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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 1.2): Choices and Moments | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom Here!

We are wrapping up Chapter One.

     "Learning from the past informs and prepares us to seize the defining moments. At the same time looking to the future positions and guides us to move into the moments with confidence. The present moment is where the past and the future collide, and within a moment there's a momentous potential"... ~ Erwin McManus

Points to Ponder:

01:39 Only Way You Fail Is If You Quit

02:16 Power of Moments and Choices

03:26 Choices: "I Get To", or "I Have To"

04:12 Learning From The Past

05:02 Not Just About Eating

06:16 D.M.Os Daily Method of Operations

07:16 Non-Negotiable D.M.Os

07:48 Better Outcomes Every Day

09:00 One Mess Up Does Not Mess Up the Day

09:34 What Are My Non-Negotiables?

10:06 Five Spokes of Life

10:32 One percent (1%) better, one percent (1%) worse

11:41 "The Five-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins

12:02 The Journey Begins When You Choose

12:46 Upcoming Tips for the Holidays

13:45 You're Not Alive Today To Lose Weight

14:32 Respond versus React

15:35 Chapter Two: Initiative

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we are back on our book. We are talking about "Choices and Moments" this morning. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Have you worked out this morning? I just worked out, and I thought I'd put on a hat to try to cover up my mess. But I just finished a workout, it's a new month and a new week. I feel great! We are diving back into this book "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. So if you're just tuning in and you're brand new, we're going to be working on our mindset every morning. I was traveling in Oklahoma and Texas last week, and I did not plan it very well. I didn't have the greatest internet, so it didn't work for me to go live.

Welcome to Day 3 of our Book 8 session
But we're back on the book, and we're going to go over all of chapter one. It's basically talking about "Choices and Moments". My hope is to help you get your mindset right in the mornings. Which will help you make better decisions and better choices.

You might be going "What does this have to do with keto?" Everything!, "What does this have to do with my healthy lifestyle?" Everything!. Because if you don't believe that you can do it, and you go through your entire day not being aware of the choices that you're making? Every choice matters. If you mess up, the only way you fail is if you quit. So it is important to be aware of the things that you are reading, watching, eating, or the words that you're saying.

Your choices are important, and the moments in your life matter.

So that's the first chapter of this book. I was going to just recap a couple of things that he said, if you're following along and you have the book, basically we should be done with chapter one. So I'm going to recap that, and we'll start Chapter Two tomorrow. So he talked about the power of moments, and the power of choices. Right now, you are watching me live. So congratulations! You're alive, you woke up, you are breathing, you have a new day, and you have a new month. Some of you have probably already decided, like "The holidays are here", "I ate too much candy last night", "We've got so many parties and things planning that I'm just I'm done", "I'm not going to do anything until next month or January", "I'm going to start in 2022"... Some of your mindsets are already there, but some of you aren't ready to give up, and you just need to get started... Later today, between two or three o'clock Central, I'll be doing a live video and talk about choices. I'm going to share a Keto tip that talks about "Either", "Or" as you dive into the holidays. I'm not going to talk about that right now, so just tune in later this afternoon...

Choices: "I Get To", or "I Have To"

But it is 100% true. You woke up and you had a choice. Did I have a positive attitude or a negative attitude? Do I get to do this Monday, or do I have to do this Monday? Do I get to go to work, or do I have to?... You hit the alarm clock and you slept in a little bit. You got up and worked out, or maybe you worked out later in the day. The power of choices in your everyday life will depict where you will get to later on. Every day, the choices that you make, as little or as big as they seem. And so we've already read through this chapter and he just talked about the power of choices. Are you going to make choices? Are you going to let your choices define you?

He said "Learning from the past informs and prepares us to seize the defining moments. At the same time looking to the future positions and guides us to move into the moments with confidence. The present moment is where the past and the future collide, and within a moment there's a momentous potential"...

You have potential today. Even if you need today to feel like it's a new week, and new month, you're going to do this. You're going to get focused on whatever choices you're working on, and whatever goals or areas of your life you want to be better. Relationships, marriage, parenting, jobs, choices, working out, your health and fitness, or even mental.

This isn't just about eating, that's just a part of it. Because when you feel better, you do better. When you feel better, you usually make better choices. So there is a part to where I think choices in the food that you make, in working out, getting up, and working on your mindset are super important. But this book can cover a lot of ground in your whole life. So I have a question for you, "What do you do every single day to move forward?"... If you're reading the book, awesome! Or you can just follow along every single day, and I'll give you some simple highlights of what we're going over... So in business, I coach people on doing things every single day to move their business forward. You might not see it today, or this week. But if you do it over the course of time, it will work.

Do you have D.M.Os? Daily Method of Operations
We call them your D.M.Os or your Daily Method of Operations. What are your D.M.Os for the day that is non-negotiable? If we're just talking about your health right now, and I asked, "What are the D.M.Os of your health spoke? Like, let's say your life is ran off of a wheel... Physical, emotional, relationships, spiritually, or financially. If one of the spokes is broken, then the wheel won't turn.

Oftentimes people will have higher strengths and let's say your relationships are great, spiritually, and physically you're great, but financially you're not. So if one of the Spoke is broken, actually that's a whole nother training. I should do that this week because it's super powerful... But right now, if we're working on your physical spoke, like how you're feeling? What are your non-negotiable D.M.Os of the day? You will do it no matter what, that's your daily method of operation. So part of it would be to get up at 5 am or 6 am. "I get up and I don't hit the snooze", "I read, and I work on my mindset", "I understand that mindset is important, that if I read if I've got a positive attitude", "If I'm fueling my mind, just like how I'm fueling my body, then I'm going to make better decisions, better choices, and have better outcomes every day".

Non-negotiable, "I work on my mind", that's a D.M.O. "I work out", non-negotiable, it's a D.MO. "I want to feel good"... And so I understand the power of strength gain, the power of excess, and what it can do to your joints and your body. I want to feel good, I want to be able to play with my kids, those are non-negotiable. It's not that I don't ever sleep in, I told you on Saturday, I slept till 10:30, and I didn't work out. Although my Costco trip was for sure considered as a workout, I was sweating by the end of it...

In general, there's going to be slip-ups or days that you don't do it right in your mind. So you come back, reset, and keep going.
One mess up, does not define your entire day

Non-negotiable, I drink my ketones every morning. Non-negotiable, I talk to my team. So there are things that I do in the morning before my kids get up, that set my day. And if I don't do them, I've got to consciously make a decision, or make a choice to choose better even if I messed up. One mess up, one snooze, one wrong bite of a doughnut, doesn't screw up your entire day.

So if you're watching and you feel like you already messed up, it didn't work out, you hit the snooze, you were late for work, you caved on the doughnut. Or you already had some candy out of my kid's buckets, then it's okay. I promise you'll be okay, you can still make better choices throughout the day... So just think about your day, "What are my non-negotiables?"... The D.M.Os of my morning, or my health and fitness, that I will do no matter what... "I always pack my lunch". I'm just I'm speaking figuratively, like if you go to work. "Nope, I'm not going to go out to eat", "I'm not going to go through the drive-thru", "I will pack my lunch, it's a non-negotiable DMO, and it will be done"...

So what are those things that you need to do to keep your "Health spoke" in order? Have you guys ever done that training? Have you ever looked at the five spokes? Some people would say there are seven or eight spokes, but in general, a majority of your life would include Physical, Spiritual, Relationships, Emotional, and Financial...

Have you ever done that training? If you have not, then I will do it with you. It's actually really great, and I think it'd be powerful... So the first chapter was about making better choices. One percent (1%) better, one percent (1%) worse. One choice today will not define the rest of your life, but little choices over the course of time will. Alright! So he said "Moments, and choices come and go. And often the opportunity that lies within leaves with them"... If you don't make the choice, you're going to lose the opportunity. Here's the book, "Chasing Daylight". It's super great, and the author's name is Pastor, Erwin McManus.

Your Journey begins when you start making choices

He talks about God, just so you know, and I have 50/50 people ask if it's a religious book. I don't like the word religious. But yes, he's a pastor in LA and this is an incredible book. You can apply lots of areas of your life.

This is the book that was chosen for this month, and next month I have a book that we're going to go through called "The Five-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. So if you we're going to stick with "Chasing Daylight" for November. And then by December, we're going to do Mel Robbins, The Five-Second Rule.

It's super great, and it's a very simple-to-follow book. I actually think you'll really enjoy it... So he said this, "The journey begins when you choose"... You make a choice, you don't sit back and let life happen to you. Because if you do, you let the world decide your choices. You let the world decide your life, and you let other people do it for you. So the journey begins when you choose. Will you choose to take action in your life? Will you do the D.M.Os, or the non-negotiables to get to where you want to go?... And that means you might have to sit down and think about it. What do I want? Why am I here? Why do I want to get healthy? What is my focus?... I've got a new month, I'm not going to let the next 60 days slip by for me to just wait till next year. Because everybody does it that way, don't do it...

I'm going to give you some tips and tricks on how to make better choices. It's not perfect, but you will still be able to enjoy your family time on all of the holidays coming up. You can actually still feel great, maybe lose some fat, get stronger, have your D.M.Os in check, have some consistency while still enjoying your time with your family.

You are alive because somebody needs you
Alright! "Stop wasting daylights, choose a life of meaningful adventure. When you do, you will live in the epicenter of God's activity"...

You will do the things that you're called to do because we're all here for a reason. You're not here just to get healthy. You're not here just for fat loss. You might have come here to know the difference between net carbs and total carbs. Net carbs and total carbs? Sure! I sure can teach you. Come on at two o'clock, or send me a message so I can give you some food ideas. But you weren't placed on this earth, or you're not alive today to lose weight. Shocker, right?

You are alive because you have people in your life that you inspire. You've got people that depend on you. You've got people that love you. You might be in a hard place right now, where you don't feel like that, but it's true. Somebody is watching you, and somebody needs you. You might need yourself right now. Stop being so hard on yourself. You can do this.

You can get healthier, you can get stronger, and you can make better choices. One day at a time, one choice at a time...

I tell our girls "Listen, every day there are thousands of choices". You just have to be able to respond in your life versus react. You just have to be able to somewhat control your emotions and in every moment ask yourself "What's my better choice?". Drive through, or not the drive-thru?. I think I'll drive past it today. Workout or not workout? If I have the time and I've gotten up early, it is good to move my body. Should I read, or should I not? I would say yes you should read. Should I stay up late, and binge watch TV or should I go to bed? Choices. You should get your sleep... So that is chapter one, it's an incredible book. If you want, you can just tune in here every single morning...

Reach out tome for any questions, I'm here to help

So this is kind of setting up the book, this is my favorite. I talked about this often, I'll read what he said tomorrow. This is the title of chapter two, and this is honestly the fundamental key. This is the key to getting or going after your goals.

He's going to start talking about it, "Initiative". He's going to start talking about "Just do something"...

We're going to talk about that tomorrow, we'll probably go through the first five pages of chapter two. So if you're following along, I hope you're enjoying the book. Sorry that it took me a little bit longer to hop on the internet in the mountains of Oklahoma. I hope you guys have an incredible morning. Always reach out with any questions that you have, I am here to help. You can tune in later this afternoon for a tasting and a Keto tip. I do that almost every afternoon unless I'm in the mountains of Oklahoma, where I didn't have the internet. Otherwise, message me with your questions, I'm always here to help. It's a new month, and it's a new day.

If you already made a not-so-great choice, then you've got the rest of your day to make better choices. I hope you have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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