game

07:36 The Only Way You Fail Is If You Quit

08:05 Become Passionate and Be Proactive

08:26 Don't Be Passive

09:23 Move Your Body and Eat Less Junk

09:37 Half Empty or Half Full Glass

09:58 Leaders Are Learners

10:25 Consistent Action Everyday


11:25 "The Five-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins

12:14 You Are Worthy To Feel Better

13:00 You Are Your Loudest Voice

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, I just got done working out but I'm cold again. I did get sweaty, I have two sweatshirts on, and I look puffy. isn't that funny? I live in Minnesota and it is cold here. There's no snow on the ground yet, but there is frost on my car and I have to scrape it off. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Did anybody work out this morning? We're doing something new workout. Usually, I like to lift weights, but I'm not a big cardio person. My husband has been reading a book about weightlifting, about weights, and learning a lot of things that are different.

Welcome to Day 5 of our Book 8 session
We're doing a cool new workout, it has to do with just a bar and some bands. I said I will try it for sixty days, and I'll have to share more about the workout. It seems like it wouldn't do a lot, but it's actually really great. So I will keep you informed because the workout is great.

Anyways, how is the weather? Somebody is giving me an angry face. I don't know why you're giving me an angry face. Maybe because I didn't shower... We're going to go through this book, "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. My hope every morning is to help you with your mindset, to help you start off with a positive mindset, to believe that you can do it, to be thankful and grateful for life, that you woke up today, and you are breathing.

You get to make choices every day, you get to make choices in your life to go after what you want, or to turn the other way and ignore it.

This book is great, and if you're just tuning in, and just following along, awesome! Yes, we've been talking about choices, and about just doing something. What do you want to do? What do you want to achieve in life?... This book isn't specifically about keto, low carb, or eating food, but it helps you have this mindset of, "I don't have to be perfect". I don't have to wait for the right circumstances, I make choices every day that either move me forward or backward. We never stay the same. You're either moving forward, or you're going back. You're either progressively making decisions and choices or you're sitting on the couch and just letting life happen to you. What is it for you? Yesterday, we talked about the power of choice, and about just taking action. I'm not going to read it all, there's a lot of stories. But if you're following along, we stopped at page forty-three (p.43), and now we're on page forty-four (p.44)... He tells a lot of stories in the book, about people making decisions, or not making decisions.