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Updated: Mar 18

Keto Mom here!

Giving you tips and advices to help you get inspired to start your Keto Journey. In the next 90 days, What actions are you going to take to move your health and fitness forward? What are you going to do this month that will create new habits or new systems so that in the next 90 days, you can feel incredible about yourself as we dive into the summer. How do you want to feel? Do you want to be able to go out and play with your kids in the beautiful grass or at the beach? Go for the bike rides? Shoot the hoops? Do you want to feel great in your skin? Do you want to feel healthy? Do you want to feel strong? What is it?

Common questions answered by Keto Mom

01:35 90 Day challenge for the summer

04:04 How to get the right mindset

05:00 Atomic Habits

06:26 "The Pursuit" by Dexter Yager

06:41 Be aware (feed your mind the right stuff)

07:29 Defining decisions

08:36 Reoccurring themes in your life

09:33 Yes you can (change your guiding life principles)

10:38 "The Last Arrow" by Erwin McManus

10:45 What do you want in the next 90 days

11:07 Be that ripple effect (becoming an inspiration)

12:21 One step at a time

13:35 Share your goals with me

13:53 The REBOOT

16:19 Let me help you FOCUS on your goals

17:56 Join our Keto Mom page

18:54 Marriage Tip Mondays

19:20 Inspiring message from the Keto Mom page

22:38 MINDSET (perspective)

Full Episode Transcript

Hello! hello good morning. How are you doing? Happy new month, happy March 1st.

It's going to be amazing. Where are you tuning in from? So if you are brand new to the Keto Mom community I'd love to know if you're brand new, post "New" in the comments. I'd love to reach out get to know you, know what your goals are and help you on your journey. Really, I wanted to hop on here real quick and just go "Happy March 1st". It is going to be an incredible month. And...

I wanted to encourage you to take action in this new month.

So if you're brand new, you would not have heard of me talking about taking action and doing something, don't mess up good for perfect. But if you're not brand new, you've heard me say this often. And I often say so many people want better. So many people have goals and dreams and like I want to get here, right now. I'm right here.

And they collect all this wisdom, and they collect all this knowledge and they collect all the recipes and these keto tips and tricks, but they don't put in the action.

They don't take that first step. They don't go and drink more water or go for that walk or say no to the doughnut. And so my encouragement to you is on this new month in the beginning of this new week. What action Are you going to take to move your health and fitness forward? What are you going to do this month that will create new habits or new systems so that in the next 90 days, you can feel incredible about yourself as we dive into summer, 90 days. Like Have you thought about what's around the corner? We've got specifically, I think it's 90 days to officially summertime. How do you want to feel? Do you want to be able to go out and play with your kids in the beautiful grass or at the beach? Go for the bike rides? Shoot the hoops? Like, do you want to feel great in your skin? Do you want to feel healthy? Do you want to feel strong? What is it?

Get that in your mind? And go? "I've got 90 days, can I do it for 90 days?". Once we get to the 90 day mark, then we'll go "Okay, we're gonna keep going". But right now, what are you focusing on? What are your goals? How has the last 60 days been? How has the last 60 days of the beginning of this year been? If you have not started today's the day to start? If you're like "I'm going strong", guess what? you're going to keep pushing and going strong. If you're like "Oh my goodness, I'm stuck". Time to go, "What's not working? How do I have to make a pivot? And what do I have to do to get to the next level?".

So I want to know, share with me below? What are your goals? What are you going after? Share, share with us please please, please, and continue to tune into the page because we will share lots of things with you throughout the next 30, 60, 90 days right?. If you're looking for recipes, we have it. If you've got specific questions reach out to me and I would love to share, and so whatever your goals are. I don't think I did the Live here, I have a customer like a private customer group.

So if you are a customer of mine, if you are drinking my mom fuel you can call it dad fuel ketones, make sure that you're in my customer group. If you are not, post "customer" in the comments so I can get you in the group. But in that group yesterday or a couple days ago, I just really gave them a challenge. And I said, I can teach you about how to eat better. I can teach you about different food choices and food swaps and drinking more water and I can teach you to make sure that stress isn't playing a factor in your life, all of these things.

But my one challenge to them was, "What are you reading? How are you getting your mindset right?" because if this isn't right?, if you're constantly feeding yourself with negativity and "I can't do this, and woe is me", and you know, "Oh, I wish I would have done that"...

and you're constantly down this rabbit hole of negativity, you're going to not make the best choices in your health. You're not going to strive for better, it's going to be easier for you to make the excuse to not go for the walk to not work out to say no to the doughnut.

So I really wanted to encourage you "What are you reading?" I talked about this book often, it's called "Atomic Habits". If you do not know we have four daughters and four dogs, so I often say eight kids and you usually will hear them in the background. We homeschool and I love the fact that I get to stay home with my kids share with you. They're all just waking up, I let them sleep in.

But Atomic Habits, this book is incredible, to help you create systems. My husband is a systems guy, I am like fly by the seat of your pants. "Yeah, that sounds great. Let's do this". But he is great at going, "If I get up in the morning, if I say my "I am" statement, if I say what I'm thankful for". He's got his gratitude journal, he's created systems. He does certain things every single morning, and then we work out and then he drinks his protein. And then he's got this entire day, so that when he does that consistently every single day, it creates habits. If something's not working, my husband would say "What did you learn from the book?". He would say, "What are your systems that are going to get you to your goals?". Right? So a lot of you might have shared like, "These are my goals" now you kind of have to backtrack and go, "What are the systems that are going to get me there?".

I am a hit the snooze button, my husband says "You didn't honor your snooze button. If you're going to set an alarm clock Get up!". Right? you have to honor the systems.

The systems that are set in place will help you reach your goals. If you have a goal, and you have no idea how you're going to get there do you think you're going to reach your goal?

Probably not. Right? So this is a great book, if you're looking for a great book to get started with. Here's a book that's super hard to find, it's called "The Pursuit" by Dexter Yager. This is an incredible book! It is not easy to find, and so if you find it I would say grab it and read it. It is, oh my goodness this is probably one of my favorites. The point is like, "What are you reading? And what are you listening to? Do you listen to podcasts?" Do you listen, I mean even music like music affects your emotions and how you feel throughout your day.

So be aware, "Are you listening to stuff that feeds you truth? Are you listening to stuff that feeds you trash?".

And that's going to ultimately decide what's in here, decides what comes out of here and it's going to affect your entire health. You might not think it, it is completely 100% true. Here's one of my, I say favorite books of all of my favorite books. But truly one of my favorite books, I'm going to read something to you real quick if you have not gotten this book if you have not read it.

It's amazing, What are you reading? What are you listening to? What podcasts do you listen to? Let me see if I can find the spot that I marked.

Okay, defining decisions. Today is a new month, it's a new day for you. You've got a defining decision. "Are you going to take action? Are you going to take that next step? Are you going to say no to something because you've got a bigger goal up here? Are you going to say yes to something going to the gym going for a walk? making that better choice? What is it?" And so this is what he says "All of us have life principles, whether stated or unstated, conscious or unconscious that defines who we are. Although we might never give them language, we always give them power. You will know yours if you pay attention to the patterns in your life". Remember, we talked about goals, right? If you don't have a system to get you to your goals, which is where this book comes in, my husband is way better at systems than I am. This is great to create your habits, right?

So if you don't have a system, or you will know yours if you pay attention to the patterns of your life. For example, I know a lot of people who have reoccurring themes in their life. And they say things like this let me know if this has been you, "I wish I had done that". Others have a reoccurring theme of "If I could choose differently, I would". Still others have a reoccurring theme of "How come this never happens to me". It boils down to this. It boils down to what you're reading, who you surround yourself with. Do you have accountability partners? Have you asked somebody to hold you accountable?. That's why we have this group. Like do you check in every day? Do you come here to be inspired or someplace else? It might not even be here right? But what are your systems and what are you reoccurring thoughts here and it's important to read? The last thing he says is this, "If you notice that you're constantly in a state of regret..."

"Oh, I didn't start in January. Oh, I didn't start in February. I'm just not gonna do it. Nope, I can't do it". Yes you can. Yes you can.

"If you're in a constant state of regret, it may be that you need a seismic shift in your guiding life principles".

Here is one that I assure you will change your life forever. He gives you one phrase, "Here is one thing that will change your life forever and you got to tell yourself this. I refuse to stay behind. I refuse to stay behind". Once you decide, "I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this. Here are my goals, I'm going to create the system". I refuse to be that person that says, "What if I did that? Oh, it's never me. I wish I would have done that". Never, ever opt out of the opportunities that moves in your direction of your dreams, your purpose or your passion.

"Never opt out of the opportunities that move you in the direction of your dreams, your purpose and your passion".

So came out of this book, if you're just tuning in. I love it. It's incredible, "The Last Arrow" by Erwin McManus. He's got actually a ton of books. And I would encourage you to reflect on what you want in the next 90 days, a lot. I mean, some people can go, "I want to be swimsuit ready". That's awesome, right? "I want to go on that vacation this summer and feel good in my skin". That's awesome! But more than that, I want to be able to play with my kids, be around for my kids, enjoy my spouse, go on that vacation and feel great. I want to continue my health and fitness long term, so that I can enjoy my life. I want to feel great, I want to do better. Because if I do, it's a ripple effect in my kids or people around me. I can encourage others when I'm feeling better. Like, just so you know, your health and fitness right now might look like it's just you. But everybody has somebody in their life that is watching them. Like there are people, whether you want to believe it or not at your office or at your work or at your church or in any community groups that you're in. And when you start pursuing better they're gonna go "What are they doing?".

You might push them to join you. Or encourage your kids or whoever's around you, your friends, or your mom or your aunt to join you. Right? Some people just need a little teeny tiny bit of hope. And you can be that for them. By renewing your mind by reading and striving for better.

Don't mess up good for perfect, right?

This isn't like, in the beginning of the video, I said so many people gather all of the knowledge and all of the books and like, I just got to learn every single thing. No, you don't. You don't. You know that you should probably move your body. If for some reason medically you can't, guess what? you really get focused on your food. I need to drink more water. I should probably read something to get my mindset right. I should not have those treats that caused me to stumble in the house. Right? One step at a time, one day at a time. I did a video a little while ago, think there was eight steps on how to get you started. If you want that, if you want to see, if you want some food ideas, and some simple basic steps to get you on track, post "Food" in the comments. I'd love to send it to you. I'd love for you to share with me what you're reading. What are you going to do this month to go after your better? Do you want better? I was joking and saying 90 days but for real. A lot of people said like, "Oh my goodness, it's summertime. I want to feel good". Okay. Like if that's going to push you, you've got 90 days.

Ninety days, can you get up? Can you work out? Can you make better choices for 90 days?. Because as you do that, and as you have a focus of summertime, which is usually what people focus on, that will hopefully create some systems and some habits. So you keep going and you don't just

throw your hands up and go, "I made it. I can do whatever I want now". That's not the point. So I would love to know what your goals are. I would love to encourage you. I'd love to help with whatever your questions are, you can always ask the questions in the comments.

Or you can reach out privately, send me a message on the KetoMom Facebook page and I'd love to just encourage you and give you some tips.

Again, if you want to know more about some food ideas, post "Food" below. Lastly, I get this every single month if you want to join us for this month's reboot. We do this every single month, it is like a resetting of your metabolism. There's three different people that I feel like should do the reboot. If you need something to like, "Uh! I need to get started. I need something to kick me into gear". Grab the reboot. If you're like if you've reached a plateau, and you're like "I need something to just get past that plateau". The reboot is for you. If you're already feeling incredible, and you're like "I just want to amplify what I'm doing". The reboot is for you. It is a simple kit. You're going to go through the kit with our community. We've got an incredible education and accountability so that you're going to reset your metabolism. My biggest... I love this because what it's going to do is it's going to help you understand that you are not controlled by food. You are going to control your food. You are going to take control of your emotions and your eating out of habits. And so that's what this kit does. If you want to know more I'll show you some videos and tell you why to do a reboot. Help you understand about fat loss and ketosis, post "Reboot" in the comments. And I'll just send you some videos to watch, and you can join me. We're all going to start together mid March, as a community. So post "Reboot" below, I'd love to share more and we can chat back and forth and see if it's a good fit for you.

Otherwise, if you're like, Stephanie... because it's not eating for 60 hours. Like, we have a cool challenge kit to where I always say there's two kinds of options.

You grab the reboot and get started, or we have a challenge kit to where we're going to work on intermittent fasting, low carb meals, drinking more water. Helping you create those systems to get you to your goals.

So whether it's a Reboot, or just post challenge, or you just want to get a trial kit of my mom fuel. It doesn't matter where you want to start, we're going to figure out what works best for you. We'll get you in, wait, get in where you fit in. I got to say get in where you fit in, wherever you go "I can do that". I can do that, with my help. I can do that with this community. I can do this with some accountability. So post "Reboot" in the comments. Or just post "Trial", and we'll talk about what this looks like. So trialing it, working on your food wherever you're starting. I would love to help you reach those goals. Ninety days! if you have to, if you have to hear me say "You've got 90 days to swimsuit season". That's what you hear, and you're going to take action. If you have to hear me say, "Oh my goodness, do you want to play with your kids? Do you want to have an incredible summer? Do you want to go canoeing and swimming and, and biking and feel great?". That's what I'm telling you. Like, let's get on track. Let's focus on your goals. Let me help you. Right? Make sure you're defining what that is.

Let us know your goals in the comments. Post "Reboot", if you need a reboot. Post "Trial" if you want to try my mom fuel. Let's chat and I would love to know... "Oh Annie!, do you want to come say Hi?". I mean if you guys want to see a pretty incredible, not my...

"Oh, thank you! It's hard for me to see, I thought that was a birthday balloon. Why don't you come and say Hi because this is not just for wives just so you know".

You are the best. Okay, this is a minute hold on my backup. So just so you know our family has done this for a long time. This is my youngest daughter, look at your adorable outfit. This is how we homeschool. We dress up and we have a lot of fun. "You want to say Hi?". "Hi"

And you guys this sweater, my grandma made this for me when I was like one.

You look so cute. Are you ready for summer? We are ready for summer. Anybody else ready for summer? We are ready for summer. And just so you know, this is not just for women. Or maybe you're on this Keto Mom page, and you're like, "do I have to be a mom?" No! There are lots of people who are dog moms or

boss babes. Some of you are like "I'm an entrepreneur", I don't care why you're here. Like, we're here to give you tips and tricks to help you on your journey. And husbands are here and then guess what? My husband's right there always on the other side of my camera listening and going, "Hey, people are saying this so maybe you should come over babe and give them a quick little like, what would you... Why should we start? Why should we read this month? What are what are your goals this month babe?". Hey, this is my incredible husband.

Hey, say hi. Okay, so we, there's lots of things that we're passionate about. So many things. Homeschooling, Life, Business, Marriage... we used to do marriage tip Mondays, years ago. Those backup, we're going to do marriage tip Mondays again. Be watching the stories, because I actually share it on my actual personal page. Sorry, we're shaking the camera. We share marriage tip Mondays, if you're interested they're actually on my personal page, but just be watching the stories because I'll give you the link to go watch it if you want it.

But what is your inspiring this month's message for the Keto Mom community? Babe, what is it?

I guess it would just tie into what you're talking about earlier. It's one of my favorite quotes out of this book. It says you don't rise to the level of your goals you fall to the level of your systems. We've talked about this in previous months, but it's so important because what you don't realize is all of those habits, all of those disciplines. They make a big difference. So some of you, you you're just kind of wing it. She's a winger. I am, and that's a weird word. It is, but the reality, is like "Where there is no vision people what?"... Do you guys know that?

"Where there is no vision people perish". It's biblical. Yeah.

And it's true. What I want to encourage you in is just take a little bit of time today. It's a brand new month. It's Monday, it's the first it's all of the reasons to take action, right? Because usually what happens is people, they wait for that perfect day. They wait for that perfect day, they wait for that perfect time. Well, guess what? Today, right now. It's that moment, right? It's that moment. Ninety days away from... fill in the blank, whatever it is that your goal is. But remember, "We don't rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems". Does that make sense? Like, you guys have the goals, we talked about this but you're falling to your systems. If there's no system, are you going to reach the goal? And those systems are simply those little habits. Everyday, some of you, you might be like, "I want to go to the gym". But for you, the very first most important thing is you got to set out your gym shoes, and your workout clothes the night before, you have to have your shaker bottle ready to go. You have to be, and maybe you get in the van or you're getting your vehicle and you drive to the gym, you check that off for the day. Day two, you actually walk into the gym, you check in, you walk around, you leave. It's about building these small, little incremental habits. Because typically what people think is, "Oh, I just have to go crush it day one". Right. And the reality is day two never comes because there's all these things that get in the way, it's usually sore muscles or something crazy like that.

But it's about taking those small, incremental steps over time. It's becoming 1% better every day, 1% better every day.

And if you do that, or on itself, people sometimes don't see that 1% better, because like Steve said, you might not feel it. But every single choice in a day is going to either create a 1% better or 1% worse. So you're either going to see, you know, you might not love...

Like a lot of people go "Oh my goodness, I'm not seeing the results that I want". Well, you didn't get here overnight. Like where you're at today you didn't get here overnight, you're not going to have the results overnight. And every decision, every decision creates a 1% better and long term and the next even year, you're gonna see 1% worse, or 1% better. And you get to decide by making those baby little steps every day. Did you read about the million dollar ideas and perspective? I did not read this. Okay just focus. This book is unbelievable. Look at this, we definitely got our... (unbelievable). If you want to actually find this book... (It's like a hundreds of dollars sometimes on Amazon, it's incredible) just comment "Pursuit" down below, and we'll try to help you find it. But here's what's so funny, I just opened this up we highlighted this, it's literally falling apart, I love it. But it says

"You can see 1000 miracles every day, or you can see nothing. You can see 1000 miracles every day, or you can see nothing".

And when I think about that, I think about your mindset. It's all in there. It's about your perspective. And it's about your mindset. What are those words that you're speaking to yourself? What, where do you see yourself in the future. Each and every one of us we have a dream, we have a purpose. And we are created to do some unbelievable things. And so what we want to encourage you in today, being a Monday, being the first, being a brand new month, eliminate all of those excuses. Know that your goals, your dreams, your purpose, it's worth it. It's gonna take work, it's going to take sacrifice, but hard work is what we are created to do. Right? So work harder and work smarter. And just watch what happens over the course of becoming a little bit better every day.

I love it! Isn't he great?. I think we should see more of him, so if you guys liked hearing from my husband, if it encourages you and you think he should come on these more often. You should like give him some purple hearts below because then it'll encourage him to pop from around the camera and say hi. So we're gonna let you go, continue to tune into the page. Thanks for watching us. I look forward to reading through all the comments. Whether they're questions, seeing what books you're reading, reading your goals. If you want the reboot, we'll message you about the reboot post "Reboot" below or "Trials" if you want trials. And that's it, so I'm going to go homeschool our children and we'll come back to you later. Hope you guys have a great day. Bye, everybody.

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