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RAIN or SHINE (DAY 1): Ownership | Keto Mom Bookclub

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom here!

Here's the book that we're going through, it's called "Rain or Shine by Scott Alexander". And so what I've realized in this Keto journey, and in any journey of going after "Better", is owning your adventure. Owning and having the discipline to go after what you want. To create mastery over your habits. So "Ownership", "Mastery", we could talk about the word "Intention", we're really going to talk about the word "Action".

Points to Ponder:

00:52 Get your mindset right

01:55 Ownership and creating habits

02:48 Own your adventure

03:02 Words to talk about

04:10 Check ins

04:53 Chapter One: An adventure

05:46 Taking Action

06:14 The Bird riddle

07:32 Making a decision is the start

08:23 Fill your mind with something positive

09:08 You have to go

10:02 Definition of success

11:02 Keep the big picture running

12:08 Last chapter

13:08 Find your own purpose

14:00 Don't wait for anybody else

15:14 It starts in your mind

15:43 Create the healthy habits

16:36 One Action step

18:27 Accomplishing small goals

20:31 Drinkable Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning, good afternoon, whatever time you're tuning in from. Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are going to start The Book club. You might be going, "This is a Keto page, I'm brand new, I don't want to listen to a book". Do not shut this off yet, because what we are doing is truly going to get your mindset right to help you on your journey to better, whatever your better is. Most people are here for fat loss, or they want to feel better, they want more energy or focus or how to eat all the tips and tricks that go along with a low carb Keto lifestyle, and I am here to help you with all of that. This page is to give you lots of different things, to not just motivate you to but to inspire you to take action. And part of something that I'm super passionate about, is getting your mindset right. So that you can get to this exact place in one year, and have accomplished your goals, changed habit, gone after dreams and accomplish them. And if you don't have the right mindset, then you're going to get back here next year, and feel frustrated, maybe in the exact same place that you started.

Welcome to our first Book Session

And so I want you to know something, I'm going to talk about eight pages, I'm going to give you a couple things to think about and I'm going to give you an action step. So if you have the book and you're going through it, we're gonna read three pages a day. A lot of you have the book, if you don't have this book, then it's okay because I'm going to read chunks of it to you.

And I want to give you an action step towards whatever your goal is in life. So the point of having the book in your home, or the point of saying "I'm doing a book club", is to help give you ownership in creating healthy habits in your life.

This word "Ownership" has been coming up, I listened to podcasts and I read. I don't just read one book a day, I've got stacks of books and depending on my timeframes throughout the day is how much I read and how many books I pick up. But the key word that has been going through a majority of the podcasts that I've been listening to, and the books that I've been reading, is this word "Ownership". So I've been paying attention, and if you have a word that keeps popping up in your in your mind, or the things that you're reading or watching, this is a clue and this is something that I have to pay attention to.

And so what I've realized in this Keto journey, and in any journey of going after "Better", is owning your adventure. Owning and having the discipline to go after what you want. To create mastery over your habits. So "Ownership", "Mastery", we could talk about the word "Intention", we're really going to talk about the word "Action". 

I want you to take Ownership

So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from... Here's what I want you to do, if you have the book, I would love for you to hop on, whether it's here right now, in the morning, or check in later in the day after you read your three chapters. And if you want to, share what you're learning below, your biggest takeaway. My husband and I are passionate about a lot of things and something that we coach a lot of people on this business is... When somebody is learning something, even with my kids, I'll say "What was your biggest takeaway, what did you learn and what are you going to put into action today?".

Because if you can write things down, you have a visual to read, and if you create action, that will help you create ownership. It will help you take action, it will help you get momentum that will keep going and then you'll get here next year and feel incredible.

And so part of this is I'm going to read to you, part of this is I want you to check in if you're reading, I want you to tell me every single day. I'm gonna pop on here and give you this is what I read, here is my biggest takeaway and here's an action set for you. Now, if you don't want to know this, then come back in one hour, and we'll have a recipe listed for you.

But here's the book that we're going through, it's called "Rain or Shine by Scott Alexander". If you did not get your book yet, it's on its way. We can thank the post office, it's coming. But you guys the book is really a simple book, and the reason I picked this one is because the chapters are one to three pages long. My goal is to get through this book by the end of the month.

And the book starts off in chapter one that talks about an adventure. "So as you're going through this journey of ownership, mastering your habits and taking action".... I love how he started off the book and he said "Do you want to go on an adventure?". We're going to go on an adventure together by going after your goals, learning low carb Keto tips, but also going through this book. This is an adventure, my hope is to help you create healthy habits. "And so an adventurous life starts in your mind". "Anything that you want to accomplish in life is going to start here. Do you think that you can do it or are you already defeated?". This is powerful, and so he just talks about taking an adventure and chapter one. He says "The key to an adventure is to keep moving", so the next point is "Action". I have a question for you. I want to know your answer. Here's something and I want you to think about this, you can use this with your kids, co workers, I love it. I didn't come up with it, so I'm not going to take credit for it, I don't know who did.

Here's a riddle...I want to see what you say, so answer below. "There are four birds on a telephone wire outside. One bird decides to fly away, how many birds are on the wire?" This is a really great thing to teach your kids, does anybody have the answer? If for those of you who have said four? All right. Some of you maybe have said three? Did anybody say three? All right. I love it, just because the bird decided to do something, does not mean the bird actually flew away. 

"There are four birds on a wire, one decided to fly away". It did not say one did, it did not say that bird jumped off and flew away. There are still four birds on the wire, not three. Because just the act or just the thought of making a decision is the start of it. But it is not the action that the bird took, it didn't say the bird flew away. And it's the same with your journey in this lifestyle or in this diet. If it's a diet for you, I like to say lifestyle, the key to this adventure, to this journey, to you starting something or anything in your life is to "Move, not to just Decide". Oftentimes people on here ask me the same questions over and over again, and they accumulate all the knowledge, all of the wisdom but they don't take action. They don't do anything in their life to make something better, one step at a time. So once you know this, I want to walk people through reading, because just the simple act of picking up a book and filling your mind with something positive is taking action.

Deciding does not mean taking Action
And he said in the beginning... "The adventurous life starts in your mind", "The key to adventure is to move it is to take action". So then he goes on to the next chapter, and I have two paragraphs I want to read to you. This is super great so listen, especially if you don't have the book... "There's a street connected to your driveway that will take you anywhere in the world. All you have to do is decide to where you want to go, and then you have to go". 

You don't just decide, but you have to go. "Do you want to start this diet, or this lifestyle?", "Do you want to get healthier, eat better and feel better?"... Then you have to go to the grocery store and pick up healthy foods, go up to your gym and use the treadmill that's used as a clothes hanger. You have to go for a walk outside, phone your friend that wants the same results and go we need to be accountability partners. You have to choose to put the doughnut down, put down the mountain dew and pick up the water. It is an action that you have to take every single day. Okay here, I need you to listen to this, this is super important... "Depending on your destination, it may take weeks, months or even years to get to where you want to go". Are you willing to put in the time, if you know that the actions you're taking every single day are going to work... "But you will be on your way and that is a definition have success".

What is your definition of success, is that the end game? Because if it's the end result, you may find yourself quitting and starting and quitting and starting. The end game is not success, it's even just starting. 

So you made the decision, the action is going to be a success if you keep going... "Making the decision, setting a goal and then taking action is everything. Successful people are the ones trying striving and never giving up". I love this because I want you to know, your one action step is to take one thing that you've learned and put it into action. So maybe today, you need to write down what your goals are, but then we need to go, "I'm going to own this, I'm going to find accountability, I'm going to reach out to that friend. I'm going to get those donuts out of my cupboard because they are not serving me and I'm going to throw them away". Keep the big picture running through your head at all times. But concentrate on taking the little actions every day that will get you to where you want to go. So here is my question to you, "What do you dream about doing?". You can have a ton of dreams, whether it's with your family, marriage, relationships or finances. But let's stick to your health, I want you to answer below "What do you dream of accomplishing in this next year?". We're going to give it a year, because if you've been here for a week, or you've already messaged me and you said you've given up after two weeks or a month, that's not Extreme Ownership. That is not mastering your habits, that is having good intentions but not actions lining up with your intentions. "What do you want and what do you dream about and your health, and are you willing to give it a year?" So I had a whole bunch of people buy the book from me, because I only had a handful. You can maybe check Amazon, maybe a bookstore, but I'll be reading it to you.

And then the last chapter he said this... "I preach that desire is the key to success. If you want something bad enough, you will get it. When you have a purpose, a mission and all consuming obsession, it's only a matter of time until you achieve it". 

You must find your own Purpose

And I'm going to tell you something, I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach a lot of people in business. So besides just helping people here, I have zooms that I do, I have teams that I lead. And what I find is this, if I have to drag somebody along, because I'm trying to figure out what their goals are. If they don't have the grit to do it themselves, if I said, "Awesome, welcome to the team". And I just gave them a couple action steps, but they don't do it, they don't have their own grit.

They don't have their own purpose, mission and all consuming obsession to figure it out, most of the time they're gone within ninety days. It is what it is, I have coached and I have seen people leave, I have coached and I have encouraged and helped put people into action.

But if you don't have your own purpose behind what you want to do, a mission or a goal set forth. The all consuming obsession to get healthier by yourself, if you were constantly leaning on somebody else to do it for you, to inspire you, then it's not going to last very long. Because people are going to let you down, but you need to have a complete obsession, not an unhealthy obsession, but like "I'm going to do this regardless if I have to figure it out myself, or somebody coaches me". You will get to where you want to go, you will get healthier, you will reach those goals because you're not waiting for somebody to tell you what to do. You know what to do. 

If you were here for health reasons, to get healthier, stronger, fitter, skinnier or to lose the weight, you know what to do. We know what to do, we know that we have to choose better foods, we shouldn't be living in the drive thru. We know that we should plan, you know that you shouldn't be drinking all that soda or grabbing the doughnuts if you have certain plans and goals. Oftentimes people say tell me what to eat and I'll tell them but it doesn't matter. "Well I don't like that, I don't like that vegetable", That's fine, find something that you like, I don't want to live off eggs. Choose a different option, but there are better options for you. "I don't like the taste of water", put some lemon in it or drink it because it's good for you and sometimes creating a healthy habit isn't fun. Maybe it doesn't always taste good but your body will thank you for it. And I can't make you, I can guide you, I can hopefully inspire you, but it's going to be your action that you are going to take, over the course of time, and get you to where you want to go, and it's going to start in your mind. So that is the first three chapters, that's what we're doing here. My goal is to help create a healthy ownership. I want you to love to read, honestly, I love it. And the more I have my children read good books, and I encourage women around me because I'm usually speaking with women,

The more they fall in love with reading and getting their mindset right to keep going, that's going to create the healthy habits and your own grit. If somebody is not inspiring you, if you don't have somebody to slap your hand and say you shouldn't eat that, you can do it yourself. 

Let's all get our mindset right & take action

So that's the first three chapters, if you have the book. All I want you to do is check in, tell me your biggest takeaway, what action are you taking. If you don't have the book share below, I'm actually going to be watching for names throughout the entire month and giving away fun prizes just throughout the month, if you're checking in. So tell me what you loved about the book, tell me an action step that you're going to take. Press the share button so other people can join us and learn and hopefully be inspired to take massive action on their own life.

And the last thing I'm going to say is, if you did not get anything out of these three chapters that I read to you... I had a friend that just gave me a new book, and here's one action step I'm going to give to you, just to help you feel accomplished in your day. One action, and you all can do it because it's not hard. If you watched my Instagram Stories the other day, I shared a little clip of a navy seal. He's a retired Navy and he had a little clip that he was talking to some college students, and he said "If you are going to win in life, if you want to change your own world, start off by making your bed".

If you saw the clip that I shared a couple days ago, it was just about a retired Navy man who went and spoke to college students or high school students. And he said, "If you want to change your world, start off by making your bed". This is the book "Make Your Bed" by Admiral William H. McRaven. I'm not going to do something around this book, but he says make your bed. And he talks about the power of accomplishing something, right away in the morning. That does something to your brain because you accomplished it, you did it, you already started your day off with a success of accomplishing a goal. He said every single day, get up, take 1.5 seconds and make your bed. We do that, our rule in our home is whoever's out of the bed first makes the bed. So usually my husband's up earlier, which means I have to make the bed. And so if there's one thing that you do today, if you're at home right now, walk your booty back into your room and make your bed. You're gonna go "I accomplish something". What does this have to do with your health and fitness goals? a lot.

Because when your mindset is right, when you are accomplishing small goals, you are going to make better decisions the rest of your day. You're going to choose the better foods, drink more water, have a positive attitude, you're probably going to be more joyful for the people that you're around, you're going to inspire others. 

And you might go "This is so dumb", some of you love to tell me what you think. And I love to say "You know what, I can't change your life, you're gonna have to do it for you, but I can be here to give you some guidance". You have to take the action just like the little bird, it's a decision but you are going to have to take the action to do it. This is the book that we're reading together, it's called "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander. And we're going to be doing books throughout the entire summer, so you can join us. I will walk you through this for the entire month, and then I just said this is the book that I was reading. I'm not going to do a book club on this one, but it's just "Make your bed by William H. McRaven". It's actually a really fun little book and I think my kids would really like it. If you want to change the world do this, if you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.

And so it's got just some really basic stories, but today your action step is figure out what you want. First of all, go make your bed and then you'll feel a lot better when you get into your bed at night. Maybe some of you have to wash your sheets, I actually have to wash my sheets. And then we talked about mindset, we talked about moving, taking action, the key to success is your desire of taking action. So that's it, I'm going to come on here every single day, if you don't want to hear this, tune in to the rest of the day, cause I have plenty of recipes coming, lots of tips and tricks. For those of you who did get the book, and you got a shaker bottle with some Ketones in it. All you do is shake one of those packets up in 12 to 14 ounces of water, it's drinkable Ketones. So private message me if you've never drank them before, I'll walk you through how to drink them, when to take them. It's an incredible fuel source. I'll talk about that in another LIVE, I'd love to walk you through your journey with that. So this is the book, I hope you have an incredible morning to get your mindset right.

I would love to have some interviews of people, who, after they read, and over the course of these next 90 days to see if their outlook in life and on their health and fitness shifts. It would be so interesting to take a group of people that don't read and don't work on this and watch their health goals. And then to take a group of people that actually read and take action, listen to guidance, but put it into action to see who goes after what to see who reaches those goals. So I'm going to guess that the group that's reading and get the other mindset right is going to go further. And so if you've got questions about ketones, just post three below, some of you've been asking already, post three in the comments. I'm going to come and walk you through the ones that you're drinking.

Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible day. Stay tuned for more fun info and we'll talk to you soon

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