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A New and Improved 60-hr Reboot

Updated: Mar 1

Announcing the New and Imprüved Reboot! Now includes more KETO//OS PRO and KETO//OS NAT in ampule form.

Experience Human Optimization in just 60 Hours with Prüvit!

We start on MARCH 24TH - Save the date!

Reset your metabolism and switch to fat for fuel by taking on Prüvit's 60-hour Keto Reboot System. Through this program, you can help your body utilize fat as an energy source while slowly transitioning to Keto Adaptation. This process is further enhanced by Ketophagy, a natural detoxification process that recycles and repairs cells with the aid of KETO//OS NAT® and other support products from Prüvit.

Why Should You Try It?

The 60-hour Keto Reboot System offers a range of benefits, such as resetting your metabolism to burn fat for fuel, providing support and resources to help you get back on track and keep you on track, promoting appetite and cravings control, preserving and building lean muscle mass, and supporting cellular detoxification.

Join the Community

When you purchase the Keto Reboot Kit, you'll get exclusive access to the Private Facebook Group where you can find valuable resources and support.

What's in the Box?

The Reboot system comes with everything you need to complete a 60-hour fast, including

  • 5 servings KETO//OS PRO®

  • 4 servings KETO//OS NAT®, 2 Charged, 2 Caffeine Free

  • 6 servings SIGNAL//OS®, 3 AM packets, 3 PM packets

  • 3 servings MITO//PLEX®

Overall, Prüvit's 60-hour Keto Reboot System is a powerful tool that can help you jumpstart your health journey and achieve your desired results.


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